Sampdoria hoping to avoid Tottenham in Champions League


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Sampdoria manager Mimmo Di Carlo admits that he would like to avoid Tottenham Hotspur in the Champions League preliminary round.

“There is only one team that I would like to avoid – Tottenham,” said Di Carlo.

“In August the English clubs start out very strong and they would put us under a great deal of pressure in terms of tempo.

“The others, albeit strong, I would take on with optimism. Let us not forget we also have champions and I doubt many sides have strikers like Antonio Cassano, Giampaolo Pazzini, Guido Marilungo and Nicola Pozzi.”

He added: “The English sides are good, but if we arrive at this appointment on form then we have a hunger that allows us to battle on level terms with anyone.

“This Samp is capable of anything and I think we’ve already proved that. The club is building a solid squad and you can see the long-term planning at work.”

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  1. yeah yeah im sure the yids would wipe the floor with all of ya anyway…..hoping to be at the home fixture but if im not everyone thats there make sure we be the 12th man….as a matter of fact that goes for the whole season if we can raise the roof like we did against arsenal and chelsea i think it will near on impossible for any team to come and play at white hart lane……yidarmy!!!!!!!!!

      • You really are an absolute tosser if you are coming on to a spurs message board giving it all the large. Mate fuck of back to the library. Lets be honest the scum are trembling now, we are the team in the position now. Better squad, better fans and better team spirit. With the exception of Fabregas and Van Persie we are much better than you in every position. YIDDDDDDDD ARMYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!

        • Why waste your breath on answering these Arsenal marmite drillers a team of gayboys and a paedo manager,they are worried because for years Spurs have not been as organised,or focused on the future as they are now.As a previous comment pointed out they have been in champs league for 12 years and not won it and the nearest they got was an ex Spurs player scoring the goal in the final wich put them in lead for a short time.What they forget to mention is when they went out in early rounds a while back and went in to the UEFAcup they lost in the final then as well to a goal scored by an ex Spurs player[Popescu and who can forget the ex Spurs player Nayim,s goal wich stuffed them LOL COYS

          • Typical of sp*rs fans failing to remember that we did reach the final of the Champions league. When you take into account the fact that we do all this on a shoestring budget, take note, Arry,I think we have to be greatly admired, which we are from all over Europe. Shame the fans from the lane fail to see this, or perhaps they do, which would account for the jealousy and contempt.

          • Fine you do it all on a shoestring budget, but as fact states, you haven't won it yet so strictly speaking, Arsenal haven't done any better than Spurs seeing as neither has won it. Plus, shoestring budgeting is not such a great thing when you keep raiding the French-African territories on a daily basis, thereby ignoring the English talent who will eventually need to be discovered in order to replace some of our current English national squad (currently not too difficult considering the overall performance this World Cup).

            Strangely enough, even 10 years ago, still under Wenger, it wasn't so prominent. What happened to Arsenal's arsenal of fine English players like Adams, Wright, Campbell and Seaman? That's what annoys me most about your club. The lack of English talent there at the moment. Yeh Walcott and Wilshere, but who else…?

        • Keep the language down mate. If you cannot converse with other people without showing respect for your betters, then maybe you should go somewhere else where they tolerate that sort of behavior….GOT IT, There's a good lad.

      • Can anyone understand what YIDO is saying with this statement?……. "That's what your says"……….SPEAK ENGLISH, mate, otherwise nobody is gonna understand what you're trying to say!!!!!………….

  2. The draw is 6th Aug,also I was led to believe the 5 seeded teams are Spurs,Auxerre,Werder Bremen


    • Those are the 5 teams automatically through to the play off matches, without having to play qualifying matches.

      This is determined by a coefficient system, of which Spurs are 30th in the list of clubs. The next best 3 teams coming through qualifying will also be seeded in the play off draw. Those 8 will play the other 8 qualifiers, drawn on 6th August.

      You can find the full list of teams coefficients via google.

  3. Spurs, Sevilla, Werder and Ajax are the seeded sides, though Ajax and Zenit have to play a 3rd round game to get into the playoff round. If either miss out then Fenerbahce are next in line to be seeded. Sampdoria and Auxerre are definitely unseeded, with Fener, Braga and Kiev likely to join them.

    • Nervous of what?. I'd be more nervous if Arry was our manager, spending all that money for a futile trip to Never-Never Land. Let me tell you something guys, you will fall flat on your faces,MARK MY WORDS!

      • Thanks for your insightful words, didn’t know they were issuing crystal balls at the spermirates nowadays. Did your crystal ball predict you not winning FA for the last 5 years or that you wouldn’t have a single englishman in the world cup squad (which for a top 4 team is a disgrace!) or that your captain wants to leave or that Danny Rose would score an absolute screamer against you?

        • You have some neck mentioning the World Cup. Maybe if you stand back and think for a second,that maybe it's because there were sp*rs players in the England team, is the reason we done so poorly. Mate, put that in your pipe and smoke it!!!!

          • There were actually more Chelsea players in the starting lineup simultaneously than Spurs players. Most of the Spurs players never got enough time on the pitch to show what they were capable of in my opinion. Defoe got England through to the knockout stage anyway. Best game England played because they actually won it. Took a "'sh*t sp*rs player'" to do that. Also took spurs players to reverse a 2-0 defecit against Holland and beat Mexico 3-1. Stick that in YOUR pipe and smoke it.

    • Leave him alone you bully. The man is quite entitled to voice his opinion. If leeeeee says you are 2-bob planks then he must know something you don't know, you know?

  4. wherever it may be i will be there and as for the gooners on here, just a smokescreen to hide your fears, no firm mugs

    • spud62………. Don't get your knickers in a twist, son, were only having a laugh……………..AT YOUR EXPENSE!!!

  5. ARSENAL… you are a prick.. piss off off post your drivel somewhere where the readers are of a similar low. intellect

  6. Typical Sc#m going on Spurs news story to post bollox. I hear Fabregas and Van Persie cant wait to challange for the title next season…..Spainish title with Real Madrid and Barca..

    • From what I can gather from reading the blogs, it turns out Barcelona can't afford our players at the moment, however, because of Sir Arsene Wenger,[ all bow,] and his fantastic monetary prudence, something Arry doesn't know the meaning of aka. Portsmouth, we can afford to keep these players in the style with which they are accustomed to. Hope that answers your reply……CABBAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. The Sampdorians would do well to heed the words of their esteemed leader for he is a wise and learned man.

    Europe shall tremble to the beat of the marching Yid army.

    All must bow and pay homage and give thanks for our greatness.


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