Redknapp hits back at Wenger


Harry Redknapp

Harry Redknapp insists the tackling in football today is nothing what it used to be.

The Spurs boss has told Arsene Wenger, who complains about the tough tackling his players get that it’s nothing compared to the English game fifty years ago.

“It’s just as well he wasn’t here in the ’60s, really,” Redknapp said.

“If he’d have seen some of the tackling that went on in those days, we would have something to worry about.

“The tackling now is nothing to what it was; it was a fierce game.

“I don’t have any problems with it (now).

“You always get one or two injuries but, certainly, in the games we’ve played, we’ve had no problems.

“We compete, the other teams compete with us.

“You’ve got to stand up for yourselves.

“We’ve all had teams that can dish it out a bit. We’ve all had players, certain players.

“Arsenal, a few years ago: Tony Adams, (Martin) Keown, (Steve) Bould, (Nigel) Winterburn, Lee Dixon, (Patrick) Vieira, (Emmanuel) Petit. That was a very strong, aggressive team – a fantastic team.

“They were great competitors; they had their share of cards, the same as everybody.”

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  1. Its different for Wenger, he' seen Eduardo and now Ramsey get leg breaks…but having said that, 'Arry tells it how it is,and that's got to count for a lot.

  2. As a Spurs fan I hate to agree with anything Wenger says I do believe he has some points. The eduardo injury was an accident and these tackles happen in games up and down the country and Wenger just made himself look an idiot with his rant. The Shawcross tackle however was reckless in the extreme and although I don’t think for one second he intended to break Ramseys leg he certainly went in to the tackle with the intention to take the ball, player and anything else that got in his way and this was after his initial bad touch. After witnessing Stoke’s antics against us the other week you have to question whether the instruction from the managment team is to bend the rules when you can.

    Another tackle Wenger is probably looking at is the Paul Robinson one on Diaby which again was carried out without any thought as to whether he would injure Diaby.

    Having said this Wenger is only expressing these concerns purely from a self interest. You can bet your life if it were Spurs players who had suffered broken legs from similar tackles he wouldn’t be so vocal, in fact he probably would state he never saw anything!

  3. Arsebag whinger. That’s the reason why the Germans took your country in a few days. Bunch of poofs. You needed some good old British muscle to help out then. Grow some balls and get on with it you cheese eating surrender monkey.

  4. Wenger is the biggest dummy-spitter in the game, of course we don't want to see horrific injuries but they have always gone on. Dave Bust, Alan Smith, Marc Degryse and countless others since the Prem started. Arsenal tap it about as if in a training match and then get suprised that a team fighting for their lives tend to be a bit more physical than the ones in the bibs all week at London Colney!! The Arsenal team that won the double was physical as hell as Harry has pointed out, Wenger wants to change the rules to suit him and his 'project' of a team. Arsenal should go and play in Spain and then get out classed at the tippy-tappy game by Barca as they did in Europe last season… Wenger doesn't know to put out a team that can play in England without getting beaten up anymore!! Him passing the blame as usual.


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