Spurs boss full of praise for Kaboul


Younes Kaboul - Tottenham Hotspur News

Harry Redknapp has praised Younes Kaboul for his performance against Blackburn Rovers yesterday.

Kaboul dealt well with the aerial threat of Christopher Samba during the 2-1 victory at Ewood Park.

He also showed his maturity alongside Bassong, who was at times a bit unsure while making his first Premier League start of the season.

Both are expected to start in defence this weekend when we face QPR.

“Kaboul is a fantastic header of the ball, but today he had it all on his plate with Samba, who is as good as I have seen,” Redknapp told the press after the game.

“For getting his head on the ball and getting into your box, he is amazing. They have got three or four great, big lads and him, and he heads every ball.

“Big Samba goes up, gets on the end of it and you are fighting for your lives.”

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  1. Let me spell this out too Harry once again you started of with 442 and we looked comfortable and won our games 2-0 Our fans where rejoicing both strikers scoring and nails not bitten heart okay. Then he started the minute he picked Defoe for a Ufa game my heart sank too despair mode and cold sweats followed.my mind wandered too our next game and i thought no he wanted a pair of scoring strikers double trouble for defenders. Well the rest is History we have bean winning ugly and riding our luck since he went too 4411 he has changed our team too allow Van too score goalsand we have drawn and won one. So if our fans are happy seeing Spurs hanging on and hoping the opposition miss gilt edge chances then Van is the man. I cant stand it any longer and iam waiting for the the next game shiting myself and dreading our next game. Van scored two and we won normally scores one and we need someone too rescue us Walker Defoe also these men have suffered through Vans 4411 Ady Modric and shortly Defoe.

  2. errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Wrong heading…PIKEYKNAPP full of praise for Samba, who play for the opposition, in passing he mention Kaboul…..Harry at his best…

  3. Davspurs you are one of the few fans who doesn’t kiss vdv’s ass all day long. We look so much more comfortable with Ade and Defoe up front. Vdv doesn’t last a game so it eats up a sub, and he also refuses I track back like Defoe does maybe he just lacks the stamina or pace. For individual skill he is the best we have however for our team structure in general we need to be playing two strikers up front ESPECIALLY against weaker teams. Defoe would’ve finished Blackburn off if given half an hour rather than3 minutes ( Ffs Harry think!)

  4. If he is so fkin wonderful why didn’t you sign him and went for Cahill instead Mr Redknapp?? A defenders first duty is to defend, not keep going forward to head the ball every 30 seconds, may be Samba ain’t as good at defending than he is heading,flicking the ball in opposite box ,or may be if a team like Spurs sign him and allow him to do his defending rather than playing in every position within a formation,he will show how good a defender he is too..may be Mr Redknapp doesn’t rate everyone he rants and raves about.

  5. Davespur and SpurredOn, there is no denying that a lot of what you are saying rings true, however I can't help thinking that it can't just be that, and, that simple.

    Largly i think most will agree that VDV creates a lot of problems for spurs, both formation wise and in 'playing style'. However, and i would normally be as critical as both of you, VDV really can finish! It's probably fair to say he's the best finisher in the team. Also, as in an interview out today and as it does seem, he is finally getting fit.

    I've been thinking the problems must lie in midfield (and obviously VDV is involved here). We are not dominating the midflield (MF) like we used to. Perhaps this is because Modric is having a poor (by his standards) patch. I certainly felt that we would have destroyed Arse had Sandro played from the start and we had control over the MF. Sandro and Lennon coming back to fitness may help. Has Ade lost interst already?
    An option, albeit a risky one, would be for Modric to push up when VDV comes deep for the ball. … ?


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