Spurs looking to gazump Everton for wonderkid


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Tottenham are attempting a last-minute bid to sign Bradford’s 15-year-old wonderkid George Green, who was thought to have opted to join Everton.

The Mirror are reporting that Spurs are looking to gazump Everton’s offer by offering more cash up front – although the Yorkshire club are happy to leave the decision to the youngster who is due to commit shortly.

Green, an attacking midfielder was expected to secure his move to Everton but he featured for Spurs in a closed-door youth game last week, scoring a hat-trick.

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  1. I hope this happens and I would be shocked if he and his family choose everton because he is 15 we are building a brand new state of the art training centre ready next year.and we are in the middle of Negotiations for a new stadium Come to us green the future is bright!!

  2. The story is not true, Green signed terms for Everton yesterday. Spurs offered £600k (double the Everton fee agreed) and offered the kid better terms, but Green had his heart set on Everton, Green and his family attended the Merseyside derby on Saturday. The lad is signed, the story was up on the official Everton website on Monday night. Spurs were totally caught offguard by this because they thought they had the player in the bag but it was't to be. They tried again yesterday, but the deal has already been done. Unlucky Harry!

    • well that really will make him change his mind calling him thick !
      Seems to me it might not be George who is the thick one :-)

  3. Sounds familiar. Redknapp did the same with Kyle Naughton & Walker the other year.

    I believe this lad wants to come to Everton though (as did Naughton), I just hope his agent doesnt get his head turned by the money. Not much chance of that though.

    In response to the new training ground comment, Everton already have one of the best around, so no danger of that being an issue.

  4. Everton already have a state of the art trainiing facility and a superb academy set up, if the lad has ambition to play in the next couple of years, he'd do far worse than not siging with Everton, its not too far from his family home, moving to London at 15yrs is a big ask, plus as stated the deals already been done. Spurs can buy him in a few years for 50million.

  5. Everton academy created Wayne Rooney, Jack Rodwell, Ross Barkley, Leon Osman, James Vaughan, Victor Anichebe, Richard Dunne, Francis Jeffers, etc

    How many Spurs players have come through their own academy? The only one I can think of is the great Stuart Nethercott.

  6. Tottenham a big club? when was the last time you won the league? what 40 yrs ago? with all the money you have spent you still ain't nothing, you will never reach the heights of clubs like Everton!!

  7. Spurs, since you think you are a BIG club, why are you not have the confidence in beating the toffees to a player, why do you need to gazump them with more cash? Why do you need such tactics to compete for a signing?

  8. Everton are the current Academy champions , have a state of the art training centre built 3 years ago rated as one of the best in Europe and in recent years have produced Rooney and Rodwell plus currently have a player whom both Utd and Chelsea have bid a reported £30m for in Ross Barkley .
    Incidentally despite Spurs financial superiority , Everton have won more points in the Premier League than Tottenham in the last 10 years . with a nett spend of ZERO in this time .
    In the history of the Football League , Everton have won more titles scored more goals and won more games than " Tottingham " … You are nowhere near as good as us .. now or in the past !

  9. ha ha HARRY MELTFACE … fu£$s up in transfer shocker for young school boy …… LMAO
    worst manger in the league for talkimng about other players from other clubs, while they are still with them , i hate the twicther so much…. and as for comparsions to everton.. you guys have no where near the same honours, no where near…

  10. LOL

    And I thought Liverpool fans were bad. You should still be down on your knees thanking us for the hammering we gave them – especially after they battered you (on home soil)!


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