Sherwood absolutely destroys former Spurs player with his opinion

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Tim Sherwood has ripped into yet another former Tottenham Hotspur player after he was asked about Lewis Holtby and his time in charge of him at White Hart Lane.

Sherwood, who managed Spurs between December 2013 to May 2014 was appearing as a pundit on BT Sport’s Score programme, which for those who are unfamiliar is the equivalent of Sky’s Soccer Saturday.

Holtby had scored Hamburg’s second goal of the match against Wolfsburg in the Bundesliga encounter on Saturday afternoon and when he was asked for his opinion on the midfielder and did not pull any punches.

He said with a wry smile: Yeah I had him for a short while, couldn’t wait to get rid of him!”

Sherwood then backtracked on his comment: “Nah, it wasn’t my doing to be fair. He’s a good lad, an industrious midfield player but not at Tottenham’s level for where they want to be.

“He was a favourite for the crowds, he was energetic and got about. Waved his fists around and try to kid them on as much as he could.

Sherwood, earlier this week had some harsh criticism of Davinson Sanchez, labeling the defender as “a mistake waiting to happen”.

Since leaving Spurs, Sherwood has had failed spells as manager of Aston Villa and director of football at Swindon Town.

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  1. Pretty hard for Sherwood to destroy anyone with his opinion. Tim is a classic case of the old adage that it is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open ones mouth and remove all doubt.

  2. Why do I click on links related to Sherwood? Why, why, why? All it does is enrage me. Why are people STILL talking to him about a club he was in temporary charge of, FOUR YEARS ago. Why aren’t they talking to him about the Aston Villa, the club he relegated? Or Swindon he stupidly appointed him Director of Football, and who also got relegated? Fuck this man.

  3. Even Sherwood himself realised how bang out of order his initial statement was there and tried desperately to make up for it. Holtby was a good lad, not up to Spurs standard but there were worse players in the squad. I think he suffered from being over-hyped before we signed him. As for Sherwood I wish he would go away because every time I hear of him I’m reminded of the single most cringiest thing I’ve ever seen on a football pitch in his Adebayor salute *shudder*.

  4. Sherwoods a joke the only people who can really criticise are people who made it big in there chosen profession did sherwood really make it big as a player? definitely not as a manager/coach that is for sure so who cares what he says.
    Holtby never really got a chance so we’ll never know what he could have done the one thing we do know is that for all the spouting bollox that he does he never made it after leaving spurs and tbh i could have done the same job he did waiting for the right oppotunity to come his way he apparently has stated
    Do one sherwood


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