Spurs will have to pay £44m for striker


Guiseppe Rossi - Tottenham Hotspur News

Villarreal have told Tottenham Hotspur that the only way they could sign Giuseppe Rossi is to trigger his release clause.

The Italian striker’s release clause is a massive £44million.  Spurs have previously bid £35million which was rejected by the La Liga outfit.

“He is not for sale despite what they say in Italy and England. It is not an option for him to leave,” Villareal president Fernando Roig said.

“I have said it more than once in thepast and now I have repeated it.”


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  1. My answer would be stay where you are and i would go for Zidic so we have Zidic Pav Defoe Pav Zidic Defoe Crouch Zidic the tallest in the world lets see defenses mark them two tell Harry it works i have seen our future.tell stoke to get lost.

  2. Striker says,his price is too rich for Tottenham. 33 goals was marvelous, and we do need someone who can put the ball in the back of the net. So far we do not have anyone capable of even approaching that number. Of course I would like him who wouldn’t ???

  3. Rossi aint a good fit for Spurs Falcao is better. Zidic? Do u mean Zigic?helllllll no that lampost is worst then daddy long leggs Crouch.Spurs play a high tempo passing game Crouch already spoils that coz everyone likes to blast it up to him that circus giant Zigic will make it worst ! we need a front man with intelligent who actually understands Modric and VDV and can anticipate Bale ,Lennons and now Kyle Walkers swift attacks from wide.

  4. Dont worry guys, if Rossi really has a £44M buy out clause in his contract then Levy will tell them to go fuck themselves. No one in their right mind would pay that sort of money for him so I guess that he’ll rot at Villareal.

  5. no thanks i think llorente looks like he could link with our midfield and be a much better target man especially as unfortunately well be playing 4411 i cant see rossi as the answer in that formation. llorente has the technical ability and intelligence and is just what were looking for who is in our price range (wages wise i mean.)we need an intelligent striker i believe who will weigh in with 10 to 15 goals but also make 10 assists and keep the ball when were under pressure when we are to deep and need time to push up we dont get that from any of our strikers the ones we have are all 442 strikers which is what we should be playing but its the vdv conumdrum although i believe he has to play but we also need two strikers on aswell as him

  6. Darren Bent scored 17 Anelka 6 Drogba 11 Villa just about West Brom just crawled out of relagation crawled out of relagation Odemwingi scored 15 The morel of this tale is its not how many goals you score its how many win games. Chelsea finished 2nd with there strikers scoring a combined 17 goals where they differ from us was the midfield scored Malouda 12 Kalou 12 one offside . We scored Hudds 2 injured four months and playing with injections. Modric 3 Van 12 none in January February March April May one Liverpool Kranjcar 2 6 points left has sub for a full five games Pav 9 lennon 2 six points so you see its your defense who can help the attack turn draws into wins we where leading 5 times and drew the lot we would have finish on 72 points if we on 5 out of 14 we only failed to score against Wigan West Ham Man City Utd No striker can cope if he scores at one end and we our defense and Gomes let them in at the other end. We need a settled Defence a settled midfield and the strikers we have will be less tense have more help and score more goals that win games. Rossi no Bullet doger No Loriente okay for Pav.( Crouch Zidic Loriente Defoe Kane Soulman)This would give us a great chance with Samba in defense Cahill

    • agree with most but you would be mad to want zigic as part of our forward line if we was going to go for another big powerful forward surely kevin davies is a much better option than zigic

  7. so we need a quick, intelligent striker who can score goals and is used to playing in the prem. hmmm..sounds like Defoe! Surely he can’t have such a bad season as last time. Don’t forget he was injured for most of the first half of last season. We should save our money and stick with Defoe. I reckon he’s going to be sharp this season!


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