Sir Les: We gave Kane, Mason and Andros Spurs fame

Image: SpursWeb

Former Tottenham coach Les Ferdinand has claimed that Harry Kane, Ryan Mason and Andros Townsend would not be playing for the club if it were not for himself, Tim Sherwood and Chris Ramsey.

Tim Sherwood has previously had form for trying to claim fame for the recent flurry of youth players who have made the grade in the Spurs first team and now Ferdinand has had his stay.

“But I guarantee you now, had Tim, Chris and myself not taken over the first team, nobody would be talking about Kane, Mason and Townsend. Because we gave them the opportunity to play,” Ferdinand said in an interview to the BBC.

“They would not be playing at Tottenham otherwise. Andros went out on nine loans. Harry had four loans. Mason had five loans. They were no nearer the first team when they came back than when they went out on loan. It was only that we had been working with them and we knew we could put them in the first team and trust them.

“The average lifespan at any club for managers now is 11-12 months maximum. They haven’t got time to think about player development.”

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