Premier League confirm Spurs vs Everton is postponed


White Hart Lane - Tottenham Hotspur News

Tottenham Hotspur’s Premier League opener against Everton has been postponed.

A statement on the official Spurs site read: “Following ongoing discussions with the necessary authorities regarding this weekend’s Premier League home match against Everton, it has now been confirmed that this fixture will be postponed due to safety concerns relating to infrastructure of the High Road and access to the stadium caused by last Saturday’s riots.

“We apologise for any inconvenience caused to supporters due to matters outside of the control of the Club. We shall update fans on when this fixture will be rearranged in due course.”


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  1. The area isnt even that bad anymore, its a good thing though Modric played 90 minutes yesterday and with no Van Der Vaart and no Striker signed we wouldnt of scored or won anyway.

    First game Man Utd away with no Hernandez and a week now to get that striker and we may just win at Old Trafford finally.

    Shame but at least Hearts game is on ITV4

  2. I don't think this is in our favour. I understand the potential signing points and that people who played on international duty might be tired, but it is the start of the season and I would have thought greater match sharpness would play a bigger role than fatigue.

    The reason I think this is not in our favour is because I think it would have been good to improve our match sharpness and hopefully get a positive result out of this game before we take on the difficult task of the Manchester clubs. Both of these clubs will probably have a game more of match sharpness under their belts and probably a win and the confidence and momentum that brings.

    At a time like this I find it hard to imagine crowd trouble. Solidarity is more likely.

  3. Things are very quiet now and I think the game should of gone on with more police around stadium or come up with some plan checking everyone who has ticket for the game and only let them through.

    Bloody dick heads in this country

  4. seems stupid to call it off. It all seems to have died down and still two days to go…. unless the police have info that it is going to kick off again come sunday.
    given the more recent problems in Birmingham / Manchester, are these games off too?

  5. it wont kick off again as these people got an hiding off the vigilantes (mostly Turks and Afghans) in Dalston, got fuckin bumped with baseball bats. That showed up us English as we just sit and fuckin crap our pants as the half jack army burn london down. In a riot use snipers shoot the fucks dead. Anyway if one is honest immigration when it first started was a really really bad idea and started in the 50's by capitalists who wanted to drain the worker dry. We should remember what Karl Marx said about immigrants in the preface to Engels "The condition of the English working classes" everyone should read that. No one helped me when I was a kid but then in that generation we were money getters as opposed to this lot who are out and out ponces in hoodies.


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