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Gomes (9) – Some outstanding saves, particularly the first half tip over from Murphy and the second half dive to his left to keep out a Zamora header.

Corluka (7) – Familiarly solid. Didn’t get forward much but Fulham didn’t get behind him either.

Assou-Ekotto (7) – More signs of a return to form. Some lovely pieces of skill to make room for himself.

Bassong (7) – Struggled with Zamora but then so did everyone.

Dawson (8) – Decisive, emphatic and excellent again. Is forming a good partnership with Bassong, will be interesting to see if Ledley gets a game on Monday.

Lennon (6) – Starved of possession and found getting past Konchesky difficult when he did get the ball. Still swung in a couple of decent crosses.

Jenas (6) – As with all the midfield found space hard to come by. Worked tirelessly.

Palacios (8) – Just his sort of game. Was constantly harrying, running and tackling to great effect. Some trademark dodgy distribution.

Kranjcar (7) – His quick feet and thinking got him space sometimes. Nice free kick just wide in the first half, tired in the second.

Crouch (7) – Crowded out and buffeted around by the Fulham back four but kept going right to the end. Won plenty in the air and had our only on target effort on goal.

Keane (5) – Obvious lack of speed. Also failed to anticipate Crouch’s knockdowns too often.



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  1. Jenas was shait! Sell him, we don’t need him.

    He can’t pass and he’s lazy! Can’t keep his man and is acting that he works hard.


  2. The weakies were Keane, in particular, but also Jenas (who spent most of his touches passing back) and Crouch, who fought and clawed but achieved nothing.
    I guess it’s too much to hope that all three will sit out the WHam game. And too much to hope that Harry will play Niko up front with Defoe and Modric in midfield (alongside Palacios, Hudd and Lennon).

  3. jenas is incredibly lazy, every time fulham were on the attack he would jog back and watch the rest of the team defend. We need to get rid of him, i dont see what harry see’s in him, he is lazy and he gives the ball away to easily

  4. Should have sold Jenas to Inter in August! Well lets hope there are some desperate teams out there who wud take him in January. Along with Hutton and Keane.

  5. This game along with a few more this season still makes my Blood Boil with Anger. And the funny thing is all the markings are the same 9/10 instead of naming names of players its best to just name the teams Stoke Wolves Fulham Bolton.Have all played this new system and all the Managers have said the same thing we pressed and played with the same energy and apart from Stoke have bean the better side having said that Stoke had five players in the team of the week in defense.My point is this my fellow fans either believe me and a few other fans that this new 9/10 system is not legal or we Spurs fans the club manager back room staff have all got it sadly wrong .This is my point Danny Murphy Bobby Zamora Davies konchesky have all walked trough our front door and got thrown out the back cheaply yet four of them played a team costing Millions and a bench that would all play for Fulham of the park and Harry and my fans think this was a good point .No it is not a good point a good point is Arsenal away Man Utd away Liverpool and Chelsea Villa away.If you sat and watched these teams and a few more with me you would be amazed at how they all have the same speed stamina and tactics no matter how old some of the players are how good there CV is and selling price.One more fact every one of these teams did what some of the best defenders in the world failed to do make Lennon look slow and stopped a striker in great form from scoring Defoe.Now we are playing another rejuvenated team suddenly finding this 9/10 to climb out of trouble.Wake up Wise up by cheap and Make teams weep by playing 9/10 energized players.


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