Who is YOUR Spurs Man of the Match vs Inter Milan


Gareth Bale

In a night which will go down in Tottenham Hotspur history, we want to know who YOUR Man of the Match is.

As we’re typing this, we’re thinking it’s a daft question considering Bale’s performance – so let’s see how many votes our Welsh wing wizard gets!

Leave your vote below.  Get in there! COYS!!!

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  1. I would hope Luka gets a big vote for his outstanding display tonight, he was awesome. How good can GB get it is very scary for the simple reason can we hold on to him because he is quickly becoming the most sought after footballer in Europe and he is only 21 ffs. I was on the tele before guys when they showed a very sexy lady bighting her nail;s and they said something like I bet the were expensive but now she is bighting them, that was me, how good is that. They were not expensive as I keep em long because my lovers like me to drag them down their backs. Occasionally I get very excited at the lane I have to change my little panties when I get home. Well I had to change them at half time tonight and I still have them in my pocket, should I keep them as a soveniour of this great night? Or should I raffle them at the local scout group jamboree. love you boys HH xx

  2. Bale Bale Bale
    you don't need to say anymore !
    Mind you, the whole team played like Heroes
    what a night to remember
    This is why we support the " lilliwhites"
    some days they frustrate us
    then nights like that…….
    I love it

  3. I seem to remember suggesting that Bale would be better employed as a midfielder than as a defender and being widely ridiculed on this site.

    Still some work to do as Twente will have some belief after tonight's win. Fortunately a point will leave them needing to beat Inter in order to qualify.

  4. Luka Modric was my MOTM for the simple reason he COMMANDED that midfield so nicely!

    If you saw the way he played, he was incharge of the whole game attacking wise and defensively.

    He played VDV in for the 1st and for the last he told Kaboul to give the ball to Bale. Mod is God!

  5. Bale was awesome tonight! It’s an easy pick for MotM. Saying that , nothing happens without Luka running the show. If spurs can keep both of these guys for the next 5 yrs this team will win the premiership. Don’t tell Harry but he could get £80 mil for these two!!!!!

  6. Undoubtedly Gareth Bales marauding runs and crosses from the left had a huge impact. Simply unplayable but on a night like tonight it has to go down as a fantastic team effort. Everybody played way past my expectations even BAE looked more assured on the ball than I’ve seen him look in ages, Kaboul didn’t make me have kittens stood strong in defence with Gallas, Hudd does what Hudd does JJ played like he used to Moderic was just sublime, VDV what a bargain top drawer player every body put in a shift. If there be one criticism then it is why aren’t we doing this on a Saturday afternoon against your wigans? Are we only able to get pumped up for the big games? A gooner mate of mine said the same thing to me this evening and he’s right. But this small niggle aside yes it was an all round great team performance. Do we try to change Gareth bale into an out an out striker or do we leave him as is? If Gareth Bale was worth 25 million before tonights game then what’s his valuation now? Seriously if we are to keep him we will need to make improvements in our future signings, I was talking to a couple of the lads down the pub tonight and we were saying could you imagine if we had Wesley with maybe Fabiano or Zlatan with couple decent signings for defence along with what we have at the moment? Then we could really mount a serious challenge for the premiership. Was it just me or did Sulley Muntari really look rubbish tonight? Anyway fantastic result tonight boys you’ve done the faithful proud. Lillywhitetilidie. COYS.

  7. I thought everybody was fantastic…obviously Bale and Modders – but a big shout out to Assou Ekotto – I really thought he was superb the entire night. He has had lapses of concentration but this was 90+mins of purity. One of his finest displays in a Spurs shirt…COYS

  8. We in South Africa enjoyed the game so much. What talent Spurs have. Even the MANURE fans hailed our team. Everyone played their part. Some just stood out more than others.

  9. Astounding, so proud to be a Spurs supporter, has any TEAM ever provided such memorising champaign football on such an occasion before? A DVD archive occassion!


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