Spurs want public funding to revelop WHL


Tottenham have applied for public funding to help resurrect the plan to redevelop their White Hart Lane home.

In 2008, the Northumberland Development Project was launched by Spurs to turn the ground into a 60,000-seat stadium.

However, soaring costs meant the plan, which involved building a new stadium on the current site, was shelved.

“We are working hard to make the NDP scheme viable and enable us to stay in Tottenham and redevelop our existing site,” said Spurs chairman Daniel Levy.

“Public sector assistance for infrastructure and public realm works would enable us to deliver the project and the RGF represents the single most important route for funding,” Levy continued.

“Our hope must be that there is a recognition of the real need for investment in the Northumberland Park ward and that this project presents a real opportunity to deliver sustainable long-term, private sector-led regeneration.”

It is hoped the grant would help create jobs and possibly fund an underground station near to the ground.

Tottenham MP, David Lammy, who has campaigned to keep Spurs in Haringey, said: “I support this bid by Tottenham Hotspur, which has the opportunity to transform an entire community with the highest unemployment in London.

“The plan to redevelop White Hart Lane is far and away the most exciting regeneration project in London after the Olympics, and it is encouraging that it is private sector-led.

“This Regional Growth Fund proposal will benefit everyone in Tottenham and I urge the government to agree to Spurs’ bid.”

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  1. So the so-called big club who can go out & spend vast amount of money on players, wants the fans who already pay over the odd for tickets to fork out even more money to build a new stadium, while their BILLONAIRE owner pay nowt…. I think its the cheekiest thing I've ever read…

    Why can't you do what Arse-nil did & get one fo your sponsors to cough up the dosh & rename the stadium to that iinstead of expecting the hard working Spurts fans & other peopl who don't even support your club to fork out money so your team can compete with bigger clubs…. I'd swear if I knew this wasn't getting posted on the web!!!! flamin cheek is what it is….

  2. I've just tried posting a comment which didn't contain any swaering but it looks like because it didn't agree with the writor of this post, the mods have deleted it… what a shock, so much for a free democracy eh!!!

    • Chill out will yer! – this site is probably run by enthusiasts, not full-time professionals. I'm sure they're not sitting at their computers waiting to publish your misinformed rants.

  3. How come the club never approched last year. If they had but where told that the funds where not available till this year they would have known where they stood, now they have to wait another few months for a decision to be made by the Goverment also there is no mention that the Mayor of London Boris the Spider is backing this way forward also he hasn’t replied to Red Ken’s mention that he could reduce the amount of money that they have to pay towards the 106 part of the redevelopment

    • Could you tell us a little more about "106"
      – I was under the impression that the council was trying to get Spurs to pay for local transport and infrastructure improvements almost in their entirety and using Spurs to regenerate the area all on their own and holding them to randsome in doing so?

      Sol, you are understood, but you're a little misinformed is the general consensus; as has been said, Arse got public sector funding for their staduim. It should be noted that Arse are in a more affluent area than Spurs and that this also has a bit a class issue to it. It simply doesn't work that poor, marginalised, disempowerd (economically, socially or otherwise) areas (people) get the money and resources they need. Inequality, which can be manifested geographically, is on the increase. It is better for all concerned the Tottenham stay in Tottenham, but the will needs to be there from all concerned. Daniel Levy makes a good case (full statement on the Spurs site).

  4. arsenal didnt benefit from public money they just bribed the councillors. i'm an architect and no big deal like the emirates goes down without palms greased and creased. wake up to the real world.

  5. sol nearly has it right, well done like your mind. the scum forcibly bought peoples houses whether they found it sweet or not, its the same thing with the one medal man coe.fuck sport if it rides over peoples heads, the area round whl was fine for years till the brought in all the old shite from fuckin timbuckfuckintu.the same thing happened in woodberry down, that was fine till the council knocked the whole thing up the spout by bringing in their problem families. in need of renewal in the uk today means how can we get rid of the scum living around here

  6. Problem Family United would be the right moral name for us at Tottenham considering all the crap that lives there now. Once it was a decent area.


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