Sign a striker!


I would rattle off a list of games where our desperate need for a consistent, 20 goals-a-season striker has been shown, but I’m not going to, because that would be the same as listing every single match we have played this season. Ade can’t be bothered, Clint isn’t a natural striker and JD blows hot and cold, although sometimes it seems like cold-cold-cold-hot-cold-hot-cold-cold. You get my point (if you don’t, please read it again, more carefully, before proceeding with the rest of the article).

In the United game, whilst Spurs were clearly delighted to nab a truly-deserved point right at the end of the game, we probably did deserve even more from the game. When fans say “we deserved to win”, I never know whether this is a positive or a negative: is it good that we were the better team, or is it bad that we were the better team but only drew? But if we signed a top-drawer striker, your Llorentes or your Negredos if you like, then we wouldn’t be having this conversation…because we would have won the game!

Spurs play possession and pressure football. However, the whole point of possession is not to be able to point at a stat and say “hey look, we got 65% possession, we’re awesome”, no, the point of possession is what you do with it. And whilst we are clearly doing something right with it – we haven’t lost since 9th December – we aren’t doing enough with it – we have drawn too many games in that spell. Your homes to Wigan, and Stoke, and your aways to QPR, need to turn into constant victories…and from watching our performances it is clear what the missing factor is – a striker.

People may point to the fact that we are ahead of Arsenal, and close to Chelsea, so why do we need to improve? Well, the answer is simple: look at their squads. Do you see a top-notch striker anywhere there (excluding perhaps the recent inclusion of Ba for the Blues)? No, you don’t – if you do, you do not support Spurs – and then compare that to the Manchester clubs. They have RVP, Rooney, Welbeck, Hernandez, Aguero, Tevez, Dzeko. Look at our midfield and defence compared to United’s. Is there that much of a difference? No, there really isn’t it. The missing link is a striker. Someone who get on the end of Lennon’s ‘dink’ crosses or Bale’s drilled crosses. Someone who can present a realistic option to Dembele and Sandro as they push to the edge of the opponent’s 18 yard box. Someone who can find the net on a regular basis!

If we don’t sign a striker, based on our last few games, when the need has been blatantly obvious slap-you-in-the-face buy-me-one-now, then I don’t know what AVB and Levy are playing at. I have every faith that they will – #inavbitrust and #inlevyitrust and all that – because the one step we need to take to change from edge of top 4 to edge of top 2 is a striker.

Sign a striker.

By Alex Beck

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  1. Couldn't agree more.

    A clinical striker has been long overdue – how many games have we dropped points in despite carving out plenty of chances.

    Left it pretty late as usual. Come on Daniel get the chequebook out and make sure we secure that top four finish.

    • This have been going on since 2008….they have never even tried to replace Berbatov.

      Adebayor wasnt even good last year and is a huge reason why I dont go on stats, I watch the guy and know he cant finish, pass or make runs…no matter what the stats say.

      JD just isnt good enough, he is an impact sub and Dempsey goes missing all game, cant hold it up and most importantly isnt even a striker.

      Levy has to stop being tight, we need to go and sign a Negredo or Huntelaar anyone who can hold it up, make good runs and score goals.

      If we had RVP we would win the league, he creates chances for himself with his movement

  2. Fully agree, if Levy still hasn't recognized this dire need then I fear for our future. Its been glaringly obvious for the last 2-3 seasons, it will cost us CL again this year. What's interesting is that the club the overall loss for 2011-2012 on the absence of CL football, under investment again will bring the same result. Why spend 100 of millions on a fancy training ground but fail to back the manager with any funds. Any progress AVB has made will be wiped out if we don't take the action needed in January. Don't they realise that cheap fixes like the 16 millon on Dempsey and Sigurdsson is more wasteful than spending 20m on the striker required.. it doesn't make sense

  3. I sit here day after day reading and totally agreeing with all the blogs etc saying we need a striker but with 4 days left I'm starting to think we won't be getting one and Gary hooper is not the answer , sadly after all the positives I feel this season could go the way of last season , maybe its just post Leeds blues

  4. I have been saying the same thing for weeks, if we took that possession and turned it into points we could be challenging instead we are looking over our shoulders again because we are squandering chances left rift and centre. Our body language when we miss chances defoe/ade says it all compared to aguero, Suarez and TEvez get annoyed and angry our lot laugh (ade) and touch hands like tennis double partners, THere is no passion anymore!

  5. Ytes we have needed that striker since berba left, and i see we are looking at diame?? Why?? If leve would just wake up and get holtby, but i guess it will drag out the whole window, because leve want to save some money. And hooper?i dont know that mutch about him, but if he is better than defoe and one-season-ade, i am all fore it

  6. Totaly agree although giroud eems tohave ound his feet at that mob down the road.Trouble is what striker is available in january and would levy part with the money ,seems to me the way he has been doing business the last four windows is that he is willing togamble on the top four for the stock pile of filthy lucre.come on levy get somethin done if we can see what we need surely you can.

    • I do not understand our need for 20 average midfielders who can pass the ball 1000 times to each other and make no progress. Dembele is rubbish, can hold the ball up , but really against leeds do we need to.
      Hud is a great pass, his movement is not good off the ball yet but he can pass, and pass quickly, and open a defence. So we take him off to put another holding midfield to pass back and forward to Parker!
      against Leeds?
      I pray for Holtby and a great striker… else i truly worry we will have another season of nearly finishing above the Arse.

    • So harsh on Dembele, he runs around players like they are not there but has nobody to pass to, whats the point in passing to one of our strikers when you know the striker will just fall over and easily allow possession to the centre back.

      Dembele is a box to box midfielder, we need someone who plays ahead of him to do the carving open, thats what Holtby would bring…

      Dempsey despite his goals isnt a striker or an attacking midfielder and should be used only as an option for injuries…..we have replaced Rafeal Van Der Vaart with Clint Dempsey….what was we thinking??//

  7. Definately need a striker we lacked that finishing touch.
    AVB picked the wrong team defence was poor . trying to play a high line and not able to get back when a simple over the top ball is played.

    Totally gutted fir result but we simply lacked ideas and the killer finish..sign a new striker or we will be in trouble

  8. Totally agree and thats the reason we didnt finish above the Woolwich Wanderers last season. Are we squint? Year end accounts didnt make good reading! Im praying we dont follow in Ramos's footsteps and go shopping in Scotland! Hopefully Chrissy will put in a 3rd bid and take him to Carrow Rd cos hes certainly not good enough for N17.

  9. Earlier this week i sent my blog in saying we needed a Striker, so am a little disappointed that my thunder has been stolen.

    So this is not a comment to your blog, but simply to try and add mine which i wanted a number of days ago.

    My blog was as follows:-


    Do you agree we need another Striker.

    I am very worried that if we were to lose JD through injury, all we would have left at the moment is Dempsey and with the greatest respect, he is not a top quality Striker. When Ade comes back from Africa then that will help, but with only 4 days left in the Transfer Window, i believe we need a new Striker to strengthen the team for our final push for Champions League Qualification.

    I dont think we can simply rely solely on JD, Ade and Dempsey (and please please dont call back Harry Kane who is a good 1st Division player but never Premiership material). For that very important last push, in my opinion, we must bring in another good top Striker.

    By CheekyCockney

    • Mate if that's all you wrote I'm not surprised it wasn't published….
      Also I fall asleep reading your article whereas this one is actually quite humorous and engaging…
      And finally SpursWeb don't just publish articles willy-nilly, they are a high quality website who want high quality content…

  10. how many times have this been said and Levy has kept his hands in his pocket spurs will never finish in the top four if we do not get another striker this month

  11. it's clear to everyone that a striker as good as RVP would transform Spurs immediately – the problem is finding one that we can afford! It's all very well suggesting this name and that, but clearly they would have to be better than we've got and hit the ground running (perhaps Demba Ba would have done this, but we can't compete with chelsea on wages, and the very top players will be in demand and expect to be paid more than we can afford.) Of course if a striker were to help us get champions league he would pay for himself, but maybe that is seen as too much of a gamble?

  12. Spurs desperately need a top class striker, if Levy doesn't sign one before Jan. 31st, our chances of finishing in the top four will be in danger.In addition we need to bring in Holtby NOW .

  13. Levy will try and sign someone at 11:56pm on transfer deadline night for a fraction of the asking price, and fail. He really thinks he's smart. He got away with it with RDV, but that as a one off. He's been shit before and after that. Look at him trying to get Moutinho for reduced price and buggering it up completely.

    in summary – we wont sign anyone. And finish 5th.

  14. AVB is talking rubbish if we lose a striker in the next 8 weeks we wont make 4th and it will cost us money so we have to buy now Mr Levy we trust in you but we must buy now or it will cost us in the end .so in the time we have left in this window buy a striker????

  15. Am I completely alone in actually kind of liking the look of Hooper? Would signing him really be that bad? Why is everyone so sure he is not good enough?

    • Dude, I completely agree with you. The guy is a goal machine even despite playing in the spl. He is better than what we have and defo worth the gamble.

  16. My observation is that we saw, today, just how shite and weak our squad actually is. Despite these so-called internationals playing, they simply aren't good enough to sustain a passionate and agressive assault on opponents. Take away Bale and Lennon (god forbid they get injured) and we have the pace and agility of a tortoise. Coupled,again, to the lack of a sound head and leader to take the team by the scruff of the neck and we look totally bereft of shape and intelligence.
    IMO we haven't made progress and the failure to invest in a top notch striker is scandalous. bargain basement buys like Dempsey and Siggy are alao driving down the whole playing quality. Of course we desperately need a decent striker but once (if) purchased, he will still need to be managed properly. I'm not sure those qualities are in abundance within the THFC management team.

  17. Well we won't be 4th for much longer; we're only in that position courtesy of dropped points by everton and arsenal. There's no doubt in my mind that once again arsenal will finish above us as our squad is paper thin, and worse than last year. I can't believe that Defoe has been forced to play as striker despite nursing a painful pelvic injury for some time, whilst adebayor, who is basically a mercenary, swans off to the sun. I mean WTF? Knowing all this levy has made no moves to sign a striker? AVB hasn't got a chance with that sort of "backing". Talk about a puppet coach.

  18. I'm reading now that AVB is willing to take the risk and not buy a striker. That is total BS, if we have all worked out it is vital you can bet AVB has but he has no choice but to tow the party line. We lost today because Dempsey is not a striker and as such does not make proper striker's runs; meaning the midfield had no outlet and kept getting caught in possession. There ARE good strikers we can sign in this window, and if we do so on the last day then I will be annoyed as a few days messing around has cost us our place in the cup. A good striker in this window, Holtby arriving now and Kaboul regaining fitness could see us even take third.

  19. We have to take a gamble on a lesser known striker like we did on Berbatov and although fergie will tap him up after 1 season let's hope he fires us into the champions league. Surely avb watches the Portuguese version of match of the day! There's got to be a promising player coming through somewhere that has have slipped under the raider of the bankers??? We have never had any luck in the Spanish market with the exception of vdv so we should look at holland/france where the players are always obtainable. We always try and get top players but get blown out at the last minute morientes? Oscar? Hazard? Y waste time on these deals? If its not wages being the problem it's levy negotiating the fee! He's made himself a bad reputation around Europe so perhaps the problem is clubs won't enter into negotiations with us? I can't believe avb believes we are ok with the strikers we have, I've got a sneaky suspicion he and levy don't see eye to eye on transfers. I agree with razors belly our squad is weak and god forbid bale and Lennon get injured we will struggle.

  20. Completly agree. Tho i am starting to lose faith in levy’s ability to get someone top notch in. Avb can only work with what he is given but daniels stubborness in the market looks like it will cost us fans yet again!!!

  21. I can't believe levy or avb don't want a striker and haven't been trying for one. The problem in my mind is why have they not been successful?

  22. The reason we have so much possession is that a lot of it is passing the ball around in order to stop other teams having it. In fact we do nothing constructive with the possession, because we have been so slow going up the field that the other team has plenty of time to sort out their defence. We do need another striker, but unless we move the ball about a lot quicker, and get up the field quicker I can't see a new striker making much of a difference. Our problem all season has been that we are far too slow going forward, and that's with Bale and Lennon in the team. Does AVB realise the value of speed?

  23. Agree to all spurs fan comment and i even dare to place my bet that spur wont finish top four without a good striker up front. NICK ,

  24. What planet is AVB on? . Some of the comments he makes are unreal. What does'nt he understand about we NEED a top striker. Every spurs fan has known for at least 3-4 years we needed to replace Berbs but don't want to spend the money so we will not progress. Make loads of chances but don't have a top class striker even with Addy and JD fit. Very frustrating. COYS

  25. Agree 100%. Firstly I'm not having that AVB doesn't believe me need a striker thats what he's been told to say! I can't understand why Levy doesn't buy a striker. Then we have at least 3 to choose from for the final few months of the season. Negredo would be perfect and with Sevilla struggling there is a deal to be done. He's a business man and I understand that, however if he ivests now he gets his money back in the summer when we finish 3rd or at worst 4th!
    My fear is that Arsenal will again make a late run and over take us all because we didn't buy that one top striker we need!
    Come on levy we have built an amazing team without spending big money but world class strikers come with more of a price!

  26. I would take a punt at vydra from udinese currently on loan at Watford much better than Gary hooper guy runs in channels is lightening quick only 20 and scores goals in a tough league and he also holds he ball up even for a gu of his stature cause were not gonna buy a big name too late think a cheaper solution has to be found I think this guy is it

  27. yes we need a striker, but we have got to retire our 2nd string keeper his reflexes are gone and he does not narrow the angles, the first goal yesterday was unbelevable he moved forward showed the whole of the goal, the second i beleive loris would have saved, why do we have to rest a keeper, its crazy, we buy potentially a world class keeper and dont play him, friedl may have saved a few with his legs but I'M 61 and my reflexes are still better than his


  29. Avb doesn’t have a clue. He has just let our most promising striker, coulibaly go out on loan to Italy and coulthirst will probably follow suit. We have several talented young strikers in the reserves and youth teams. Would it have hurt to try one out against Leeds? And before you say what about obika; the bloke is dire, scoring at a rate of 1 in 6 for Yeovil is not good enough for a striker. We don’t need to sign another striker if the youngsters are used cleverly. At the end of the day if we she’ll out 15million on a star striker now, then someone will be happy on adebayor’s return and we will probably have to sell Defoe cos no one will be able to afford adebayor’s wages. Then we will be back where we started. #recallcoulibaly


    • Falcao is probably the most in demand potentially available striker in the world at the moment. I'm all for thinking big but we would get blown out of the water wages wise by another club.

  31. I commented on a previous web site on this subject, and nothing has changed so I,ll try again. Mr Levy without doubt is a very shrewd business man, I repeat business man, not football man!!!! So to quote a business acromin (sorry about spelling!!) INVESTMENT!! any business needs investment to survive. Mr Levy certainly knows that, but thats where his lack of a football knowhow comes in. Football is a business and so needs investment. An investment in football to keep a club successful means buying a top class striker to score the goals needed to keep a club successful. Not bloody rocket science is it???? So why cannot a shrewd business man like Levy see that, beggers believe it really does. Hope you read this Mr Levy.

  32. JD is now injured (pelvic problems apparently) and may need an op, so yeah we need a striker, but you have to ask why, when chasing a game, a right back is substituted for ….. YES!! You guessed it – a right back; and why didn't AVB rush back to the dressing room and chuck a few fffs into the lackadaisical crew we had on the park – but I suppose a tv interview is far more logical.

  33. We cannot depend on DL getting us the quality striker, nor to pay the extortionate price being demanded for Holtby 1.5 – 2 million Euro’s as far as I know. I mean, how date Shalke stick such a crazy price on such a player of obvious ability. They should be paying us money to take such a player of their hands.

    Looks like we can always depend on the teams around us not to perform and donate us the CL spot out of generosity. Can’t we? I must ask that because even though DL appears to be totally convinced, a result of some agreement or contract with the said teams, and one which us mere peasants are not aware of, or even understanding, obvious because DL has felt that he need not waste his time showing us this contract, and instead expecting us to trust him. Yes that’s right, we should trust him because……. Ouch! Why did you hit me a smack laura?(my long suffering gf, a gf who doesn’t know a thing about football), I have just asked her. Well she answers, “I know you spurs fans are a deluded bunch, and I know you yourself are not very bright, but even you must realise that this bloke, what’s his name? Denial Levy is it? Even one as stupid as you must see that this man is trying to bend you over and f€$k you up the ar5e, and I am not prepared to allow that particular perversion committed upon you, especially by that bastard” Can someone please provide the proof I need to convince Laura that she, is in fact wrong, and that DL is not attempting untold violation of my behind.

  34. What you seriously expect Levy to buy us one? Seriously? Then I have one thing to say to you: Loic Remy + Harry Redknapp. We couldn't get the guy's signature last year. This year, he signs for … QPR!? This isn't a one-off, either. There are other examples. Levy pisses everyone off. He doesn't want to pay for players when he can get them free / cheap. See how he's argued over a few hundred k for Holtby! He's tight as a gnat's chuff, is Levy, and we won't be buying a striker this window, I promise you.

  35. Yes! We do need a striker, we will get one if they can find someone they can get for free. The club is run buy Donald Ducks cheap uncle. Fryers and Holtby are not bad and we got them cheap, i doubt tho they are AVB’s choice, as his choice since long has been Mouthino. As it is now AVB probably dosent get exactly the players he want, its D Ducks uncle who sniff these players out, dosent matter if they have the same qualities apperantly. If they can play at somewhat the same position all is good it seems. In the long run the club will suffer for it.

  36. In Full Agreement Here!

    The Answer is Simple. You want to Win? You have to Score points and the More you Score the Better your Chances are at coming away with a W. To Solve this PROBLEM – GET A STRIKER – Spurs have needed a Striker for a VERY LONG TIME – This is Getting OLD!! A High Rated, Top Shelf, HEALTHY, Proven Striker! Then your dreams and ours of being one of Europe's TOP TEAMS can be Achieved! Believe it or not, getting a Big Name – Big Results Striker will put more butts in the Seats at the Lane and Get Spurs Deeper into European Competition thus Generating more Revenue to help pay for a New Pitch!

    ONWARD SPURS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. For god sake Levy go and buy a world class striker. If we get a Class striker we have a 80% chance of getting into the champions league and maybe finishing third. Overall if we get into the champs league that will generate around 20-30m. We have an excellent team but lack a quality striker.

  38. Imagine yourself at work, you use your computer daily on wich you write important documents wich you need in your work. You have a deadline in 2 weeks and your computer breaks down. You step on to your bosses office and tell him the situation, deadline, computer and all that. Last day of these 2 weeks your boss comes to you and gives you a notepad and a led pencil. You will get your work done, but far from as good as it could have been and you will have to work ten times as hard. You curse your boss but your colleauges applaude him for being an economical wizzard. Thats abit how i feel how Levy is doing things


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