Is Pochettino right? Were Spurs hard done by?

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Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino felt the better team had lost after Chelsea ran out 2-1 winners in the London derby at Stamford Bridge.

Christian Eriksen put the visitors ahead early on with a fine strike, but Pedro’s stunning equaliser on the stroke of half-time levelled matters and a rejuvenated Victor Moses won it for the Blues six minutes after the interval.

But Pochettino, speaking to BT Sport 1, believes his side were hard done by.

“I think if we analyse the game, we were better,” he said. “(Against) a team that is in very good form, I think we competed very well in the first half. We were unlucky how we conceded the goal. We deserved more, maybe to go in at half-time 2-0 or 3-0, or maybe just 1-0, but never 1-1. But the second half we conceded a goal very, very soon and then I think we fight.

“We need to be quiet. Yes it’s disappointing for the result but I think we need to be pleased for the performance and the way we competed because we competed against a very good team and I have nothing (bad) to say about my players.

“If you analyse the game, and you put aside the result at the end, I think we have the possession, we create, we have more attempts than Chelsea and all the attacks are for us. But football is not only stats – it’s about being clinical. They scored and for us it was impossible, but it was a very competitive game.”

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  1. Agree with Poch, we need to put in that performance every week though to win the league
    We need to be a bit more accurate in the final third and punish teams when we are on top

  2. What a crock of S..T, When will he shut up about possession and creating chances when our attack is so toothless we couldn't score in a brothel. Week in week out we have huge possession stats and still don't score enough goals to kill teams off.
    Sorry Poch but your deluded, possession means jack if you don't make it COUNT!!

  3. The result is the result that was deserved, anything else is just making excuses.
    I'm getting a bit sick of his defensiveness and the rubbish he talks sometimes, just admit our failings so that they can be tackled. Excuses and defensiveness don't solve problems, they create them!

  4. Same as last year. Can't see a game out from a winning position. We play too open when we're ahead. Should have seen the first half out. Then, 5 minutes into the second half we leave only 2 defenders back. Maybe if it was 85 minutes and we're chasing the game but to concede on the break after 50 minutes was very naive. Whether we deserved more makes no difference. Only the result matters.

    • you are right,when chelskie went in front they had 10 men defending for the rest of the game,don,t take any notice of this 3 at the back crap they never had less than 6 defending from the start.COYS,

  5. Spurs
    19 Games this season – 7 wins!
    Out of Europe, out of the League Cup, out of the top 4 – and its only November!
    Spunked nearly £60m on Sissoko, Janssen, Nkoudou!
    And the myth of Pochettino goes on!!!
    Seriously, when are Spurs going to wake up about this clown!!!

    • Spot on lee, I want him out, trying to kid us and the watching millions, we are woeful, no better now than when Tim and avb were in charge

    • FFS. So the first time in 2 and half seasons we hit a bump and people want him out? Ridiculous. This season we have had injuries to Alderwierald, Dembele, Lamela, Kane, Dele and Rose. That is effectively the spine of last seasons team ripped out.

      Why not wait till we get all our first team players back before judging this season? Every single team in the league would struggle if half the first team have been injured in the space of 3 months.

  6. He talks shit all the time, I've had enough of him, boring tactics. Shit buys in the summer. No leader on the pitch. I could go on and on. He isn't the messiah everyone thought in fact he is average.

    • Totally agree with every Comment goal shy to much kick about in opponents goal area want to walk the ball into the net fast losing interest with the Management nothing like the teams of the past.
      Have one of the best league Goalkeepers But afraid not for long if this team don't start scoring GOALS can not bear to watch anymore And listen to the garbage from this management some one tell him you don't win matches by winning POSSESSION

  7. No, weren't good enough and Chelsea weren't that good to quite easily take three points here. I thought we had a team that could challenge it's quite obvious over the last games that we are seriously lacking. We all knew that Chelsea only had to raise their game just a little to win and they did, was anyone surprised? It will take more than Poch and his excuses to ever get a win against the Chavs at their place.

  8. We lost. That was the result. We were not unlucky. There was no unusual change of ball direction, the referee did not make a goal-impacting mistake. So that’s that.

    We talk a lot. Too much, pre and post game. Pre game of indidivual players stating their personal expectation of the game. Post game of what was good and why there are no worries when we heve not won.

    Please. Man up and play. Play football that is likely to get a result. Then, if you must, explain in contect of what occurred, what was right or wrong.

    Today we barely troubled the Chelsea GK. Chelsea were allowed to score 2. Enough said.

  9. We were the better team and will start to score more
    Please keep the comments sensible we are a good side and will get better and Poch is definitely the right manager
    Get behind them all will be good
    Wait and see

  10. Not quite right,, better teams but need to finish games out when your in control and need to be defensively strong, lack of hard work cost both goals. Cutting edge is whats required to move an above average team into n excellent side and hate to say it but Jennifer is right because that is just what Chelsea are. By the way lads bit of support goes a long way!!!!!

  11. A bit of support is what is required, not incessant moaning from fans aware of our situation. We were without three Poch regulars, nearly half the team not fully battle fit.
    I agree that we need to move the ball quicker in the final third, Dembele needs to release the ball quicker and shoot more; Erickson, Alli and Dier need to up their games etc..
    Poch, I believe is aware of our shortcomings and would rectify it. Not too long ago, weren't we moaning about him not having a plan B?

  12. Sill cannot believe we lost , there two goals were mistakes by us ,, should have gone in at half time 1-0 up as we were the better team. Dier should have got close to Pedro before he scored, Then 2nd half Dembele lost ball in the midfield and they score on the break away. Talk about throwing the game away .. Same as last year started off well , went goals up and conceded. Cannot wait for Toby to come back as don't trust Dier at the back .. The inability to sign another decent striker rather than buy Sissoko will come back to haunt them..


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