PSG want Dele in £50m deal

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Just when it seems like things are getting back to normal at Tottenham Hotspur, the media come up with another ludicrous story.

The Daily Mirror are reporting that French giants PSG are prepared to offer Spurs £50million to take Dele Alli across the channel.

According to the report, PSG have closely monitored the progress of the England international over the past season and despite the fact he recently signed a new £60,000-a-week contract, the paper claim that PSG still feel they can lure him.

Real Madrid are also said to be keen (no surprise there). What ever happened to our ‘special relationship’ with them that saw us lose Modric and Bale whilst getting the exactly what in return?

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  1. More rubbish news fro the gutter press to try and unsettle another of our players. There are few clubs in the world who wouldn't like to sign Dele. He is a wonderful talent, who is loved, respected and admired at Spurs, and is very happy where he is. He is not for sale to PSG and £50million wouldn't buy his bootlaces !

  2. It's time the media back off and start giving Spurs the respect they deserve as they do with other clubs. Spurs have a good result and the media talk about Man United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal and the likes of one or two others. Spurs is a very good team and perform very well even with all the injuries. Let us all get healthy together (YES I SUPPORT SPURS) and you will see real football club.
    I observe other teams performances when playing Spurs where I notice/sense a feeling of dislike towards Spurs where I don't see that attitude while playing other teams. To me that indicates Spurs is a good team and will be subjected to physical abuse. However, I have noticed from an officials stand point many times they have allowed it to continue thereby frustrating team players to perform at their best. This was evidenced last year towards the end of the season (CHELSEA) who hate Spurs with a passion was allowed to kick, trip elbow Spurs players often before they retaliated. Retaliation is wrong, and is done when players have had enough of abuse when officials refuse to discipline. I have always questioned when is the football bodies going to start punishing those who bring the game into disrepute? Namely the instigator.
    I will close on that note and for Spurs; continue playing your disciplined game; keep your head you beat your man.
    Well wishes.

  3. Ellsworth, very valid comments. Having worked in the media business most of my life, I couldn't agree more with the points you raise. Spurs are a great club, with a proud history and a English owner, but we don't get the respect from certain sections of the media that we deserve. Yes, we have under-achieved in recent years, in terms of silverware, compared with certain other clubs with mega-rich Russian or Arab owners, who inflate the transfer market by paying crazy money for players, in their quest for continual success. Spurs are a well-run club, and once our new stadium project is completed in 2018, with all the extra revenue it will generate, we will be successfully competing with the best, regularly winning competitions, and the glory, glory days will be back. Most reporters support one club or another, and some will take every opportunity to write garbage stories, or make disparaging comments about competitors, in an effort to unsettle players, or rubbish the development plans of a club. Spurs are doing very well, and there is a very good chance they will secure a top four place in the Premiership again this season. We have an excellent, very capable Chairman, a fine young manager, and a highly talented young squad of players, the envy of many other clubs. Keep the faith, and don't worry about the dislike factor. Treat it as a compliment!


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