Spurs stadium shambles continues

Image: SpursWeb

The new Tottenham Hotspur stadium shambles continues with the news that the club have had a request to switch our home fixture against Manchester City to an away fixture rejected by the Premier League.

According to The Sun, Spurs officials approached the Premier League about the possibility of playing the fixture at the Etihad stadium, due to an NFL match being played on Sunday October 28th at Wembley which is the same date that Spurs are due to play City.

The fixture was recently selected for live television coverage by Sky Sports and Premier League chiefs want Spurs, Man City, Wembley and Sky Sports all to find a new date for the match.

An alternative venue of Twickenham has been mooted, but this would break Premier League rules regarding a side playing their home fixtures in more than one designated stadium.

It certainly has been a week to forget for the club off the pitch.

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  1. Don’t see why it’s a “shambles” a new iconic stadium of this stature in the making in just over a year is an incredible feat to me. There’s to many doom and gloom merchants around.

  2. “Shambles”? Do you understand the meaning of the word “support”? This is a major, ambitious project involving ground breaking designs and developments built on the site of the existing ground. We did not have the luxury of a new site. In New York the Mets built Citi Field in their existing car park before demolishing Shea Stadium, their old ground.

    You want everything now. No patience, no attempt at understanding, just I want, I want and I want it now or I’ll encourage everyone to throw their toys out of the pram.

    The fact that we have negotiated the challenges of buying the extra land, the planning process, getting community involvement, getting NFL on board, the logistics of playing every game away from home etc., etc, plus build a 1st class stadium and hold together the best team that has worn the shirt for two generations. And all you can do is carp. Go and support a team more in line with your attitude. Man U should suit you to a tee!

  3. Shock horror! Construction project is delayed!
    Who has ever built a stadium of this quality in such a short space of time, literally, on top of their old stadium? Shambles? Get a grip.

  4. Irrespective of whether I agree with the previous comments, the fact is that the club stated it would be ready.

    Initially ready for the start of the new season. Then it was changed to the Liverpool game. Now it has been postponed and we are not really sure when it will be ready.

    So, I can see why many think it is a shambles.


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