Spurs on alert as Bale issues ‘come and get me’ plea

Image: SpursWeb

Gareth Bale has set Premier League clubs on high alert after issuing a come and get me plea following his match winning performance in the Champions League final.

The former Tottenham Hotspur winger expressed his frustration at not starting the match for Real Madrid and admitted that he will be weighing up his future this summer and hold talks with his agent to decide what to do next.

In victory Bale said he was “obviously very disappointed not to start the game, so the best I could do was come on and make an impact – and that’s what I did. It has to be the best goal I’ve ever scored. Just happy to get the win. We know what we’ve achieved and how good we’ve been. We let everyone else speak, we know how hungry and determined we are and we showed it again today.”

Asked about a return to the Premier League, he said: “I need to be playing week-in, week-out and that hasn’t happened this season for one reason or another. I have to sit down in the summer and discuss my future with my agent and take it from there.”

As part of the deal which took the Welshman to Madrid, certain clauses were added to the agreement which include:

1. Tottenham do not have a buy-back clause, but they do have an option on Bale.

2. This entitles them to match any offer Real Madrid receive for Bale, within 72 hours of the La Liga champions accepting it.

3. This counts only for offers from Premier League teams.

4. It is time limited, and expires on June 2019.

Even with the above clauses in place, Bale’s wages will pose a problem to Tottenham and their current pay structure. He earns over £300,00 a week while Tottenham’s best earners, Hugo Lloris and Harry Kane take home around £110,000 a week.

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  1. Wage demands! How much friggin money does any one need. Playing for his old club in a magnificent stadium under the most exciting coach in the world, along side Harry Kane. Are they not sufficient reasons to come back to Spurs.

    • I think you are not living in the real world my friend or you are having a laugh. That is how the system works. You want to change the world? Good luck with that. Meanwhile, back in the real world, the market economy works on supply and demand. Your notion of how much one person should or should not have is not the basis on which things work. How much money someone needs or wants is up to them – thankfully – and it is not imposed by you or anyone else. There is no loyalty in the BUSINESS of football. yes, it is a business – nothing else. Fans are simply used for their cash – they are not shareholders and they have no say in what happens. Perhaps you are very young and have not yet been to work. Perhaps you would like to live in a state controlled world in which there are limits on what people can earn. Good for you, but it is not this world. Who are you to determine how much someone should or should not want to gain? You do not have that power. Why should you have that power?

  2. well done gareth paid back those Liverpool fans and players for there insults of spurs just maybe it will teach them to keep their comments about their own team


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