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Gomes (7) – Decent save from Snodgrass in the first half. Neither goal his fault.

Hutton (6) – Got in some good positions going forward especially in the first half but didn’t make the most of them. Doesn’t inspire confidence at the back. Received our only booking.

Bale (8) – Our outstanding player on the day. Excellent going forward throughout and supplied the only quality wide play on either side.

Dawson (5) – Struggled to cope with Beckford. Lots of hoofing forward even after Crouch had gone off. Poor challenge for penalty.

Bassong (6) – Indecisive when Beckford was around and poor challenge for the first goal.

Kranjcar (6) – Played on the right side of midfield but didn’t supply any width and only occasionally used his quick feet to good effect.

Jenas (5) – He and Modric were outnumbered and never really coped. Improved when Palacios came on.

Modric (6) – Flitted in and out of the game. Struggled to find space.

Rose (5) – Rarely got involved and looked out of his depth.

Defoe (6) – Has perhaps taken his last Spurs penalty. Good lob early on and unlucky when felled by Crowe in the box when through on goal.

Crouch (7) – Took goal neatly and fed Defoe well occasionally. Needs to try and avoid running with the ball at his feet, he gets it taken off him with embarrassing ease sometimes.


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  1. Confession: I’m a Leeds fan. I thought Defoe deserved a tad more than a 6 – as he had a lot of shots saved by Ankergren, or blocked by an outstretched leg of Kisnorbo. And his lob was class.

    You’re too kind to Jenas.

  2. Harry Redknapp is a chancer and is way out of his depth at spurs, another manager could pick the right team to play week in week out and give them the self belief and correct mental attitude we so badly lack. Also, i’m no genius, but, if Bale is not great at defending, but, great going forward, would it take a genius to play him as our left winger. Believe me arry will leave us as yet another manager to achieve nothing. I wish i was wrong, but i’ve seen this film before, many times.

  3. I sincerly hope Harry Plays Pav on Tuesday he was a breath of fresh air. Dont even want to see JJ on the bench. Please play WP and NK in the centre if Thudd not fit.

  4. big johna i agree i would like to pav start against fulham, he surely stated his case, he was sharp and his finish was superb, if only redknapp chose him ahead of keane against wolves and hull and even liverpool our points tally would look a little different. what has happened to keane he is absolutly awful.

    dje- i thought defoes work rate last night was seond to none he chased every ball, and had some good shots but he should NEVER be allowed to take another penalty for us. apparently he has missed his last 4 pens?

  5. Finally maybe fans will see that Pav is not a ‘flop” despite being labelled as such without even being given a decent run in the side. His style is very different to Defoe but he is an equally good finisher.

  6. keane is not crap! if he had missed the peno like defoe, everyone would be screaming for blood, but seeing as defoe missed it, ah well then its alright!!! ehhhhh no!

  7. Why are people moaning about Harry??? The bloke is a legend, can’t believe some fans sometime. I’ve been a spurs fan for 30 years and I have seen some rubbish at the lane and now I have good expectations going into every game. Ok so we slipped up here and there, Harry would be the first to admit that he got it wrong but that tw8t at Man U gets it wrong as well but don’t see his fans moaning – yes he has won lots but he won nothing to begin with! Ok moan over. Play Pav, sell Keane and JJ – they are both causing problems

  8. Well said about Harry Chris. And we have so many players that would take a great penalty – just not JD, which is a little odd, but at this point beyond a doubt. Lifelongyid, if Keane had been in the form Defoe has generally been in this season, no-one would be “screaming for blood” if it had been him that missed the penalty. Unfortunately this season, he is working very hard on the pitch but to little avail. I’d also give Pav a go against Fulham. However as class as he can be, I’ve watched him miss many of a sitter when he has started! I hope he gets a hat-trick though! Still can’t believe people are knocking Harry! Just can’t please some people! COYS!!!

  9. Jenas 5 ,did you only watch highlights,more like a 2 and thats being kind.sell the lazy sod,it was the likes of him that put the pressure on our centre backs,take note Harry bfore fans turn on him big time.

  10. Im still puzzled why O’Hara was on the bench and Rose picked ahead of him. O’Hara has had a brilliant season for Portsmouth and has got minutes and experience under his belt. Leeds was always going to be a tough and physical game, a game made for O’Hara so the decision to play Rose was very puzzling.
    I was so glad Pav scored and i sincerely hope Harry heard the masses chanting “Super Pav” from all four stands. Harry seriously needs to buck his ideas up cos he’s starting to cost us games with his team selection and tactics. I love Harry but he needs to stop picking his favourites no matter how bad they play (Defoe,Crouch and Keane take a bow!)and usethe likes of Pav and GDS who are quality players.

  11. I dont agree with the Dawson 5, he was my MOTM. Bale should have ratings deducted for not squaring for 3-1 and that stupid red card-able hack that failed to connect in the first half. He did have a good game though other than those moments.

  12. I’ve said all along that Pav has outstanding ability and his dummy and cool finish prove it. Some of us “oldies” remember that Martin Chivers was hopeless in his first season but Billy Nick put his arms around his shoulder and he turned the corner and was a prolific`goalscorer.
    I’ve never been convinced by Crouch. Bale should be an out and out attacking winger and possibly our penalty taker.

  13. I have to question Harry’s tactics. It doesn’t take a genius to see we need another midfield enforcer like Wilson. Jenas is an absolute waste of space. You can’t play modric and krancar together and expect jenas to do the defending, he’s crap. I understand the need to blood our youth, but why on earth wouldn’t he give gio a go? What we’ve lacked the last few losses (and draws, which are just as bad) is balance. Our forward line is pathetic, Crouch can’t do anything. He looks so clumsy with the ball at his feet, pav and defoe actually look like they were forming an understanding together, and pav can actually hold the ball up. I don’t agree with alot of commentary that our team is so attacking and leeks goals. Yes we leek goals, but when we played arsenal, chelsea, liverpool and man u( fa cup) we failed to score, and I can’t remember us creating much. Our problem is balance. If you’re gonna keep changng the squad Harry you havet to make sure you fill the roles properly. Keane in midfield? He’s useless upfront and when you put him in our lightweight midfield he’s only making things worse.

  14. job too big for redknapp…picks favs..never gets off his seat..Jenas only turns up when a England managers in the ground…How did he not get subbed on saturday…Bassong looks half the player he was when he 1st came…its time to call it a day with Ledley…any half decent centre back will not want to come to us with ledders waiting in the wings..even half fit redknapp will drop someone to play him as we seen at anfield…unfit and had to be subbed ( what a waste of a sub )…Pav world class…again redknapp don`t` like so he don`t` play…nothing to do with footie…Sorry people but he is not a good enough manager…just like martin jol…Buying back old players means he just doesn`t know any new ones….Levy has to pull the trigger…


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