Spurs stadium build cost expected to soar to £1bn

Image: SpursWeb

The projected cost of Tottenham’s new stadium has soared from £400m to £1bn, according a report in the Mail on Sunday.

Work began on the new stadium back in May and considerable progress has already been made to the development – something you can check out in our new Spurs stadium construction update video.

The £1bn cost is actually the second substantial estimated price rise, with an earlier estimated cost increase to £750m revealed in the club’s planning application.

The club are expecting to generate an additional £28m a year from match day income at the new stadium, a rise of more than 50 per cent, compared to the old White Hart Lane.  The majority of additional income is to come from the additional corporate hospitality facilities, which include some very lavish restaurants.

Stadium naming rights will also generate further income for the club, which sadly will not retain the White Hart Lane name and could generate somewhere in the region of £400m towards construction.

If the cost reaches £1bn, it will make Tottenham’s new stadium the most expensive in Europe.  How this will impact future transfer budgets for Mauricio Pochettino remains to be seen.


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  1. Calm down dear anyone with a modicum of intelect would realise that a project of this magnetude will never be built to the original price and danny boy will have definitely factored all that in when deciding to embark on such a plan so chill with the scare mongering as you’ll only get the worriers and fretters excited so be prepared for the next story about it not being finished on time as i bet a large sum that will appear at some stage just to keep the negativness momentum going eh!!


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