Redknapp out until at least December


Harry Redknapp has been advised to stay away from football for “four to five weeks”.

Redknapp had previously talked of being away from the dugout for two weeks but he has now admitted it could be longer.

“I have got to listen what the doctors tell me and not get too stressed out,” he told Sky Sports News.

“Stress is what causes most of the problems anyway.

“I will be fine, I have just got to take my time and when I am ready come back and get on with it but not before I get the go-ahead from the people in charge.

“They have said I shouldn’t even think about football for four to five weeks and get myself stressed. I will see how I go but I hope to be back before then.”

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  1. harry was fine until he saw our second half performance tonight lol.
    hope he is back soon, dont realise what a quality manager we have until we had to play without him,
    best wishes harry, heres hoping for a speedy recovery!

  2. I know we didn't play well today but results like that when you look back at the end of the season its about
    grinding out wins even when you are not playing well.

  3. title winning teams never win championships on luck, they destroy the opposition, you're a believe the shit you read in star sport or bollocks to that effect. we all want the lillywhitesw to win but we want it done in style with glory attached to our name.
    a word of advice dont repeat bollocks you hear on match of the day or sundry fucking opinionists+granted that alan bloke on match of the day knows wha<t hes talking about but hes the only one.

  4. Big G, again being a fool.
    I remember us playing Man U one year, we took them to pieces, even scored a goal that went a foot over the line, however it was never given. Who one the league that year, oh, Man U. Sorry, I think they got "lucky" that day, but hang on a second, lets read your crap post again…???
    Surely someone can put the parental controls on your computer??

  5. You can put money on the fact Harry will use this as a reason for going to the England job. Less stressful than club football etc.etc.

  6. Big g. Why do you keeping posting empty talks? Give me one championship team that did not need luck. I wouldn't call our win at Fulham lucky. True Grit is more accurate. Spurs have never been known to win matches this way. That's why we, Spurs fans, are so excited about grinding out an ugly win. Modric sleepwalked the whole match but he cleared the ball at the goal line to deny Fulham. Modric? What's he doing at his own goal line? Heart. That's what Spurs showed Sunday and grabbed the 3 points which they had the habit of dropping to low table teams (like last year). I think Jimmy Greaves once said, "a goal is a goal, no matter how it goes in." Likewise, 3 points is 3 points, no matter how ugly it is.

  7. We need Harry at the side line otherwise its going to be defensive game as how we played against Fulham. We have quality players in every corner but one big difference whether they (ToT Player) performing or not depends on the quality of the team management…Harry Please Come back or we r going to suffer. MU won the BPL by luck and a bit help of so called refrees…This season its going to be Tottenham's year….MU u can fly kite u useless morons…

  8. The absent of Harry will heavily effect on the ToT's performance during peak time…we are in winning streak, hope it doesn't stop here. Let Joe Jordan handle the situation and Harry to be at the side line as motivator…Harry, your presence in every game make huge diffrence. So Plssssss……


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