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Following Tottenham’s 0-0 stalemate with Aston Villa, we want to hear your views on the game and the impact it could have on our season.

Was it a case of two dropped points against a team we’re battling against for a Champions League spot?  Share your views on the game by leaving your comments below

To kick things off, here’s a comment from Michael Box

As a Spurs Supporter since the days of Johny White, Bobby Smith, Danny Blanchflower and the rest of the Super Spurs what has happened to my team this year? Even when we lost we always were known to play good football, now since signing Peter Crouch we play the long ball all the time hoping he will be able to do something with it, unfortunately always with very limited results.

When will the Manager realise this and revert to playing football on the ground, we have the ball players in our team to do this.

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  1. King and Bale were outstanding in defence. Good to see King in full confidence. Harry should have made some changes in the last 15mins atleast. Guds and Kranjcar shd hv come on to give more variety in attack. All the teams that come here are playing for a draw and hoping to catch us on the counter. That means we must be doing smting rite. 1st half had more creativity than 2nd half. Tired legs maybe after the midweek game? Subs wud hv helped.

  2. Long ball? that was us I think. Didnt we play our best when Crouch was coming on as sub and we played the game on the ground for most of the match?

  3. harry will never dropp his friends and the croat(modders) he was poorly today. but not doing anything when we not are going to brake down the opposision, thats a crime. gett crouch out of the team, he never wins a header anyway. gudj can do just the same, but he acctually wins some, he can shoot, and he can pass. crouch ccan do jack-shit!!! or kept him on, and taken out modders for gudj. but no! harry has no tactikal insight, so i guess we will have to get used to playing draw at home. never 4th this year. get harry out of tthe lane, in with the special one, then things would start to happend. kols.

  4. tactically flawed redknapp seals our fate..
    why no substitutions? FFS why didnt you bring niko and eidur on!
    players tried very hard but were applying redknapps flwaed tactics..
    where is keane, JOH, gio, adel etc when we need their impacts off the bench and their ability to push players on by competing for places? oh..another redknapp error.
    if he come lower than fifth Levy will sack him..we know he goes through managers like danielle lloyd goes through footballers!

  5. Our strikers were not effective today. They lacked clinical finishing. With all the chances we had, we should have scored one goal at least. The long passes to Crouch did not work since he could not head the ball in or at least not powerfully enough. He does not take sufficient advantage of his height. We should have perhaps changed our tactics. It is not sufficient to dominate a match but what is important is to score and win games in order to finish fourth if mot better. Today’s result is a set back for us. Hopefully, we can start winning the matches ahead. We have been drawing too many.

  6. What has Harry bought extra players and loaned some good ones out and our game finishes 0-0 the answer fear Harry’s, one problem he cant use subs to save is life .Look at the game where Lennon was injured and Harry is telling him to get back on The field he could have damaged him for good.We played on Wednesday and our legs where going to be like led Leeds also drew our problem is Liverpool and The Spanish waiter he could pick a one legged Donkey and win and this i am afraid is what we are up against Liverpool and MAN utd have surge on in to top top gear and UK sport are looking the other way while the league gets back to the top four Cartel .If more fans started looking closer at these shock scores then UK sport may act HULL 2 Man city 1… Liverpool 1 Everton 0 with ten men for 45 mins .Mr Moyes was bragging how good is team are now he has players coming back and Talking about top four themselves . This alone should tell you how corrupt with energy this Premiership has become and one of the big reasons i cannot watch my beloved Spurs because of discovering the very team that there Manager was confident they would finish fourth are the very team that has stopped me watching games till they have finished and all my fans called me well my mobile is going with Liverpool Supporters bragging we are back where we belong yet if i went in there dressing room and aske for urine samples the dressing room would empty in seconds thats my pain tonight .

  7. utterly pathetic. harry is tactically clueless and refuses to bring off players like modric when they are playing shit. lets face it, he doesnt know how to manage a big team with big ambitions he is only good for low prem teams

  8. another 2 points dropped at home!!!!!

    0-1 against stoke after battering them 1point
    0-1 against wolves cant break down defence 1point
    0-0 against hull cant break down defnce 2 points
    now against villa!!
    not to mension 2 points dropped last week to brum in the 91st min, and 2 points dropped away to everton sqwandering a 2-0 lead and missing a 94th min penalty so thats …. 10 points dropped, i was confident of us finishing 4th at end of the season but, i think 5th is more realistic, id be happy with 5th and fa cup win.i just hope liverpool dont get 4th

    am impressed by bentleys form of late, and bale, thought redknapp should of thrown on gudjohnson in last 15 today for maybe huddlestone

    o well on to wolves again on wednesday COYS!!!!!!

  9. Our best period this season has been when crouch came on as an impact sub sadly Harry doesn’t think so Crouch is a permanent fixture on the pitch how many flicks and crap headers do we have to put up with

  10. Modders did not have that bad a gme he is a bright spark in our midfield and created several opportunities. EG should have replaced Crouch and Defoe is shite against better ooposistion. He is a very selfish little shit ass well at times. All in all I thought it was good performance today apart from puttting away chances and too much long ball. We also were denied a blatant penalty.

  11. I think people are missing the point, Villa have the best defence in the league and it was witnessed today again. Don`t think we did anything wrong apart from not concert the chances, Friedle had a good day at the office and we suffer from it. One negative has to be Arry`s reluctance to change things when a goal looked unlikely, he should have brought EG on for Crouch in the 60th minute.

  12. WhYYYYYYYYYY did Crouch get 90 minutes..Aerial Power you say.. he must be one of the worst headers in the league. At 13 feet or so, there’s NO exuces why you don’t win ALL airduells. And when he does win one it takes so much time for the ball to get to the ground that the opposition have all the time in the world to get in position. I was dying to se what Gudjohnson could do. well that was my wiew..

  13. I am sick of all the shite decisions we are getting from refs these days. Defoe has a stonewall at the end, Crouch had one at Liverpool and Defoe had a perfectly good goal disallowed plus the 1st “penalty” against Leeds in the 96th minute. OK it might sound like I am bleeting but its just a joke. As for the rest of the game, apart from our inability to kill teams off we were fanastic, created chances and shat on Villa like we did at Villa Park. Stop fucking knocking Arry and get behind the players!

  14. to engnor

    your right about villas defence being the best around, but we dominated the entire game and should of been able to break them down, its not just villa, its wolves,stoke,hull, etc if we are going to get into the top 4 we should be able to penetrate any defence.

    yeah friedel did do well, but oh my god how many keepers have a great game against us …..first sorensen, myhill, friedel!!!!

    to be honest its not the worst result in the world but i think its a missed opportunity with city losing, and needed to regain 4th spot from liverpool, city look most likely to snatch that 4th spot with their 2 games in hand, wolves and wigan away next week….. 6points are a must!!!

  15. You can say whatever you want but this is the fact: with the players we have at the moment we can win some but not most of the our games (as does a top team). For those with an average level of intelligence and who really know and understand football it is as simple as that. If we want to win most of our games we need a different kind of players. Also our manager (we’ve seen this in many games recently) is incapable to make the necessary changes/give proper instructions in order to improve our way of playing during a game when things are going bad or wrong.

  16. LoanX – no one said we had a complete team – the guy has been in the job 16 months and has turned us from no hopers to serious contenders for a top 4. We have let in 9 goals in our last 13 ganes with 8 clean sheets. Yes we arent winning all of the games but thats a vast improvement on the standing joke we were only a year or so a go. It takes years to get the right blend so get off the guys case you fickle twat. I think your the one with the average level of intelligence!

  17. Spurs put in another good performance and Villa defended for their life’s. They have the best defence in the premier and it showed today. Both times this season we have played them off the park. Crouch dominated them in the air and Freidal made some great saves. It is very frustrating not to have won but at least we are playing good football. Bale and Bentley are getter better with every game. To think that we can dominate a good team like Villa who have beaten Chelsea, United away this season goes to show how well Spurs are playing. Also a pen not given is just very unlucky.
    Hopefully all these chances we are creating will start going in.
    We are playing far better than Liverpool and they have gone 4th this evening. If we keep playing this well I’m sure more victories will come. Don’t knock them lads get behind the team and appreciate what a fine job Harry is doing. It’s so easy to point a finger when we don’t get the win but you all know we derserved to. We are in the mix four 4th I just don’t think we are getting the rub of the green in the last few weeks. Look at City today with all those stars, they lost today at Hull. Liverpool have a very tough game at Arsenal midweek and we can take them over again if we get the points and they slip up. It could go to the wire. COYS.

  18. The problem is we have been sussed,every one knows to park the bus in front of us ,slow the game down and this frustrates us and puts us under pressure, forcing us to lob the ball up to crouch. Harry for me has no idea how to change tactics to resolve these teams who play this type of game.Today he should have taken crouch of and played Niko just behind Defoe,thus giving us more attacking options, opening them up and using the likes of Bale/Bentley/Niko/Luka attacking midfielders who can score goals like le Arse play,job done.
    p.s. any chance of a job Harry.

  19. 42 points!!! mmmm well at least “No team with over 40 points has ever been relegated ” whoooo hoooo once again our season has ended successfuly

  20. If Harry had of changed it and taken someone off and Villa scored you would be moaning about that. We had 10 shots on target and 18 blocked shots. The players gave everything today. Completely outplayed a team who have beaten the top two teams in the leauge yet some people still moan? Amazing. Some people’s expectations are so unrealistic. This game was always likely to be a draw and we should be applauding Spurs for putting in such a good performance. Don’t forget guys where we were only last season as Andy points out in one of the comments above, please don’t be so fickle. If we are still in the mix for 4th at this stage of the season and who knows we could still make it then next season could be even better…have some patience for once.

  21. The truth is we are not taking advantage of our chances when we get them whether that means bundling the ball in the back of the net rather than flicking a back heel as couch did today or even heading a ball and following it in to make sure it goes in we arent doing it.

  22. Top four teams know this thats why before a team parks the bus they will make sure any opening they get goes in the back of the net, I see Crouch missing shots and flapping a hand at it like giggle “I’ll get the next one” much of the time there isnt a next one and that one is wasted I might be wrong but that is what I think I see far too often

  23. i forgot. the only reason james was not signed this window is, when pmouth is relegated, he would be almost free. in the next window we should see about two pmouth players move to spurs. james and belhadj. but they stil have players left after that, so who knows, maybe stalteri is on his way back. and if james is coming, it is goodbye gomes, no point arguing with me on that. and yes all goalies are great against us, because we shoot streight at them, we need a world finisher up front. harry for the sack!!!! please levy!!!!

  24. Olsen and Kenneth are you Arsenal fans by any chance? I can’t honestly believe comments like the one’s you have made would come from a Spurs fan who knows anything about football. Surely nobody can be that daft.

  25. i am not a arsenal fan, i have always been a spurs fan. but the fack remains we have been dropping points at home, and harry does nothing about it!? why??? this is not the signs of a great manager. wenger and rednose would have done something. and because we do not agre with you, that does not mean we are stupid. but whait until the summer window is over and then tell me if i am wrong. all players he has bought, who is not from pmouth is either sold or on loan. those that came from pmouth is still around. gudjohnsen is also still here, but he is a loan. do you honestly belive that pav is mutch worse than crouch??? we all know that`s imposible. i will never agree with you, i have never liked redknapp, will never do. and i would not mourn if he got the sack. so now you can go nutts at me, rick. but i do have right to have my own belives.

  26. well thats what makes this game so great. and i am pissd off right now, i know i say some vierd shit when i am angry. but i do belive we still could do it, 4th place. but i belive that redknapp is not the right manager to take spurs where they should bee. and i am passionate about it. and i do not think that you are a stupid gitt. you have more patience than i, thats all. so dont get personal and call me that a-word fan again. please.

  27. I think I can divide our supporters in two groups: those who are satisfied with what we are at the moment and the improvement comparing with (the bad) last year and others who want more than what we are now and to become a real top team. If we want more we need different players. We need a well balanced team. A team which has players with a high level technique and players with a fighting spirit. Does our team has such a balance? We all have seen the impact of Palacios. Our team needs more players with such a fighting spirit and also some with strong personality and high football intelligence. Only then we can become a well balanced team.

  28. Lets not forget one important thing,us fans are the ones that matter and should be able to express our views whether right or wrong. our players and manager earn vast amount of money who have the lifestyle that many of us would love to have, and not that we begrudge them of it,but for them to see that if we are not happy ,to try and make things right,or to explain to us why Harry plays a certain way.There needs to be more communication between the club and the fans so that we can voice our concerns.

  29. It’s deffinetely a case of being figured out. Harry has not adjusted for Lennon being injured. When Lennon is in the team we have three points of attack – Lennon, modric cutting in, and the long ball to Crouch. When Lennon is out, teams know all they have to do is cut out Modric, and this leaves us with the long ball to Crouch. When Lennon is playing the other team always double teams him, which leaves one less midfielder from the opposite team for Modric to beat. I like Huddlestone, but can someone please show him how to put curl on the ball. The guy would score a lot more goals if he did this.

  30. LADS for the sake of our team stop pulling the players and start looking at why so many teams not just Villa stoke HULL can Defend like they are world class and the keepers if you counted all the saves goalkeepers and Defensive block you would be staggered we are victims of our own fire power before a ball is even kicked when a desperate team arrives at our club there tactics are already in place There is a lot of good fans on these blogs getting hoodwinked and slagging players of when its the other teams who have adopted the same tactics .On paper Aston Villa have the best defense but Hull have the worse explain this to me Stoke one of many of Stokes best player Beattie hooked a certain crouch goal of the line he later scrapped with is manager and has bean benched explain to me why .Myhill has had two World class games and two rubbish ones Wolves and Utd. here is the best one Stokes reserve goalkeeper world class saves also huth missing they had four defenders and the goalkeeper in the team of the week so why has Stoke payed 3 ,5 millon for a new keeper these ar some of the things you should be debating Utd have learnt to do has the romans do and when teams go there that have won by defending for there lives and sneaking a goal they send there players to Ronaldos trainer Usain Bolt they come back faster and run like the Rocket. Utd and Liverpool would normally use there profits to replace players or bring there expensive youngsters through or buy them like Rooney but the well is empty in both clubs and other teams like us Villa Chelsea and now CITY are threatening History that wont admit like wool worths its finished and the new Rich kids are here to see you off.Liverpool reminded me of the famous baseball player Crying to is adoring fans and begging for forgiveness for cheating is way in to the hall of fame ,Sadly this my fellow Spurs is exactly what they and there beleaguered manager are attempting to do .The Fans demand a top four the Americans will have to deliver or out goes Torres Gerrard Raina and off goes Raffa

  31. We were the better side but the game showed that neither team is genuine top 4 material. I’m sorry if this upsets fellow fans but we only held 4th because of Liverpool’s failings, but now they have started to put things right there will be only one conclusion come the end of the season. Harry should stop talking up our chances before games because each time the result has been a disappointment. It’s the Europa Cup for us next season.

  32. What puzzles me is, why doesn’t Harry ever get up from his seat and shout instructions and stuff at his players. Never seen him do it. He is almost lost or afraid to make changes during the game. I hope he has good reasons for that. The players gave it their all. For the fact that when teams come to WHL all geared to be defensive, has to mean we are better than them. We should get max points from our next 8 games before we play Chelsea Arse and ManU back to back.

  33. SO who is going to replace harry, and BE more successfull at tactics/grinding out wins, as opposed to hr’s inability to kill off games?

  34. Malaysia, thats what we were saying when we were playing the likes of stoke/Hull/ and Wolves ,and look what happened.As I have said before Harry needs to change tactics when we play these teams that slow the game down ,by playing defensive and time wasting football .

  35. Personally I dont want Harry to go at the moment,as he needs more time ,you never know do you whats around the corner. My problem with Harry is he has his favorites who are not performing to their full potential, and probably this inturn stops him from changing the game when needed.like against Villa, we needed more players in the middle to break them down,but did not take crouch off and play the likes of Niko or Gudjohnsen just behind Defoe ,instead he stays with the pump it up to crouch shit football that is not of Spurs way of playing.

  36. It was a penalty and Villa were a lot harder to beat than Everton
    were for Crappypool. We were not bad. There are no easy games in
    February for teams trying to get in the Champions league. Crouch
    is Crouch, he’s not Cruyf. It was a hard match, accept it.

  37. The Villa game is just another example of our teams inability to break down a team that has no interest in attacking. This is Harry’s fault. Surely even he would not deny this? Anyone thinking he saved us is pretty naive… anyone who could speak English could have saved us from the drop and from Ramos! Harry’s extensive scouting network (ends at the south coast of the UK!!) is quite something else… the envy of the western world no doubt! i bet Wenger is terrified that we might sign up some european talent they have been scouting?

    Basically, this weekend, again left Harry looking utterly clueless! no tactical nouse whatsoever! man-management of resources seems questionable at best, his post match reports are predictable to say the least. Even a terrible scouse team win with worse players and less chances!


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