Sissoko explains why he will be a different player this season

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It’s fair to say that Moussa Sissoko hasn’t had the best of times since his £30million move to Tottenham, but he insists that is all about to change.

The French midfielder joined Spurs a year ago on deadline day and has become a figure of frustration among the Tottenham support for his lacklustre displays to warrant such a high price tag.

The former Newcastle man believes that this season will be different as he’s had a pre-season with Spurs, compared to last year when he didn’t following the Euro’s.

He told the media: “This season is totally different because I had the pre-season,”

“Last season, I signed at the last minute and didn’t have the pre-season so it was difficult. Now I feel good and ready to fight like everyone to give my best for the team.”

Sissoko has two great chances to score in either half during Saturday’s 3-0 demolition of Everton in one of his better performances to date in a Spurs shirt.

He added: “I had some chances but I didn’t score. I hope next time it will be in, but the most important thing was to have a good game. I hope my goal will come soon,” he said.

“When you start you’re always happy. The manager gave me my chance and I tried to give my best and I think I did well, like all the team, so I’m happy.”

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  1. He was just about okay but any improvement last year was minimal. If he thinks a pre-season will help he is a worse fool than I think he was last year. He is getting huge wages and was signed him because for some reason Spurs thought he already could play football. It sounds like a weak excuse; that said I hope he comes good but after missing two sitters last Saturday I won't be holding my breath

  2. Seeing is believeing, action speaks louder than words, BULL SHIT, about pre season, even if you haven’t got the skill put the effort in, chase, tackle, run back, that’s what us fans want to see. Start scoring goals, then perhaps us fans will change our minds

  3. Because we play a patient keep ball game & against most of our opponents we have the majority of posation it requires our players to have good ball technics! Unfortunately for Sissisko his strength of power & merouding pace through midfield is not often needed which exposes his lack of ball control & technic! It’s not for the lack of trying he don’t succeed he can be a game changer in the right circumstances, unfortunately it’s not often our games have the need for his strengths

  4. yes, I think he will come good,it seems most players take at least a season at Spurs to really get in the groove, I think Jannson would have been good this year too, pity he was not given a chance.

  5. Sissoko is an interesting player who brings something different to Spurs, giving Pochettino another option when necessary. When I have seen Sissoko play this season, he's been reasonably good. Missing goal-scoring opportunities was something that characterised Spurs' play last season, though it was a very good season for Spurs. So I wouldn't blame Sissoko alone for failing to score, though it'll be nice to see him score at least now and again.

  6. I'm afraid he just misses the basic skill and ball control level to be in a team with Eriksen, Dembélé, Dele, Son,… At his age, it seems rather difficult to change that. But given he's still at Spurs, he can better be used to have some powerful runs (from CM!) in the last 30 minutes…

  7. Sissoko is a useless footballer, if you can even call him that. Best suited to a pub team.

    It is unbelievable how he was ever bought by Spurs and even more incredible why he is still there.

    He was rubbish and clueless against Everton and no amount of coaching would ever turn him into a proper footballer.

  8. Spurs worst ever player and by far our most disastrous buy.

    A player who was hopeless for Newcastle and just as bad for us.

    He lacks all the basic requirements that a footballer at any level should have.

    He is a strong runner, but that doesn't make him a footballer.

  9. Well after watching him play a solid game at Everton on Saturday I would give him another chance. It’s quite clear he is wasted playing in the wing and CM is his best position although there is plenty of competition for places there with Dier,Wanyama,Dembele,Winks and now Sissoko. But we are involved in four tournaments so we will probably need them all at times

    • Sorry did you mean to put wasted or did you really mean waster lol the guy is lazy with no decernable skill or foward thinking looks out of place and clueless in my opinion which is worth nothing really but there ya go you got it


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