Son absolutely destroys Arsenal fan Jack Whitehall in just two words

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Heung-min Son has called ‘comedian’ Jack Whitehall a f*king donut after appearing in one of his Training Ground clips.

The South Korean star appears alongside fellow Spurs midfielder Dele Alli when Arsenal fan Whitehall makes a ‘joke’ to the players when he shows them a trophy and says “This lads, is called a trophy, have you seen one of these before?  I know you are both Tottenham players.”

Dele replies by telling Son: “This is where you use the word I told you.” to which Son states to Dele’s amusement: “F*cking donut!”.

As a Spurs fan, naturally, we’re going to find Whitehall’s anti-Spurs comments tiresome considering what team he supports, but it’s great to see Son put him in his place.

Maybe Whitehall needs to focus on watching his team play in the Europa League for a second successive season while we test ourselves in the Champions League against the cream of Europe.

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  1. Try and find the one Whitehall did with Dele about a month ago where Whitehall starts mumbling about how Harry Kane speaks and then Dele shuts him up by saying ‘I don’t think he knows who you are’ or words to that effect.

  2. Good comment by Son…shame about Ali having to go to Russia and miss his summers synchronized diving with Tom Daley though… and Whitehall, despite being a tosser has a point 3 FA cups in the last 5 years compared to how many trophies won by Tottenham in the last 10???

  3. All about trophies Red Ken? Hey you must follow Real Madrid if you’re a trophy follower am I right?

  4. We’ve got the best stadium in Europe, a great team. The ONLY London team in the Champions League. We don’t give a f*ck about trophies so stop banging on about it. Woolwich have Dick Emery for a manager and Chelskis’ sugar daddy is about to jump ship, oh and their new stadium….. up in smoke!!

  5. Can’t stand that stupid Pratt he thinks he’s funny he’s a proper knob one of those faces u want to slap can’t stand him in league of there own he ruins it so piss off u pratt


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