Redknapp paves the way for loan deal


Steven Caulker - Tottenham news

Harry Redknapp has paved the way for Steven Caulker to join Swansea City on loan.

The Engand Under-21 defender spent last season on loan at Bristol City and is also wanted by Norwich.

Redknapp said: “We think Caulker’s got a great future but I would be happy to loan him out. He played at Bristol City last year on loan, did really well and had a great season for them.

“And I know Swansea want him – but so do Norwich and there are a couple of clubs in there. But, for sure, I’d let him go to Swansea – no problem.”

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  1. This was our downfall last year we loaned all our good players and kids and just like Danny Rose did last year and scored the winner against Arsenal. We missed this with Townsend and others on loan Harry should relise he could have the answer at home if he keeps them there like Walker Bongani Townsend Rose could all save Spurs Millions and prove Harry really is the dogs bollocks bringing on new talent . We are the model Caulker should learn from not Swansea this is more to do with money than learning King can teach Caulker better than Swansea.

  2. Agreed with Davspurs, We are making a mistake of loaning players, looking to buy in new players and ruining our team in this way.

    Danny Rose should become our new left back this season, Kyle on the new right back this season and throw Harry Kane on the sub bench to start gaining 1st team experience slowly.

  3. No it is a good decision. He looks like a good player but I’d much rather have a Centre Back experience premier league for the first time at another club. Then come back to spurs, once it’s obvious if he’s good enough.

    Caulker will do walk Walker looks to have done hopefully: Impress on loan and then come back to spurs with experience and fight to get into the first team.

    I also seriously doubt we’ll be getting a lot of money from this deal

  4. Excellent news, he needs to be loaned out and given Premier League experience to develop, as does Walker, Naughton and Townsend.

    It worked for Wilshire and Ramsey going to Bolton and now Sturridge, they all came back to their clubs better players.

  5. True in a way davspur, but id rather our bright young talents play half a season with another team and gain experience than only play 2 carling cup games for us and spend the rest of the season in the reserves. Look at Walker last season, if he stayed with us he wouldnt have played many games and wouldnt have gained that experience, now he is ready to play the next season with corluka. Rose should stay, but the likes of Townsend, Mpoku, Bostock, etc still need development before they can be in a team challenging for top4.

  6. Give Caulker a year with Swansea in the premiership, then we can decide if hes good enough which im sure he will prove that he is, like Walker has.

    In a year Gallas and King will be a year older and closer to finishing, so he could come in next year

  7. I think caulker, rose and Kane should be permanent fixtures on our bench this year. Caulker is older than Phil Jones who has a years experience and now plays for Utd. These three are our best prospects for the coming year; maybe Bostock if he sorts his attitude out and Townsend if there is a longterm injury to Bale or Lennon. If the lads do go out on loan it should be month to month rolling loans to give us a bit of cover for injuries

  8. we should let him go to Old Academicals cos I know they want him, the reason is that semi-illiteracy needs to be halted and this move would be the spurious best we could element if not the possible barteration of Caulker for some Grammar books that we could give in a gratuitous fashion to the Ignorants who pass the golden turnstile .
    That said Davspurs is correct but what happened to the reserves?

  9. I agree with those singing the praises of loan experience.

    Goddle, they get prem experience with others because they're not good enough as yet to get it with us. It's great for Spurs, we get players with promise and if/when that promise matures they come into out team with experience without us having suffer consequences of the mistakes that gave them that experience. Also, when we play that team, they can't play against us, so if they're a mainstay of their team, it weakens them for us. It's so good it's almost cheating.

    For all those thinking we should have them on the bench, not the worst idea except that our bench is pretty full. Lennon is latterly on the bench for example. Kranjcar was on the bench all last season and has a lot to contribute, but Harry didn't use him. Harry's tactic is put the best 11 players on the field. He doesn't change it much, even with Kranjcar who has more than proved he can change a game and contribute. What makes you think unproven youngsters will get a chance?

    It's great that Rose has come through to be an UNDERSTUDY to BAE.


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