PLAYER RATINGS: Spurs 0-1 Bayer Leverkusen

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Tottenham’s Wembley curse struck again as Mauricio Pochettino’s men slipped to a 1-0 defeat against Bayer Leverkusen in the Champions League.

Spurs have now won only once in seven matches at the national stadium and they paid the price for another sloppy display as Kevin Kampl’s second-half winner left their hopes of qualification hanging by a thread.

The defeat means Tottenham drop to third in Group E, two points behind Leverkusen and four adrift of Monaco, who they play in France later this month.

Hugo Lloris: 6 (out of 10)

Kyle Walker: 4

Eric Dier: 5

Jan Vertonghen: 6

Victor Wanyama: 5

Dele Alli: 6

Christian Eriksen: 5

Son Heung-min: 5

Mousa Dembele: 5

Moussa Sissoko: 4

Ben Davies: 5

Vincent Janssen (on for Dembele, 30 mins): 6

Georges-Kevin NKoudou (on for Son, 73 mins): 6

Harry Winks (on for Eriksen, 66 mins): 6

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  1. I really do not think there is a Wembley curse.

    Over a number of games performances have slumped and certain players have been particularly poor. I have criticised Lamela in the past, but I do not think I have seen him play as badly as Sissoko did last night. Eriksen was a shadow. Janssen was ineffectual.

    Unfortunately other players did not plug the quality gap. I cannot state any of our players performed well last night and a high score of 6 with a low score of 4 may be somewhat generous.

    I believe Dembele is still not fit. I sincerely hope, with the best possible motives, this is the case. If he was fit (match fit) then his performance, till withdrawn, was also not particularly good.

    There is often talk of no Plan B. I do not think it matters if is Plan A, B or Z, if the players show little passion and little creativity. I think this is what we saw last night – little of anything.

    I have no idea why this has happened, but it is not sudden. It has been building (or declining) over a few weeks and the warning signs were there.

    The question is, can this be turned around on Sunday? Harry Kane has been mooted as the missing piece, but he cannot do it alone. If Lamela can turn in a performance on Sunday, I will be on the way to being a convert. He also cannot do it alone.

    If Poch can get the players to turn up on Sunday and bag a win, I would take that over CL group qualification.

  2. We are an embarrassment, their wages should be
    Stopped and shared amougst the 85k fans.
    BL weren't even that good ! We made it so easy
    any side more adventurous would have beaten
    us 5 0 which the Arse will Sunday.
    Since all their pay rises they have all become
    Billy Big B"?***ks and don't care anymore.

  3. I agree with you l have lost all interested in this team I have never seen a Tottenham side play so badly there kids with big wages and have no pride for the club, I am 73 years old, supporter for 65 years and I for one hope The DREADED Arsenal show these KIDS how to play football, They say one man don't make a football team our goal keeper is that man at the present moment. If the kids Carry on like this will lose him

  4. No point in talking about qualification for last 16 as hanging on a thread. Spurs don't deserve to be in the Champions League, never mind the top 16. Last night's wretched performance was an insult to generations of loyal Spurs fans.

    Lesson 1. Many of our fans are discerning. They know a donkey when they see one. So many decided to head home (or to the pub long before the final whistle. There's so much rubbish people can watch in any one game.

    2. It's back to BALE money again. Look at the vast sums spent last summer. Does this remind you of another summer not so long ago?

    3. That raises another point: Just who is responsible for scouting, assessing and recommending players? I find it hard to believe that Pochettino made the final call. Even I could have told them that Sissoke was and is a joke, all shape and no substance. Nkoudou allegedly spent half the summer holed up in a London hotel. He should have been left there. However, Janssen has a holding role to play, and given an in form HK, he could yet do well. His ponderous reaction to Dier's thundering free kick makes it clear that he is not and won't be a first class striker.

    4. It's clear now that Alderwereild is the heart and soul, the driving force, the all-action man who can lead this team. Would he have tolerated the laborious back-passing we endured over the first ten minutes or so.

    5. Finally, the happiest viewer last night was one Arsene Wenger.

    Been following Spurs since 1960 and will do so, regardless of outcomes. My faith is shaken but not stirred.

    • Can't agree more with you Patrick. For me, besides the players and their appalling display last night, I have to hold Poch responsible for not doing his homework on how to breakdown the opposition. It was so invigorating when we dismantled Man City, the game plan and strategies were very evident to all and sundry. Everybody, even the Sky analysts were over the moon with the Spurs performance. The last seven matches have been unbelievably rotten. The sooner we exit the CL, the better… we just do not have a squad capable of coping on a regular basis with two intense fixtures per week. Poch needs to ensure that we do not repeat the end of last season's great implosion!! Players who let me down last night were Walker, Alli, Sissoko, Eriksen, Dembele, Jansen. Some of our boys are simply arrogant, over-confident, and ill-termpered.

  5. One of the problems in having a very young talented highly paid team is that when they're up they're flying but when they're down they stay down longer as they have no real experience of what's needed to dig them out of the hole so they just keep doing what they've always done.They need some old heads in there who have been there,seen it all and bought the T shirt – they know how to roll those sleeves up and dig you out of that hole ! Leadership eh? Poch & Mr Levy take note.


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