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Being a football or “soccer” (Sorry, my Dad would probably hit me!) fan in Australia is an interesting experience, and even more so being a Spurs fan. You can spot the football addicts, the bedraggled Englishman, wandering through work as if in a dream after staying up till 4 in the morning to watch their side’s crucial Premier league encounter, dreaming of the days when Jeff Stelling would read us the results at a reasonable hour!

I have been in Brisbane for all of this very successful season and trying to spread the word of the beautiful game in the face of Australians who don’t believe a sport is a sport unless a limb is lost in the process (see rugby league/AFL) is proving to be a tough challenge. Furthermore being a Spurs fan is made all the more problematic by the fact that, as all travellers will know, according to people outside of England no other team exists apart from the “big four”.

However after staying up till a modest 3am to watch Spurs beat Stoke it dawned on me that this is a Spurs side with a bit of mettle. I have only known Tottenham for 20 years and my experience has therefore been one of optimism at the start of a new season with a big money signing (see Rebrov/Postiga/Dean Richards- possibly the worst 8.5 million ever spent!) and then only to be dashed with a side lacking that mental edge over its competitors.

The win against Stoke however confirmed that Harry has his side playing with passion, hunger and pride for the Spurs shirt, something I haven’t seen since the tigerish Steffen Freund pulled on the famous shirt! Nothing more epitomises this new hunger than the lion-hearted Modric dancing free of hulking Stoke midfielders at every turn and never afraid to put his tiny frame on the line; as seen in his commitment to get to the ball and in the process get Dean Whithead sent off. With players of his quality and drive and marshalled by our never-say-die captain Michael Dawson this is the first Spurs team I have known who I believe could pose a real threat to the big three when we face them in April.

However if the Spurs side lack the passion for the fight and we finish adrift of the Champions league promised land it could be another Summer seeing the big teams such as Manchester United plunder the likes of Lennon, Modric and even Defoe. I have no doubts that if we successfully traverse these fixtures picking up 4-6 points the Champions league spot can be ours and Tottenham Hotspur will be a fixture on the world map, even in the footballing wilderness of Brisbane, Australia.

By Matthew Pavli

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  1. there is lots of spurs fans in brisbane just two weeks ago at pig n whistle in brisbane city there was almost 40 spurs fans in that pub alone. thanks to ozspurs if ya not a member allready look em up!

  2. I think you’ll find there are alot more yids in oz than you realize.
    Ex east side lower season ticket holder living in Perth WA.
    Big following over here and all living in hope we can finally break the monopoly.
    Also think winning the Fa Cup is vitally important and still believe winning trophies is more important than finishing 4th, although both would be great.
    keep the faith. c.o.y.s

  3. i'm in sunny Perth. W.A. i'm a ex west stand lower season ticket holder. who went to nearly every game (home and away) for 2 years.

    if i have to tell a retarded Australian that football is kicked with a foot to a foot one more time i'm going to freak.


  4. If you have only supported Spurs for 20 years you have managed to support us in the most disappointing 20 years of our history.

    Had to laugh, recently, my mates girlfirends brother, who grew up in Australia, was visiting. They took him to a Sheffield Wednesday/Derby game. All he did all game was talk about how amazing it was that the fans had to be kept segregated, as, apparently, that doesn't happen in Oz.

  5. Mate I've lived in Brisvegas for 7 years now and I've been a Hotspur for 30 odd years. I was London in September and was lucky enough to see the Spurs thump Burnley 5-0.

    I landed in Brisbane 7 1/2 years ago on a Wednesday, that Sunday I met a 5ft nothing Scottish lad and he asked me, "argh yee frem Landin?" my 6ft 4 frame looked down on him and replied "yes"
    "well, do yee supourt Spurz?"
    And that was it, we've been best mates ever since, we stay up most Saturday nights and have had many a wee dram (and I admit VB) this years enjoying Spurs performance. I can't believe it's April already, This is it.! if there is one thing Tottenham could learn from his Suncorp Stadium. I never stop being amazed at how excellent that 60k??? seater stadium is along with the bus service afterwards, it's 2nd to none.

    Biggest week for a long time coming up, Come On You Spurs

  6. My brother has recently started watching spurs at the ozspurs bar in sydney as he's been there a month or 2 now. Good to hear him say there's plenty of them showing committment to watch us and represent, and really stick it to an a passing by west ham fan obvlivious to what he was about to encounter!

  7. I'm in Sydney too and been supportin spurs abput 25 years or so now. Wheres this ozspurs bar you mentioned Deeks. Would be good to go share a beer with some fellow fans at 3am every weekend

  8. Hey Matthew…that is seriously one of the most level headed and accurate webposts I have seen.

    I am also fearful will may be plundered if we miss CL, but then again the players are all under contract and maybe this year, the powers that be will see that this team is young and WILL make CL next year (remember they refused to sell Pav in January).

    I am actually Australian but have enjoyed a love affair with Sours for the past 35 years (I'm 45 now so you can do the math).

    The time difference is shocking but nonetheless I will be setting the alarm as this is by far the most exciting year of the past 20 years.

    Mate, also get yourself connected with http://www.ozspurs.com. Terrific guys. Fair share of lunatics as with any supporter base but I have only fond memories of my involvement with the guys. They run indoor/outdooe football comps, annual Spurs National events where the lads from each chapter (Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, SA, Canberra) get together for an indoor tournament, drinks, singalongs and general fun banter celebrating the greatest football team on the planet.

  9. Cupla other points if I may;

    @Tav…I spend a lot of time on business travel in Thailand (and also lived there) and it does piss me off the support for the big 4. But I guess we must remember that the asian countries only recently (10 years or so) got flooded with EPL coverage. And unfortunately the so-called big 4 now were the same then, so I can understand the fan base. That siad, I have played my part in brainwashing many Thais that Spurs are the team of the future, while reminding them of past glory that exceeds the efforts of the Sky4 lot.

    @Craig…get serious mate. Football (Soccer) is the most popular sport among kids in the country. Pull your head out of your bum and experience the country more. I have played both Rugby League and Soccer at a decent level and love them both.

    • as far as i can see i'm the only craig on here (to leave a comment)…… your comment doesn't make sense with what i have said!!!

      i would be surprised if you have played at the same standard of football as me.(ex premiership player with oldham)

  10. Sydney chapter is in the city the pub called Triple Ace bar and we get a good lot coming down, awesome atmosphere for the derbies to

  11. You gave me an almighty scare with that headline – thought Spurs were playing a pre-season game in Oz!!! I'm another Spurs fan in Australia, born in Sydney, living in Melbourne, who knows quite a few others down here who love either Spurs or the EPL in general. I've even got a couple of mates who follow League 1 with Leeds Utd. I'm in 2 different EPL Fantasy Leagues with work colleagues and against mates from outside work.

    I can't speak for the rest of Australia, but down in Melbourne i know alot of football fans (I don't mean Aust Football, no shortage of them either!!) who absolutely love the game and both give me grief when Spurs lose and try to set me up for disappointment when we are winning.

    I think one of the most brilliant things about the world today is that you can support a team as passionately as I feel I do, from the other side in the world, even though the mainstream media down here obviously don't care that much about the EPL outside of reporting on Man Utd activities. I listen to podcasts, read blogs, watch games via cable TV and one of my greatest ever sporting moments was attending my first ever match at The Lane, last season's 1-1 against Pompey. Despite the lacklustre result, I'll never forget the unbelievable atmosphere and can't wait to get back there again one day.

  12. The headline got me really excited! I thought we were going to see Spurs play here in Sydney. I have been a Spurs fan for 45 years now and often travel to "The Lane" from Sydney to watch our beloved Spurs play.

    Where is this pub that Spurs fans meet in Sydney?

    • I think the OzSpurs pub in Sydney is the Triple Ace Bar on Elizabeth Street. I haven't been yet, I was going to go for Spurs v Arse but that has moved to a mid week game. Will def go before end of the season and for the FA Cup Final! COYS!!

  13. Great to see the awesome support that Spurs get around the world. This is never reported in the media… all we hear is how much of a global support Man Yoo, Liverpool and Chelsea (Chelsea?? Really???) get when they play their money spinning tours in places like the USA, Japan, China etc. It's turning into one brilliant season for Spurs, and would love to visit Australia to soak up the atmosphere of a Spurs game there one day!

  14. Loads of spurs down here in Oz and a fantastic network of fans throughout the country via the Ozspurs supporters club.


    With chapters in every capital city with the exception of Hobart it is a brilliant club officially recognised by THFC. We generally meet for almost every game at a pub in every capital city. Melbourne for example is the Charles Dickens Tavern bang in the heart of the city in Collins Street.

    Ozspurs also meet every year in a different city for a erm, Ozspurs convention (cough, piss up) which is a brilliant weekend and a great way to catch up with other spurs fans and see the country. In fact the next one is coming up this month between April 23 – 26, here in Melbourne so check it out via the website if there's any spurs fans in town at that time.

    Spurs fans are always cool, never plastic and in fact ozspurs is the envy of all the other supporters clubs out here as we are probably the most organised and are the only one that have a "national" get together every year!

    Enjoy the rest of the season folks and COYS!!!

  15. Hey lads im doing a big report on spurs fans in Australia.. Anyone know roughly where Australia stands in fanbase comparisons compared to the rest of the world (exc uk) or even better what sort of numbers of fans do we have in say melb, syd and qld


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