“Spurs are classless ars*holes” – Former footballer unhappy with club’s decision

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Former Manchester City footballer Rodney Marsh has launched a foul mouth tirade on Tottenham Hotspur.

The former Soccer Saturday pundit was sacked by Sky in 2005 for making a tasteless joke about the Asia tsunami disaster.

During the You’re on Sky Sports phone in show, he made a joke involving a pun on the word tsunami in which he said David Beckham had turned down a £10m contract to sign for Newcastle because he could not possibly go there after what the Toon Army did to Thailand

Marsh obviously has not learned any lessons about running his mouth when he took to Twitter to say “Spurs are classless arseholes” for Mauricio Pochettino’s decision to bring on star striker Harry Kane as a substitute despite already being 6-0 up against Tranmere Rovers.

Kane came off the bench with just 15 minutes to play at Prenton Park and added a seventh just minutes later to take his tally to 19 for the season in all competitions.

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  1. what an unpleasant person. H Kane was brought on partly to respect the time and trouble the THFC fans took to go to Tranmere, also to respect the Tranmere fans who at least saw a lot of top class players on the pitch. the goal was cheap in the sense that Tranmere were 3 classes below, but keeps H Kane in match readiness so what is wrong with that? This Marsh person should maybe gracefully retire and not comment publicly

  2. Sorry, don’t quite see why Spurs are ‘classless’ because they brought Kane on late in the game when they were comfortably in control. What has that got to do with a club’s ‘class’? He has the right to make the comment ‘ars*holes’ if he so wishes but that would point to a certain lack of ‘class’ in himself. Either that or he has possibly a mental problem brought on by age in which case he and his family have my utmost sympathy.

  3. With apologies to Nicholas Lyndhurst, Rodney you plonker. The reason Kane came on is because the good supporters of Tranmere want to see the England captain playing at their ground, the players of Tranmere want what may be their only chance to play against the England captain and the Spurs supporter who travelled a very long way to get to the game want to see him too. It was a classy move by Spurs to bring him on, knowing he could have been injured in the process. Do you get it now Rodney?

    • I think comparing Marsh to a plonker violates real plonkers attitudes, doesn’t it? LOL

      Having said that, it is obvious that Marsh is a very real bigtime plonker.

  4. If I was at the game even being 8-0 down I would have loved to see Harry play.
    Did anyone notice his class as when warming up he stopped to sign autographs for some children in the crowd.
    This would have made their day

    Rodney you are the arsehole

  5. Oh Rodney. I admired you greatly as a footballer, with real flair, and even as a (younger) jokey pundit, but you must be sadly losing your marbles now. Probably living in Florida for so many years also affected your
    sense of judgement in clear adverse ways. What Poch did was the complete opposite of
    classlessness you old fool! He did NOT bring on Kane to get a cheap 7th! If only football was that simple!
    He brought on Kane to give Tranmere Rovers a respectful taste of one of the best footballers on the planet, the England captain! So that their fans could say they saw Harry Kane play at THEIR ground! Good God man ..don’t you GET that?? If there is one thing that Poch is not, it’s classless or disrespectful. He appears to be one of the most respectful and decent men (let alone managers) you could wish to meet in football. It is the exact reason he wouldn’t be a ‘fit’ at the greedy impatient bloated entitled and, yes, classless clubs like Real Madrid and Manchester United. Get a grip Rodders ..do the right thing, and apologise for your crass tweet, and say you totally misjudged the situation!

  6. Marsh what a wanker. Who is he anyway I have searched for him on Wikipedia but I could find nothing under the slogan “Marsh & Wanker”.
    Oh well never mind!! ???

  7. Why do ex players see fit to make moronic comments? Just to let people know they are still alive? Part of Kanes salary is linked to appearances and goals. Poch was rewarding the fans, the player and the TV audience by giving him a few minutes on the pitch – unfortunately ex players like Marxh, Neville, Merson are only interested in spewing crap. Listen to Shearer, Lineker and Carragher – at least they understand the modern game

  8. Personally speaking I thought it was a little unfair on Llorente considering he played so well and in light of his limited playing opportunities, but this was no doubt driven by Kane’s insistence on being involved somehow! That being said these are the managers decisions to make and I think there is little credibility in actively criticising Pochettino for such an outstanding Spurs performance. In truth not exactly surprised by Marsh’s idiotic and vitriolic rant, his track record demonstrates he’s not exactly an objective or credible source of opinion so honestly who actually cares what he thinks!

  9. There was a report that some of the Spurs players and Poch stayed behind chatting and signing autographs for the Tranmere supporters, of which a few posted thanks on various Spurs websites, classless arseholes, huh Rodney?

  10. Rodney Marsh is not only past it. He has no class, dignity or manners. Perhaps dementia is setting in. I am sorry for his family. He

  11. Rodney Marsh, you are no different from the rest of the pundits and …holes.
    No matter what Spurs does, you and others do nothing but try to disrupt our progressive programs by needling
    at trivial and senseless issues.
    The trouble seems to stem with you and many others. why is it that Spurs is doing so well without buying success like most of the other big five?
    Chelsea just spent 58 million euro to stop Spurs from acquiring a player and then put him out on loan. Chelsea had no interest until Spurs did?
    In fact, several or most of the other clubs do the same thing only to stop our progress.
    The reason other clubs spend as much at the transfer window is because their plans from the beginning of the season has failed. Not good managers. Go jump in a lake.


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