Sky Sports pundit claims Pochettino will depart Tottenham

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Sky Sports pundit Phil Thompson has claimed that Mauricio Pochettino is looking to leave Tottenham Hotspur after reading into his recent comments at a press conference.

Pochettino has said he would consider leaving Tottenham in the summer, possibly by taking a sabbatical, if he does not believe in the chairman Daniel Levy’s plan for the next phase of the club’s development. (Express).

The manager has been vague on the specifics of what he would like to see but just instead claiming that they need to operate differently if they are to win silverware (Sky Sports).

Tottenham have a net spend of less than £50million since Pochettino took charge – roughly a tenth of that spent by Manchester City, who lifted the Premier League title this season.

Thompson believes that Spurs chairman Daniel Levy must dig deep and find the transfer funds to keep Pochettino in North London or risk him leaving the club.

Speaking to Soccer Special on Sky Sports News (12/05/2019 at 12:45 pm), Thompson had a simple yet stern message for those in the boardroom at White Hart Lane. 

“We listen to his press conferences, it’s tipping more and more the other way as though he’s looking to move on,” Thompson told Soccer Special.“Unless he gets assurances.

“You see what this guy has done. This manager, if they were to lose this guy I think to replace him, and what he has done is quite extraordinary, to do what he’s done by not spending any money.

“I am saying now to Levy, find that money! Find the money to keep this guy because the good managers don’t come along too often. He’s not just a good manager, he’s a great manager. But I think they will lose him if they don’t help this guy out.”

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  1. Why do these pundits keep talking rubbish. Whats changed in the last 6 months??
    Nothing hes still under contract so for him to leave it would have to be with levys blessing and we all know how hard that is to get. And still has 3 years on it.
    Second he’s son has just signed pro with spurs cant see him and the wife up and leaving there son just yet.
    All poch was saying and if had listened to all he’s talks. This all a process, hes said when he met levy,
    levy told him hes dream and he’s job was to make a team ready to challenge for the top four when the stadium is finished.
    Thing’s went alot quicker than expected.;) but he has fulfilled hes five year plan (with a futher 3 to run) He just wants to know what the next plan from levy and if it realistic with the budget.
    Meaning do we grow fast or slow cos now where in the champions league final, it changes the dynamics, if levy wants to stay where are at the top or drop down. If it’s the top he’ll have to increase the wages.
    And all this has to be done within the fairplay rules. In which spurs have the jump on all the other top teams. Cos our bill is low compared to the others. And we’ve the new stadium and all it brings with it.
    Poch is going nowhere.

  2. Funny that it is Thompson who said this, not trying to destabilise things before the CL final by any chance?? Not sure what inside knowledge he has to be honest. I will take this with the pinch of salt that it needs

  3. I think the 2 comments so far are prime examples of fans sticking their heads in the sand and ignoring the obvious. Levy has systematically failed to bring in the players Poch wanted. Prime example Poch wanted Batshuayi who also wanted Spurs. Levy baulked at the £32m transfer fee and bought him Janssen instead. That is Levy in a nutshell; tight to the point of doing us real harm. Levy needs to start acting like the chairman of a big club instead of a cheap market trader, or Poch will lose patience and walk, make no mistake.


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