Spurs make a complete laughing stock out of West Ham United

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Tottenham Hotspur head into the new Premier League campaign on the back of making it into the Champions League final and will play their first full season at their brand new 62,062 capacity seater stadium.

Spurs announced yesterday on their website that they have made some changes to their match ticket sales process but there was one detail which stood out to supporters.

The club have decided to downgrade the visit of West Ham United on Saturday March 21st to a ‘Category B’ game which puts them in the same bracket as the likes of Brighton, Southampton, Watford and Crystal Palace.

It is the right decision from the club when you consider that category ‘A’ games are typically reserved for the bigger clubs in the league who challenge for a top four finish.

West Ham did indeed become the first team to win at our new home and is something which they will remind us for decades to come, but the stark reality is that we are a club on the up while they will be nothing more than a mid-table Premier League side at best who are there to make up the numbers.

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  1. Ha ha you seem obsessed with West Ham, why even bother writing a whole article about a mid table team at best! Sorry but I think they are all laughing at you as they seem to live rent free in your heads and they aint even bothered about you.

    • Fornals, Anderson, Lanzini, Diop, Balbuena, Masuraku, Fredericks, Yarmolenko, Balbuena all U30. But don’t let the facts get in the way of it your comments lol

  2. So sad that you feel the need to report this as some kind of moral victory. All it means to me is that the tickets will be cheaper so less money goes into Daniel Levy’s pockets

  3. Spurs lol. Need to write articles about us because they can’t win anything, to brag about.
    Whenever they lose, it’s the refs fault lol
    And always moaning the media hates them
    No matter what article they write we will always be the first team to beat them in their new stadium. They knew they had to win that one and they bottled it
    For all the top
    Four finishes and getting to a final, they are know as bottlers above all else lol

  4. I am a gunner but I still find this funny, spammers are the shittest side in London behind pallace, fulham and spuds

  5. Stumbled accross this article. made me laugh so hard. Spurs are in dremalnd. a couple of decent finishes in the last few seasons and Champion Legaue Final (well played) does not make you a big club. Great new stadium but a severe lack of investment in your playing squad will come back and bite you. OK West Ham have got a new stadium for peanuts which would be left to rack and ruin like other Olypmic Stadiums but they are showing ambition by investing in thier squad and signing exciting players under Pelligrini. This season they might kick on and finsih top 6? Who knows…. PS I’m a Palace Fan no have no affinity with either club. just telling as it see it……

  6. Wait, they spent 60 million on a player in one of france’s best teams. Ripped off is my thinking, his stats are meh, in a poooor league, we shall see

    This group have won nothing and if they don’t start soon they will be completely gone and them spurs will be back to mid table


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