Spurs ready to make key signing ahead of USA tour?

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Tottenham Hotspur are set to complete a deal worth around £20million to sign Jack Grealish with Mauricio Pochettino eager to have him on the tour of the USA, according to the Daily Mirror.

It has been well documented that Aston Villa are in financial difficulty and need to find about £40m to comply with Financial Fair Play regulations after failing to secure a return to the Premier League, costing them a potential £160m in future revenue.

Villa boss Steve Bruce has even admitted that the Championship outfit have no option but to sell the England Under-21 international.  

Daniel Levy in typical fashion has been holding back making an offer for Grealish in order to try and lower the transfer fee in light of Villa’s issues.

Tottenham board the plane for Los Angeles on Sunday to head Stateside for friendlies against Roma, Barcelona and AC Milan; as things stand, there will be no new signings on show as Levy is yet to back his manager to the huge frustration of the Spurs fanbase.

Grealish is said to be ready to leave his boyhood club and would substantially improve his current £20,000-a-week contract.

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  1. If this is the best we can do – we are in trouble already. Grealish is way off our first team standard but may be o.k. as a bench warmer. If this kid was that good we would be at the back of a long line of suitors. Looking poised to be another poor choice foisted on us frustrated Spurs supporters. Mr. Levy just does not get it. Practically all of our transfer targets are now with other clubs and the pickings are getting slimmer by the day.
    Poch’s war chest for new signings seems to have been a Levy smokescreen to convince him to sign.
    The club has roughly three weeks left to show the customers that they are earnestly attempting to move Spurs forward with some meaningful acquisitions that will make an on field difference. Your move. Mr. Levy…..

    • I agree totally with you Graham, it is frustrating reading about names that surely would be a huge improvement to the squad, such as Kovacic, Modric, Pavard, Mina, Bale, Gomes, Marshall, Pulisic, to name a few, but there has been no action, whereas opposing teams have already strengthened their squad. I cannot understand some fans who get on my back when I say something about Levy, he simply leaves it to the last minute and then we end up with a flop like Sissoko and Jansen. Where is the long talked about deal for Ryan Sessegnon??? Even Fulham who have just got promoted have added decent players, and Spurs have added zip, nada, squat. It is frustrating as well as shameful for a club the size of Tottenham.

  2. What is going on with his Club livi has drained all the fire from me season after season I can’t be bothered anymore if Diss is what we end up with we need to boycott his lovechild the stadium he only built it for Enic when you have an investment company running your club this is what you get what good is a great Stadium if the team can’t compete in the league oh wait a minute livi has NFL to fall back on

  3. Gealish is a prospect from the championship- not a star. We need developable talent that hopefully can be brought to potential over the next year or two. grealish is a good possibility but he is not yet anything like a major signing. he is also overpriced at 20 M. I can’t see Levy exceeding 15M. most of the other suitors have withdrawn as they wouldn’t match Levy’s 15M interest.

  4. Why do fans always point finger at levy,if poch wants a player he starts the ball rolling but we all know poch is happy with the squad and when you look for players who do we want who do we want thats better than rose/davies sessegnon is only player i want but hes not a prem first teamer at all same goes for rest of first team which is as good if not better than most first teams in prem so all were doing is selling bit parts to buy more bit parts,spurs having such a good first team is a curse because the best players wont want to come sit on the bench,i dont really want grelish but at 13mill english could prove a good buy in the long term or we could spend 50mill on say kovicic who for me looks turd everytime i see him play..we could do with a dm and striker winks coming back from injury think serge will be better this year and hopefully see some youth players getting in amongst the first team would love to see griffiths n edwards get a sniff but i dont think we will see them..this is my opinion i cant see many players coming in..COYS.


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