Report: Spurs could sacrifice star in order for a Gareth Bale return

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Real Madrid are willing to use Wales forward Gareth Bale as bait to sign Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Christian Eriksen.

The Mirror are reporting that the Spanish giants are likely to offload Bale this summer and have set their sights on the Danish playmaker.

Eriksen has just sixteen months to run on his current contract in North London and has yet to agree on a new deal despite talks being held between the club and his representatives (Mail).

The report suggests that Madrid are prepared to offer £50million plus Bale in exchange for Eriksen, who joined Spurs from Ajax in August 2013.

One thing which will leave Spurs fans scratching their heads over a possible Bale return would be how the club would be able to meet his wage demands.

The Welshman signed a new contract with the current Champions League holders in 2016 which is said to be worth around £350,000 a week after tax (Guardian), which is significantly higher than the £200,000 a week that Harry Kane earns (Sun).

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  1. On the way both are playing or not as the case may be I would say thirty million would be more like it. Based on that spurs should deal as eriksen has been very poor this year. The money should be invested in a better right back and selling jensen, wanyama, Dier, lamela, aurier, tripper, Davies would add extra funds. Bring in the best young English players and add some depth and we will be ok.
    On the wage of bale I would say he will take a pay cut to get away from madbid and would be happy to come back to us in the new stadium

  2. If Bale would agree to a new wage structure he is welcome. BUT Real must include Isco also in the deal if they really want Christian that much.

  3. I would take half back for Erickson and 50m. But as previous comment we do need to freshen up .need a rb 2 cm and a striker. Sell wanyama Davies tripper lorente jansen Erickson.

  4. Last week RealMad floated the idea (via their client media) that if we gave them €40m + Eriksen, then we could have Bale. New week, new story. Part of the reason Spurs have gone backwards this season is the poor step back by Eriksen; he has not hit the same heights (lack of competition for his spot?). This would only fly if both players want it and something is done about Bale’s wages.

    To sell all the players listed by Spursnut d, you need buyers. Changes are needed at right back, and a creative element if Eriksen goes. But too many changes means yet another “transitional season” – no ta. Despite playing poorly most of the season by recent standards, we are still no. 3. A few improvements could get us there.

  5. I’m fed up with all these stories that never come through it’s just appeasing the fans , just let us know when somethings happening for sure , that deal will never be done Bales is too expensive wage wise , and to be honest on the last few performances of erickson, Madrid are going to reevaluate

  6. Well, Christian Eriksen (CE) has delivered since 2013/14 – and at a salary, which is way below some of the other overpaid, under brained and over-tatooed egos presently performing in EPL. Yes, he hasn’t lived up to expectations in 2019. However, Spurs fans: who did that aside from Lloris perform on a consistent basis? I grant that CE is off his best at present, but if Daniel Levy was up and awake time back he would have secured the wage issue with CE. Levy is well known for stalling negotiations. Good for him, but the problem is that The Great Game is now a matter of money and if you don’t adhere to that fact you have nothing to do in pro football. Let CE go and remember that he did give football fans some delightful moments.

    P.s. I am Danish and probably a bit biased. But I am also an avid Swansea fan so I know pain when your team don’t deliver. But be grateful that you don’t play in the Championship, that’s a bitch!


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