Spurs Player Ratings vs Fulham


Gomes 5 – Didn’t have much chance with the goals, and made some decent saves. However there were a worrying number of spills (which he won’t get away with another time).

Hutton 3 – Awful defending for the first goal, and a number of silly runs down blind alleys. His continued lack of understanding with Lennon is enough to justify a spell on the bench in my opinion.

Dawson 1 – Must go down as the worst game of his career. Two awful decisions which effectively cost us the game.

Bassong 2 – His game was summed up by the fresh air kick that he had at the ball in his own box. Lost his man for the third goal, and was beaten like he wasn’t there for the fourth (before ambling back as if he didn’t care). Not a good day for him.

Assou-Ekotto 4 – Whilst he didn’t have a particularly good game, he wasn’t particularly bad either.

Sandro 5 –
It’s pretty unfair to rate him – needless to say that taking him off was the wrong move, and Dembele’s run for the fourth goal was evidence enough of that.

Modric 7 – Kept going, and was one of the only players to show a creative spark. We should have kept Sandro on to allow him to have an influence further up the pitch.

Lennon 3 – Very quiet game, not helped by being messed around positionally.

Pienaar 3 – Poor game – tried too many first-time flicks and passes, which didn’t really come off. I’d have taken him off for Gallas, and I was very surprised that he was kept on for the full 90.

Van der Vaart 3 –
Another lacklustre performance from a player whose form has taken a nose-dive since the Villa game. We can’t expect to get the best out of him by playing out of sorts strikers alongside him.

Defoe 3 – Offered very little, and was rightly substituted. But the wrong man was brought on…

Gallas 4 – Best of the three centre backs, but that doesn’t say much.

Crouch 2 – I will be interested to see his Chalkboard stats for passes completed. Offered no goal threat – clumsily failed to control the one chance that came his way, allowing Hughes to step in.

Jenas 5 – Didn’t have enough time to make an impact, but had a good effort from distance, and cleared one of the line.

Redknapp 3 – Obviously he can’t legislate for individual errors, but the casual approach from the entire team, coupled with the strange system and dreadful use of substitutes (again) didn’t help.

By Windy from the excellent WindyCOYS blog

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  1. harsh and silly decesions by the ref started the never say die team died before the game started.strange team plan from silly al capone,destriod the same team that he only he builded for good chances for any silver.a humilation that is going to send tottenham lower in the classified league and out of the champions league.the last thing is that i am very sorry that i folowed my uncle and support tottenham.go to hell.

  2. The above scores reflect the writer's disappointment andd anger at the rersult, and are far emoved from a fair assessment of each player's skills. Spurs apparently tried the offside game on defense and didn't do it well enough. My impression was they started well enough and had most of the play until the error by Hutton and the first penalty kick. Hutton's foray's down the wing for the rest of the gme gave us scoring chances and I would give him a 5. Dawson 1 – well, maybe. Bassong did some good stuff and defending isn't easy when the other side has the extra man to pass to. So he should at least get a 4.Modric 7, OK. Lennon didn't do much but not much wrong either – 5. Van der Vaart was a tireless player, particularly in the first half, was really driving our team. Ridiculous to rate him a 3-should be at least 6.
    The rest -OK. Except I don't see what you mean by "strange" system if you are picking on Lennon being on the left, which Harry had explained earlier in the week. Was it strange to start our young Brazilian midfielder? – he deserved a chance, and maybe should have stayed on longer.

  3. ditto i think the second half of the season will expose the limitations of redknapp. We're not as good as WE think we are n i believe the inter game has given our season a false look,we leak goals 4 fun particularly away from home where u just dont kno which spurs team will turn up n we dont score enough goals despite the media hype! There was a complancency about todays non performance which was disgraceful. As 4 redknapp ive never rated him as a manager and may make players feel good about themselves but tactically he's inept, ur 2-0 down wid 10 men n u take off ur holding midfielder n his loyalty to Crouch is becoming embarassing!!!!

  4. You are all gonna regret your words come the end of the season. Start supporting the team – it is all that is asked for you. Look how far we have come under Harry and be thankful that we are where we are at the moment. We play good attacking football and doubtless to say there will be games when we play badly like today, but we have to stick together and be the best supporters we can. Anyway, if there was any game that I would have not minded losing the entire season, it would have been this one. It will give the players time to recover when other teams are playing the other rounds.

    Stop all the whining and hatred as soon as things aren’t going perfectly, it is disgraceful.

    • hear hear!
      Some on here are starting to sound like the bloody scousers recently. It's horrible to lose a game in such fashion, but it does happen (remember how United fell out of the Carling cup?). Still in the hunt for fourth and still in the CL for now. Still 4 months of the season to go!

  5. i'm trying not to be too emotional here, sit down & reflect, today was a result waiting to happen, the results over xmas papered over our limitations as a team & our managers tactics, luckily we have had some world class performances to get us by but in truth sooner or later our luck was going to dry up. we have got some decent players but where is the organisation. i'm not being harsh on harry but he inherited a good bunch of players that needed fine tuning. last season one of the reasons we did well was that we kept clean sheets, defensively we were strong that seems to have gone out of the window this year, you never win anything without a strong defense look manu against us. i think that harry is tactially niaeve, everybody knows what huges teams are like but yet he decicdes to play a powder puff midfield, i sometimes wonder if harry has got any tatics other than telling the players to go out & play, with all of the attacking players that we have got we need someone in mid field to do the dirty work, we have missed that this season which has exposed our defence. in europe you can gat away with it but in the premiership you wll be punished and that is what happened today.

  6. Stop before you destroy our teams confidence for good, don't be fooled by Fulham they played Wednesday and should have bean leggy was they no. Danny Murphy said because Spurs had no big man they where told to press us high up the field and make us hit High Balls to big Hangerland and get the ball back two penaltys and a sending off helped them with them already having top up energy we where beat with our 4411 didy men selection

  7. We have bid for Aguero a record 38 million Euros does this mean is father-in-law will be our next Manager will be Maradona. We need Big Samba or Cahill or Hangelland and Dembelli

    • When we fans slag the team, it does not mean we hate or trying to destroy the team. Harry IS a disgrace. Last nite, his tactics, selection of players, positioning and subtitutions…he got them all wrong! you are playing a physical team in Fulham and he does not get that in the back of his head, he's clueless, period! and this is not the first occassion he blew our chances of winning. Why take Sandro off when he can cover Daws position? Afterall he a defensive midfielder. Harry should have think of that. VDV was ineffective in the middle thru out the one hour and IMO Palacios/Krancjar should be the right choice to replace him OR the other option, Palacios/Krancjar subs Defoe and push Vdv upfront. Despite Harry's contribution in the past 2 years in transforming the team (which I really do appreciate!!) he is not the right man to manage a squad of talented players the club is having now. He does not have the vision to push the team to another level. He is no Jose Mourinho, he is no Pep Guardiola. Martin O'neill would do wonders with the team perhaps. With pure intention not to destroy the team, OUT Harry!! Bring along J.Jordan and Sir Les with you!! And Crouchie too!!

      • you're my man…nice analisis…pienaar instead of kranjcar,he must be joking? is he's smart harry should leave as soon as possible to coach england national,now when he still has some credit…you mentioned martin o'neill,i cant believe it…nobody ever mentioned him here,but he is 1st class coach,i immediately thought of him when he left Villa…nice thoughts my friend ,very nice…finally someone in here who knows and see more than bunch of kids having commentary's like ''go crouch or similar'' … it's not about crouch or any player,its only about manager taking team to another level … thanks

        p.s. didnt mean to disgrace anyone, i just dont like simple nonanalitical stuff

        • well i think people are using crouch as a clear example of how harry is a dreadful manager. he is woeful. Crouch does not belong at this club, we have to make harry see this. pav is not the best but give him a go harry u plonker


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