Pulis – Adam should not have been sent off


Stoke City boss Tony Pulis felt that Charlie Adam should not have been sent off against Tottenham.

We all know and hate Charlie Adam for his “history” with Gareth Bale, but the angry Scot was again at his annoying best today. There’s no doubt our away support played a massive part in winding Adam up which led to him seeing red – literally.

His manager however felt that he should not have been booked for either challenge which goes a long way to sum up Stoke’s method of football.

“I don’t think Charlie has touched (Jan) Vertonghen on the first one and on the second one he’s made a mistake by sliding in but again I don’t think he touches him,” Pulis told Sky after our win.

“It’s disappointing because I watch football day in, day out and you see some challenges that don’t even get bookings, then you see two challenges like that one today getting a sending-off.

“What disappoints me is there was a full house here for a great day to watch a really good game of football and it has just been taken away from them. The game was then not a game.

“Good teams will frustrate the life out of you and what you mustn’t do is get dragged into it and lose your shape and your discipline.

“We’re disappointed in particular with their second goal because it was a deflection that let their lad in. That was the little bit of luck we needed that maybe we didn’t get today.”

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  1. Thought he was a bit unfortunate with the first booking – but he had committed two previous fouls, the second tackle was stupid – he can't have too many complaints.

  2. I have loads of respect for Pulis, and I,m Welsh!!!! Support your players Tony yes, but Adams was like a raging bull about the pitch!! I suggest Tony watches the video of the match, and he will see Adams charging around like a mad man, some of his challenges will make Tony cringe, how nobody got injuried was more luck than judgement. I am a Spurs fan and I say Adams let his the club down badly and fully deserved his sending off. It changed the game somewhat yes, so thank you Mr Adams, when is your next anger management appointment?????

  3. Pulis is a hopeless football person. He would not know what a foul is. His teams are dreadful. They should be in the Championship

  4. Pulis is an idiot. Adam had his boot at knee height for the first challenge on Vertonghen – and he went staright through the player. For the second challenge you only had to look at Adam's reaction to see that he knew he deserved a booking – he put his hands up in submission. They are a team of thugs – managed by a thug.

  5. I don't seem to remember Pulis moaning too much after the corresponding fixture last season when referee Foy gave them absolutely everything & I mean EVERYTHING !


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