Spurs linked with £12m bid for Italian striker


Alberto Gilardino - Tottenham Hotspur News

Press reports in Italy are claiming that Tottenham Hotspur have bid for Fiorentina striker Alberto Gilardino.

Spurs have reportedly offered £12million for the Italian international, but Fiorentina value him at around £15million.

The 29-year-old has scored 46 goals in 106 appearances for the Serie A side.


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  1. OMFG .. this geeza is strictly 2 bob. If this is true then I hope we sell Luka & Bale before the window shuts as we clearly wouldn't be matching even Jenarse's ambitions in signing this overated bellwipe

  2. we have lost our way in the transfer market, there was time we had no trouble signing, now its left to the last day of the window ..be lucky to finish top 6 this season with that strike force we have

  3. If we were serious, surely we would bid the full asking price. Who have we potentially lost this transfer window because we wouldn’t go the extra couple of million? A certain Brazillian who now looks like a great buy and plenty of others. I assume we are not really in the market for him.

  4. 46 goals in a 106 app’nces not bad in a league were goals are hard to come by, but his 29 and 2 slow just not what wee want, lets move on please.

  5. As a viola and spurs fan i hope this transfer isn’t happening. Gilardino is certainly not to be underestimated. He fills all spurs criteria, he is a great finisher, great in the air, can play as a lone striker though he excells with an offensive partner at his side or right behind him. The reason he didn’t score as many this year is because the team has been plagued by injuries, and the players to support him havent got the quality of the spurs midfield at all.

    The only reason i am against this transfer is because it would ruin fiorentina as i doubt they will find a proper replacement. Also I’d say that anything below 18mil is too little for him.

    But i certainly do hope spurs find a quality forward soon, it seems as if they just let every opportunity to sign a star slide away… :(

  6. Keane is 31 we need younger,faster and better to keep mpdric and co or else we will be back in mid table again and going in the wrong direction,had enough of that ,ghave enjoyed been up near the top for the pat few years so lets stay there

  7. football is a business.pure and simple.to the fans its a sport,and very important in their lives.as a business please tell your boss ,when your work is not up to standard,that year ago your work was fine.say it as you walk out the door for the last time.

  8. at this stage of the TRANSFER WINDOW, we need any striker that we can possibly find, and i think GILARDINO isn't so bad. atleast we going to have a new striker next season (HOPEFULLY)

  9. i live in italy most of the year and this geezer aint that great as to what ive seen.Couldnt we put Keane up front with him? Just a thought.

  10. Is there anybody in the world who plays up front – or even crosses the half way line – that we have not been linked with. I am getting sick of it all now and will go to the Everton game to see who we may have bought and who we may have sold.

    Do something or just keep quiet


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