Spurs fans urged to boycott Watford match by Supporters’ Trust

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The Tottenham Hotspur Supporters Trust (THST) have urged supporters to boycott Tottenham Hotspur’s Carabao Cup third round tie against Watford if the game is held at Stadium MK.

Spurs were drawn at home to the Hornets and with the new Tottenham Hotspur stadium along with Wembley both not available as venues for the match, the club have applied for a special dispensation from the EFL Board to play their tie at a neutral venue.

The THST have revealed that they believe the venue which Spurs plan to play the match at is at the home of MK Dons and that the request had been made even before it was confirmed that we had secured a home draw.

Due to the well-publicised history of the formation of MK Dons, who relocated from Wimbledon and led to some fans creating a break-off side AFC Wimbledon who have gone from strength to strength in recent years and the THST are remaining loyal to AFC Wimbledon.

A statement on the official THST site read: “THFC has confirmed it has asked the EFL for dispensation to play its third round Carabao Cup tie at Stadium MK. We understand the application for dispensation had to be submitted before the draw at home to Watford was made, and that the EFL have yet to make the final decision on where the tie is played. We also understand it is not possible for THFC to alter their request at this stage.
Earlier this month, the Club asked THST to help gauge fan opinion on a possible change of home venue given both Wembley and our new stadium were unavailable during w/c 24 September.

“The results of our survey showed a marginal preference for playing at an alternative home venue as opposed to flipping the tie (46% v 43%). The Club also had a strong preference for not giving up home advantage. And 70% of fans in the survey wanted the alternative venue to be within the M25.

“We appreciate it was always going to be difficult to find a suitable venue within those parameters.

“As a supporters’ organisation, we would obviously not be happy to see our club’s home games moved to Stadium MK. Should the game go ahead, we would urge fans to consider the history of the MK club and the views of our friends at AFC Wimbledon.

“Board members of THST will not be attending the match if it is played at Stadium MK.”

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  1. On that basis let’s give Dele Alli back to MK Dons – it’s a football ground and when have we ever had a relationship with Wimbledon – load of garbage to talk about boycotting the match

  2. Boycott – what a load of garbage. It’s a football stadium and what relationship have we got with Wimbledon. Why don’t we give Dele Alli back then. And is that the same Wimbledon that Vinnie Jones played for that recklessly ended the career of Gary Stevens.

    • I have to agree talk of a boycott is ridiculous. I wasn’t aware of any special relationship with the Dons either. I think we should be supporting the team and poch and his staff in what we hope will be a momentous season and not get involved in something that is not our beef. Do we not go to that stadium for anything else either? or just a Spurs game?

  3. What a shambles Totenham ! Big club or a heap of rubbish! We do not want you lot cluttering up our streets because you have nowhere to go! Get your rotten club sorted out. Pete from MK

    • Oh dear Pete. We don’t want to come to your dump or support the franchise but when you’re building a massive new stadium there will be problems. Anyway I’m just off to book my flights to Barcelona – who are you playing?

  4. Why not get behind the club when it needs our support? There are enough pelters out there from other clubs, surely we don’t need, so called, Spurs supporters creating more problems. Everything is so positive around the club, don’t create additional issues.
    Anyway, as Bobster says, there are enough fans in that area to fill the ground, so it won’t be any great miss.

  5. Boycott because we don’t have a home ground? Get over yourselves! I’ll support my team even at the local park. Absolute nonsense

  6. The solution. MK Dons ground would suit Watford fine, 50/50 allocation with all unsold Watford tickets offered on general sale, it’s midweek and Watford will probably only sell 5-8k anyway (depending on this weekend’s result, WFC win more, THFC win less). Much as I deplored the Wimbledon takeover, football moves fast and 14 years is more than enough time to be in mourning.

  7. Supporters trust trying to flex a bit of muscle.. I’d ignore them it’s only the League Cup. I’m a WatfordFC fan & I’d follow my team anywhere.. This seams nonsense.. Isn’t AFC Wimbledons ground owned by Chelsea now?? Where’s this relationship with Spurs??

  8. How in Gods name can A Supporters group ask fans to not support the club it represents? Absolutely ridiculous trust group run by people who have a huge dislike for club, coaches the board and true fans…. They need to take a long hard look at themselves and an even longer look at what this board has done for the club over the last 5 years.

  9. I genuinely do not understand why they are boycotting the game. We got Dele from MK dons for next to nothing in today’s market. Didmt hear a thing about it back when we signed him. Anyone who boycotts this match is putting their ambiguous loyalty to a tiny club that has absolutely nothing to do with us over supporting the team. All based on something that happened to that tiny club decades ago. How in the world did these assclowns get elected to the board? Vote them out!

    • I think the relationship is between the trusts, not the clubs, and even as a Wimbledon fan and it being nice to receive support for what happened to us still, I don’t really understand this either, assuming spurs rent the ground for the night, the Milton scummers will receive what they receive regardless of attendance. I believe the club as well have already played friendlies or at least a friendly with MkScum anyway, it’s a shame they did that but once they did they had already cozied up to the franchise anyway. Dele Alli was just business, someone had to buy him, as much as them receiving £5M to help stay afloat was a massive shame, I doubt they used it well anyway, and Alli staying there would’ve been much more beneficial to them in terms of their progress, so in hindsight i’m glad you bought him, but no club has to arrange a friendly with them. Playing a game there that doesn’t involve them? whatever!


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