Sherwood’s post-match comments vs West Brom

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Tottenham boss Tim Sherwood insisted he and his players were disappointed with the outcome of their clash with West Brom – despite them having come back from three goals down to secure a dramatic 3-3 draw at The Hawthorns.

After finding themselves 3-0 behind just after the half-hour mark of the Barclays Premier League contest, Spurs rallied impressively and a Jonas Olsson own-goal (34) followed by a Harry Kane header (70) and a stoppage-time Christian Eriksen strike ensured they emerged with a point.

But Sherwood felt his side’s dominance after conceding for the third time was such that they should have won the match.

And he was left lamenting the way they had allowed their hosts to race ahead early on through goals from Matej Vydra in the first minute, Chris Brunt in the fourth and then, after Emmanuel Adebayor’s penalty was saved by Ben Foster, a 31st-minute effort by Stephane Sessegnon.

Sherwood said: “We keep doing it (conceding early goals). It is frustrating to say the least.

“Credit to West Brom, they started very well and we didn’t, and it is not good enough. We have to try to stop that somehow. They didn’t have to work very hard for their goals today.

“At 3-0 down we had a mountain to climb, but I always believed we would get back in the game.

“I think on the balance of play we deserved something out of the game. And I think we are disappointed to come away not having won it.

“They had caused us some problems with some direct play early on, but they stopped doing that and then we jumped all over them really. There was chance after chance.”

He added: “We are disappointed we haven’t come out of here with a win, but there was no shouting or screaming at half-time.

“I just said to them that they had let themselves down, that individuals had let them down or mistakes.

“But they know, they don’t have to be told – they are professional footballers, they know it, and you just have to try to stop it. And the only way to stop it is to leave these individuals out if they are not doing the job.

“We were 3-0 down and to be walking away now with a point, we have got to be happy. But we are not, to be honest, on the balance of play. We just think we should have nicked all three.”

In terms of the race for a Champions League berth, sixth-placed Tottenham – who have four more matches to go – are four points behind fifth-placed Arsenal and six behind fourth-placed Everton, with both those sides having a game in hand over them.

Asked for his assessment of that situation, Sherwood said: “After 38 games you finish where you deserve to be.

“People’s expectations might be that we should be Champions League or whatever. But wherever you end up after 38 games, that is where you deserve to be.

“It is as simple as that. We are going to try between now and the end of the season to get as many points as we can and see where it takes us, but that table never lies.”

When asked about the prospect of finishing above Arsenal, he said: “We would love to. It would be an achievement to do that.”

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  1. What do you expect sherwood when you pick an idiot like Rose he's the worst full back in our history but you keep him in the tem

    • Zeki fryers on the bench thinking, if I can’t get in over this doughnut I might as well quit! He’s been awful all season & doesn’t deserve to play for this shirt!

  2. Tim is an absolute blagger. Im sick of listening to him in his post match comments. He sets up a completely non defensive set up (Paulinho and Eriksen are not Sandro and Dembele) to allow him to play Harry Kane and Adebayor. He undertimated the offensive threat of West Brom and he got it wrong again. Does he come out and hold his hands up and admit he got it wrong? No! Once again he blames the teams effort and commitment and then says that our position after 38 games is a true reflection of how good we are as a team, which it simply isnt. We are way better than the results weve been getting under Sherwood. And then after saying we are mediocre and not to expect any better he says he hopes he remains at our club for a long time to come….the guy is a joke and we deserve better. Offer him his place back in the youth team or let him go…this squad is way too good for a manager so inept its unreal…

    • Wow if Tim had your football expertise wouldnt we do well.If you dont like his post match comments you'll love van Gaal,if he ever turns up,he makes Tim look like a nice cuddly toy.All you moaners try and do better wjth a team you had no hand in picking,I just dont know why you dont F off and support some other team,you'd really have something to moan about being a Sunderland fan.

      • Spursgatso I see your comments on these websites basically sucking Sherwood’s nuts! Do you seriously think he’s good enough to manage Tottenham? It’s supporters like you that are keeping this clown in the job! He’s plunder! The players are plunder to go with it! It’s gonna take some1 with tons of experience to sort this mess out we’re in.. Your forgetting the fact that we’ve got a very talented side with no direction & it’s only the players ability that are pulling out these kind of results. Enough is enough with this doughnut called Tim Sherwood..

      • Spursgatso, I sometimes wish the knuckledragging element of our support like yourself would F-Off too, but we cant all have our way. This tactical genius plays Walker (who cant cross the ball to save his life) as a right winger ahead of Townsend, Chadli and Sigurdsson) and a 19 year old ahead of experienced (and good) players against Chelsea then blames the team. He sets up Sigurdsson (a right winger) and Bentaleb (a 19 year old gaining experience), two players who players who never even played next to one another in central midfield, as a defensive midfield partnership that was never going to end well against Liverpool and once again blames the team effort and commitment when it doesn’t work. He sets up Paulinho and Eriksen (both attack midnded) against sunderland who of course were nowhere to be seen when Cattermoles goal goes in but gets away with it, then states after the game that he’ll pretty much go for the same set up on Saturday to get Kane back in. Pepe Mel hears this and decides to attack, Sherwood blames the players once again. This guy should be trying to gel a team together but hes absolutely toxic, he never accepts responsibility for his bad decisions and always publicly blames the players for his own mistakes…and the retarded element of our fanbase listen to him and hear him say soundbites like “pride”, “playing for the shirt” and “great club” and they think “Your just right Tim, the players have no heart”. This is the best squad we’ve ever had and great teams build from the back, they don’t chop and change rubbish experiments week in week out that have no constructive purpose and weaken us as a club, both on the pitch and behind the scenes. I was gutted when we let AVB go and its not the fact that we are a laughing stock this season that bothers me, its looking at the shit starting 11s, seeing the very good alienated players left out (who will probably want to leave this summer, understandably) seeing us play shit as a result and then listening to Tim blame everyone but himself afterwards, just pisses me off. I will always remember him as Toxic Tim…nevermind Van Gaal, Gus Poyet is at the bottom of the prem and Id rate him higher than Sherwood. I usually sympathize with managers and think they get a tough time and I always liked Sherwood as a pundit but hes exposed now as someone who talks a good game…

  3. It's really simple, it's all about lack of talent . Bring Van Gaal in with this same back end and you'd get the same results . Big changes needed for Spurs defense in the off season . Oh and stick a firecracker up Adebayors arse.

  4. We must have the most disorganized team in the premiership, we haven’t got a clue because our manager has not the experience or the tactical know how. Under avb it wasn’t good but at least we were organized every one knew what they were doing and we had a good defence now this joker has come in and ruined the one thing we had going for us our solidity, now we cant defend properly or attack properly how can Sherwood even talk this bullshit he has taken us backwards big time. Please can we have a petition or something to get rid of Sherwood,rose, and Lennon please.

    Our team for next year hopefully


    Walker kab vert ekotto


    Lamela paulinho eriksen a,young




    Naughton caulker chirches fryers


    Townsend chadli michu

    Ade Hernandez

    Sell Dawson,rose,siggy,soldado,Lennon,capoue,=30 mil

    Buy michu,a young ,Hernandez,contreao, 40 mil

    We can easily get these players next season at a good price

    Lakaku- unrealistic but would love it.

    No big changes for next season

  5. Tim's own words:
    they are professional footballers, they know it, and you just have to try to stop it. And the only way to stop it is to leave these individuals out if they are not doing the job.

    If that was the case why the hell does he pick these same individuals week in week out when I can't even remember when they last had a good game. I don't even have to name the players because we all know who they are, but yet they still get to start each game.
    Then he stands in front of a camera telling everyone how bad they been and then picks them again for the next game.
    Please Tim Sherwood, go back to Managing the kiddies and let's get someone in who actually knows how to manage a football club

  6. Last season we had a team good enough to push hard for 3rd place. Yes we lost the worlds best player but we did go out and buy £100 million of talent.
    I don't buy the whole " we bought a pile of crap " this just is not true, we purchased some great players but have not the manager to fit them in the correct formation.
    The only failing at the start of the season was at left back.
    Midfield – Sandro, Paulhinio, Dembele, chadli, Eriksen, Holtby, Sandro.capoue
    Attack options – Lennon, Townsend, Lamela, Adebayor, Soldado, Sigardson
    Defence – Kaboul, walker, Vertonghen, chiriches, Dawson, assou akkoto
    GK – LLoris, Gomes, friedel

    I could pick a team from that lot to beat Norwich, west Brom etc.. We are 14 points from the top of the league and it's not beacuse we are not good enough, it's not beacuse we lost 20- 0 to Liverpool & man city, it's not even the 1-0 against Arsenal… It's the poor tactics shown by 2 x mediocre managers against weaker opposition.

    Sir Alex ferguson won the premier league with a squad older and poorer than this one. The Man U midfield of last season would have featured 4 x spurs players if he had that lot to pick from and possibly 2 defenders… And hao knows what Soldado can do if played to his strengths???

    A decent coach who can motivate his men when walking out against the likes of west ham & Wigan and be tactically knowledgable to keep it close against the top 5 teams would I am sure be 10 points better off than we are now and lamenting not buying a left back in the closed season only…

  7. We have some brilliant players despite what sherwood says. He says he didnt pick this team but he has a very good creative mid, 2 box to box mids, 2 defensive mids 5 good wingers (2 left foot, 3 right) and two good strikers. You can play pretty much any formation you want with that squad.

    This summer Id like to see Dawson, Livermore, Capoue (not needed with Bentaleb there) Lennon and probably Sigurdsson and Holtby move on, to bring in money and to allow other players a better run in the team to build some form.

    To come in Id like to see Lukaku, Miralem Pjanic, Caulker and an experienced pacy Left Back come (Id even take BAE back) but havent written off Rose just yet.

    i think the one area where we have been lacking a bit this season is in creative midfield. Eriksen has been in and out with injuries and Adebayor is tailor made for a player like eriksen as his supply is top notch but I would like to see another player of similar abilty come in, not just to cover for Eriksen but also to compliment Eriksen. Baldini knows Pjanic from Roma and like Eriksen last year he only has one remaining year on his contract this summer so Roma will have to sell for a reasonable price that we should pay.

    I still hold some hope for Soldado because he has bags of class and its clear to see hes a good striker when we can find him with passes.

    Lamela should be better next year after a pre season and he is a clever player who can create and score.

    Next year I would like to see Sandro or Bentaleb in the defensive mid role protecting the two centre backs.

    Dembele or Paulinho playing next to Sandro or Bentaleb in the box to box role.

    Eriksen Pjanic and Lamela making up a fluid 3 behind the centre forward with Chadli Townsend and Tom Carroll as understudies and cover for those 3.

    Soldado, Lukaku and Adebayor as our 3 strikers


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