Pochettio admits he and his players have been left worried by club decision


Mauricio Pochettino has revealed that he and his players have been worried about the deal between Amazon and Tottenham Hotspur.

It was announced last week that Tottenham will be featured on a new All or Nothing series in 2020.

Spurs will follow in the footsteps of Arizona Cardinals, the Los Angeles Rams and the Dallas Cowboys of the NFL, the New Zealand All Blacks and, most recently, Manchester City who have all featured in the multi-part series which provides behind-the-scenes access throughout the season.

Camera crews are currently following Spurs throughout the 2019/20 season and will be present at the club’s training facility at Hotspur Way as well as the Lilywhite House offices.

The Spurs manager admitted in the pre-Liverpool press conference that it is difficult to have a camera in his office during difficult times and has added another layer of complexity to his workload.

Given Tottenham’s difficult start to the season, Pochettino has insisted the need for authenticity despite how things are going on the field.

He told Football.London: “It is going to be the reality. It is like when we started to do the book during one season. It was the same risk,” 

“The most important thing is to live the reality, it’s not to try to generate something that is fake or not real and then what you are going to love, what the people are going to love to see, is that we are normal people working. We can win, we can lose.

“Like the book, I hope there is a happy ending, but if not you are going to see another point of view, from different vision.”

When asked if he and the players were concerned about the intense level of access they will be exposed to by the camera crew, he added: “Of course, when the club agreed the deal with Amazon, of course we were worried about it, because it is not easy, it is not easy,” 

“It is tough to have the camera in your office. Then how you handle the situation to have the capacity to say, ‘okay, I am not in a good mood’, but sometimes the camera is going to be there. It is so complicated, it is another thing to worry about and of course that adds a lot.

“If we were busy now we are super busy. To plan everyday, everything is not an easy job. That is why, when I told you I feel that I am not any more a manager, I am a coach, now I am like a producer. Being coach, manager and producer!”

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  1. What a stupid idea, the club need to concentrate on resolving the present problems,they don’t need the extra pressure or intrusion, and it’s about time Levy treated Poch with a bit of respect, because if he goes their is no one any better in the world to replace him


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