Poch makes strange Sissoko tribute after securing Champions League football


Maurico Pochettino has singled out Moussa Sissoko for praise after Tottenham Hotspur secured Champions League football for the third successive season.

Tottenham’s 1-0 win against Newcastle United, along with Chelsea’s failure to beat Huddersfield Town means that Pochettino’s side are now guaranteed to finish in the top four of the Premier League.

A Harry Kane goal proved to be enough for Tottenham to get over the line to ensure that we will return to N17 with the elite of European football in our new stadium.

However, strangely enough Pochettino decided to heap praise on Sissoko during the post-match press conference at Wembley, citing the Frenchman’s professionalism.

Sissoko has failed to live up to anywhere near the expectation of the Spurs fans following his £30million move from Newcastle United.

Poch told the press: “I want to congratulate the players and all the staff who made it possible every day to work hard. It’s a massive thank you to all the staff because they were fantastic for nearly 38 games. I want to say thank you to them.

“It was a difficult game, like for all the teams. To play with the pressure to win, playing again a team that play deeper and on the counter attack. With the pressure to win it was a great experienced today for many players. Maybe we take some rush decisions that push us to make mistakes. The atmosphere wasn’t great and that is a massive influence on the team.

“I am so proud of all the players. One of the best was Moussa Sissoko. I want to say thank you to him. He has been so professional this season.”

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  1. For all Poch has done for Spurs is tempered by his admiration for Sissoko, who has contributed nothing to Spurs success, leaves me worrying about him, How many assists?How Many goals? Sissoko is worst player in the team by miles.

    • Having been to the match today and observing him across the season, I wouldn’t call him the worst player in the team. He’s hindered by a lack of support amongst the fans, whose attitude towards him will always stop him from reaching his true potential

  2. Poch doesnt want to Thank the fans. He has been acting like A spoiled brat since the fa semis. Because he, after Four years, gets A bit Of critisism. The fans Pay much Of their hard earned money to watch the team and They have the right once in A while to critisism. We do mor get paid 5-10 million A year. Step Of the Hugh horse poch and show some character or move on.

  3. Sissoko must have kidnapped one if Pochettino’s family members, and is holding him to ransom

    There is no logical explanation as to how this talentless individual is even considered to wear a Spurs shirt


  4. We all know Sissoko is crap, but Poch praises him endlessly so we can get shot of him during the Summer and get most of our money back

  5. One of the absolute worst- ever. He is so awful I really don’t think if we offered him for free there would not be too many takers. Adebayor was terrible but this man is simply laughable. Pochs comments- bewildering.

  6. The problem fans have with sissoko is that just like 1966 world cup winner martin peters was said to be ahead of his time. Sissoko is the evolution of the false number nine– . He is the false midfielder. The opposition are so perplexed by him doing nothing it creates space for his team. This is the reason why poch praises him.

  7. I guess he’s been professional in the sense you don’t hear anything negative about him off the pitch whether he’s playing or not. He’s done his best but I think he’s only played because Winks and Wanyama have both been injured for most of the season, plus Dembele for part of it. Time to shift him on this summer. Hopefully he’ll have a great World Cup and someone will come in for him…

  8. Totally agree. Much as I’m over the moon with the progress of the club under Poch and I wan’t it to continue, his continual vocal support for Sissoko and his selection when Moura can’t get a look in worries me. Similarly his treatment of Walker last season and Rose and Toby this, makes me think he’s not quite the ‘perfect’ manager we believe he is. There’s a chink in his armour which could come back to bite him!

  9. Sorry Poch I cannot agree with you on this one. Sissoko is RUBBISH. He cannot even pass a ball properly and half his pasesses are backwards. I would have played Mora instead and Danny was impressive in the midfield.
    Maybee he has it in him and he never knew it. Rember Bale when he was really a left back and ended up one of the most dreaded left wingers in the league. I suppose it’s good playing bad and winning also.

    Next game we expect a show of football that we normally show including TOBY.

  10. Pochettino has achieved a lot for Spurs but some of his decision making seems strange. When changes need to be made during games it seems to take him a while to introduce players off the bench and consequently they don’t get the time to influence play. Also why does he persist with Sissoko and Llorente, they really do not contribute anything substantial to the team and Lucas Moura sits on the bench. What has he got to do to get a start?

  11. Just trying to inflate his value and worth before he shipped elsewhere in the summer. He has absolute shite all season, runs around like a tri-legged blind mule

  12. My guess is that Sissoko must work tough as hell in training and is always pumped/ready when asked to play (even though he doesn’t deliver at all, I definitely agree on this).

    Plus, that might be a way to voice some of its qualities and make him good press among others premier league teams. I’m sure he could help a side like Burnley or Crystal Palace.

  13. Totally agree. I should feel on cloud nine today but I do not.I seriously question Poch and Levy.We can go so over budget on the stadium but lose players like Toby……..who is irreplaceable at this level simply because they won t pay the wages and yet Sissoko is lauded.Honestly it’s time for Poch to go.Or are we going to slip into the Gooner mentality of top four being a trophy ? It’s not.We did nt win anything.we bottled it again and ultimately the buck stops with the coach.

    • You’re not on cloud nine is because coming third in the league is not on the face of it about glory
      It is however a bloody good performance over a season of 38 away games and gives us a chance for more glorious European nights next year, right?
      39 of 41 media pundits predicted we would not get a top 4 place for us at the beginning of the season – they were all wrong!

  14. Poch is just trying to recoup as much of the 30m we paid for him when Sissoko is transferred this summer. At least I hope so, otherwise I worry about Poch’s perception. ??

  15. He must be referring to his professionalism ‘off’ the pitch. No doubt he is a nice guy, but we need to get the money back and sell him on. We still need quality on the bench.

  16. Watching him on TV he is rubbish now watching him in person he is just as bad if not worse! Countless times he lost the ball. Not looking for a forward pass. He has given us nothing! Mind you what has happened to Wanyama he hasn’t played well since he was injured. Not a good pairing in CM. We were lucky to win

  17. It’s like playing with 10 men when he’s on the pitch …… if we get £20 mill back for him we will be lucky …… let’s get lad from Fulham in who’s name I can’t spell … lol …. and the lad from Ajax who’s name I can’t spell but sounds like delight get rid of any dead wood and let’s start winning things

  18. Without Dembele we struggle controlling midfield. Take out Dier too and no Winks as back up we are left with Sissoko who just isn’t good enough. A nervous performance became almost unwatchable. BUT
    We deserve CL and can now enjoy the final Wembley home match. COYS


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