You’re the Boas: Pick your Tottenham team vs Chelsea


Tottenham Hotspur face Chelsea at White Hart Lane in the Premier League on Saturday lunchtime.

It’s one of the most anticipated games of the season and AVB will be looking to get one over his former mentor. We currently have the best defence in Europe after conceeding just one goal in all of our matches this season.

There were some strong performances midweek in the win against Aston Villa, notably Holtby, Sandro and Defoe.

AVB will certainly have a tough time picking his side for the match. If you were AVB, what would your Tottenham starting XI be?

Here’s what we have come up with:-


Walker Dawson Vertonghen Rose

Townsend Paulinho Dembele Lamela




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  1. Really difficult this one.. Lloris, walker, vertonghen, dawson, rose for sure.. would go pauliho and sandro for this match.. then either holtby, eriksen and lamela or townsend, eriksen, chadli (thought he looked really sharp Tuesday) with soldado up front..

    • Like this team, Sandro is a must and I feel Dembele is a bit predicable, breaks left across the field most of th time. JD might be worth a shot (excuse the pun}

  2. It could be argued that we should start Townsend and Sigurdson, this is our stock starting shape for the league, it hasnt done us much wrong and it provides continuity leading to stability.

    This would then allow for Holtby, Lamela and Defoe to be the players to come on, all 3 of these ahve already proved they are capable of coming into a game and having an impact. – A plan B is equally as important as plan A, and Holtby Lamela and Defoe is one HELL of a Plan B!!!

    I agree with the back 4, both in thats what I think it would be and its what I'd pick,. I am one of those who would like to see Chiriches/Kaboom step up and take Dawson's place off him (no-one has done that yet, hence his right to start) as I do feel he is a weakness. It may be heresy as hes Mr Spurs, but Im talking December time once Chiriches is settled and Kabooooooom has proved his fitness,.

    Heres to a big win. It's beena while since we turned this fu**in 'orribl lot over. COYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Lloris
    Walker Dawson Vertonghen Rose
    Paulinho Dembele
    Townsend Eriksen Sigurdsson

    You don't change a winning team. The only issue is whether Rose is fit, if not I suppose we have to play Naughton again.

  4. Gomes
    Naughton – Fryers – Gallas – BAE
    Huddlestone – Jenas – Livermore
    Pavlyuenchenko – Dos Santos – Frazier Campbell

    Or the exact same team that started against Cardiff – COYS ;)

  5. I know theyvsay you shouldnt change your back line when your keeping clean sheets, im just a touch concerned with rose and walker both playing as weve not really played aNyone with real fire power other than arsenal, who scored.

    Is like to see vert no the left, not as a main stay position but in times when the big boys are our opposition. My team


    Walker Kaboul Dawson Vertonghen

    ………. Paulinho Sandro Eriksen

    Sigs……………………………… Holtby

    ……………. Soldado

    This would keep us hard to break down and creative going forward an leave room for high impact subs like lamela for sigs and Defoe for soldado.

  6. Lloris
    Walker Dawson Vertonghen Rose
    Paulinho Sandro Dembele
    Eriksen Siggudsson

    Holtby, Defoe & Lamela the 3 preferred impact subs if injury during the game does not force AVB's hand otherwise

  7. Lloris

    Walker Kaboul, Dawnson, Vertonghen,

    Paulinho Sandro/Dembele

    Lamela, Ereksen, Holtby/dembele


    Rose i wouldnt rush back. let him recover fully. hes not gonna be as sharp so i say go for vertonghen. chelsea play very narrow so this works well.

    i think id go for paulnho and sandro in the middle as they will break up and and bring the ball forward, and defensiveness wise sandro is better than dembele.
    give lamela a start and keep townsend as a impact player, ereksen has to start. i would put either holtby or dembele on the left as they can drift in but also go down wing if needed. or swap their positions with lamelas.

    i think that would be our best team v chelsea. we really should get holtby and ereksen playing together in the same team, together their creativity could become a Xavi-Iniesta of some sorts.

  8. Lloris, walker Kaboul Dawson verthongen – Townsend Sandro paulinho holtby – erikson Defoe

    Lamela has been poor so far and ineffective on the right side. Soldado hasn’t shown the pedigree we saw at Valencia. holtby been playing top stuff and his desire to win is unquestionable.

  9. I think with Chelsea’s attacking midfielders I feel we should play an out and out holding midfielder witch would be sandro to stop all there attacks and just sit infront of the back four and not really move from there and there is also a lot of big calls for Andre to make but the team I would play would be….. Lloris walker Dawson vertonghen naughton sandro paulinho

    Lamela Eriksen holtby soldado

  10. Lloris
    Naughton Dawson Chiriches Vertongen
    Paulinho Sandro
    Lamela Eriksen Holtby

    Subs – Brad, Kaboom, Walker, Dembele, Defoe, Chadli, Townsend

    Walker is far too indisciplined defensively and Chelsea will target this.
    Naughton is good whenever he is allowed to play his preferred position.
    Lewis has to play, but not at Eriksen's expense.
    Defoe is so close, but Soldado is smarter and will hopefully trouble Terry & Co

  11. Lorris

    dawson verongen kaboul
    walker rose
    holtby paulinho lamela

    Play on the front foot. why do fans pick so many defensive midfilders

  12. ———————–Lloris————————













    If rose isn’t fit Vertonghen to LB and Kaboul in a CB

    Walker/rose- wing-backs

    Daws/verts- ball playing defenders

    Sandro- ball winning midfielder

    Paulinho- box to box midfielder

    Lamela/holtby- inside forwards

    Eriksen- advanced playmaker

    Soldado- poacher

    Use counter attack, play a fast short passing game but use a balanced approach when defending and attacking.

    Prediction spurs to win 1-0 with Defoe to grab the winner in the last 15 mins

  13. For me Dawson is a danger against a team with the turn of pace of Hazard, Oscar.


    Walker Kaboul Vertonghen Rose

    Paulinho Sandro

    Lamela. Eriksen. Sigurdsson


  14. ……………….. Lloris……………………

    Walker, Kaboul, Kaboul, Vertonghen..

    Bale…. Paulinho Eriksen…Modric



    It’s sound like a crazy dream but, it’s not that far off.. If king got a new knee.. Modric an vdv had just stayed wed be in chams league, Bale woulda stayed.. Brought berba off united instead of him going up west… We can afford eriksen even without bale money and paulinho would be our 1 record transfer. Boom! Spurs shoulda woulda dream team… F**k I’m board!

  15. ……………….. Lloris……………………

    Walker, Kaboul, King, Vertonghen..

    Bale…. Paulinho Eriksen…Modric



    It’s sound like a crazy dream but, it’s not that far off.. If king got a new knee.. Modric an vdv had just stayed wed be in chams league, Bale woulda stayed.. Brought berba off united instead of him going up west… We can afford eriksen even without bale money and paulinho would be our 1 record transfer. Boom! Spurs shoulda woulda dream team… F**k I’m board!

  16. My team to face Chelsea: Lloris, Walker, Dawson, Vertonghen, Rose, Sandro, Paulinho, Townsend, Lamela, Eriksson, Defoe. I would start with Townsend on the left and Lamela on the right, and think about switching during the game ala Bale and Lennon. If Rose isn't fit then Kaboul at CB and Vertonghen at LB.

    That said, AVB will select Sigurdsson on the left and Soldado upfront. Note sure whether Townsend or Lamela will get the nod. Dembele instead of Sandro is a slightly bolder choice. Either way it is a good team.

    I would go for Defoe as he is clearly looking sharp, and also seems to be building an understanding with Lamela. Sigurdsson for me is slightly out of position on the left and consequently a little bit hot and cold (although he was hot against Norwich!).

  17. Assuming all fit!


    Walker, Kaboul, Vert, Rose


    Townsend, Holtby, Paulinho



    Sandro is the key to this formation! Rose is told to play the wing-back role to the full! Sandro mopping up!
    Paulinho more of an inside-left.! When playing through the middle, Holtby pushes on linking with Eriksen/
    Soldado. Again Sandro plugging the gap along side Paulie!

    Attacking down the right with Townsend. Paulie this time is the more advanced Mf. Holtby stays and Sandro
    plugs the gap!

  18. AMAZED at how many people would choose to drop Andros Townsend considering he has been our BIGGEST attacking threat since coming into the team! He has been hugely influential in Tottenham's bright start to the new campaign, and yet it seems that most of you want him out.
    I don't get it at all. The kid is a Spurs youth player, is willing to take responsibility on the field, and is EXTREMELY talented.

    Yes he can still improve, but we must remember that despite is age (22/23) he is still relatively inexperienced at this level and as a result, is LEARNING on the job.

    I mean, have ANY of you actually BOTHERED to think why this Spurs team is thriving WITHOUT the services of G.Bale or Aaron? Well, I'll tell you that Andros has been a BIG factor in that, without question!!!

    If Lamela was causing as many problems for the opposition as Townsend, you would ALL be hailing the Argentinian as a great find! So why isn't Townsend being afforded the same praise? If he was Spanish or Brazilian he would be a star already in many peoples eyes. As it goes, he has been a STAR in mine for quite some time!

    I KNOW who A.Cole would rather play against at the moment, and it is NOT Andros Townsend who has already struck up a fine understanding with Kyle Walker that will surely give Mourinho a headache or two before kick-off on Saturday.

    Spurs have built MUCH of their recent success on pace and counter-attacking football, so I find it a MYSTERY why so many of you would want to take the speed (in forward areas of the field) out of the team!

    We ALL want to see Lamela get more minutes on the pitch, but NOT at the expense of (balance/cohesion) of the team. Erik will get his chance but we, like him, may have to be patient as we currently have one of the biggest young talents in England currently occupying his preferred position.

    The team is playing well and is WINNING games (like a few of the more sensible posts will testify to) so why change it,? Lewis Holtby is knocking (VERY HARD) on the door to be included on Saturday but seeing as though Eriksen has already been given the shirt, I would see this as a BIG opportunity for the Dane to prove he DESERVES it!

    IF IT AINT BROKE DON'T FIX IT!!! 3-2 Spurs.

  19. ——————Lloris——————






  20. Naughton at rightback he gets grief for playing in the wrong position Chelsea will target walker inviting him to give away free kicks just outside the box and well probably be sent of in the 78th minute for a reckless challenge

  21. With the squad that we now have, any of the combination put forward here is good enough for me. My only concern is that we may play in all white. Stick with the dark blue shorts or more of our players will be thinking of moving to Spain !

  22. here are my thoughts






    subs friedel, chirches, naughton, holtby, chadli, defoe

  23. Funny how Chiriches was in many people's teams up to last week when virtually nobody had ever seen him play. Now. after one game, he has disappeared from nearly all line-ups. What a fickle lot you are.

    Same team as Cardiff but I'd like to see Holtby get at least half an hour. Only other change might be to bring in Sandro for early strength.


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