Spurs told to forget about signing striker


Juan Mata - Tottenham Hotspur News

Valencia president Manuel Llorente insists in-demand star Juan Mata will not be sold this summer.

The 23-year-old has claimed he is happy to stay at Valencia and has been linked with Tottenham, Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester City.

“The decision is clear and money will not change our position,” Llorente told Superdeporte.

“Valencia will not sell to any club that wants to buy Mata.”


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  1. well we need to sign one as over at Barnet last saturday as we lost 3-2 . To be honest if that side represents the future then not much is going to happen. Harry Kane looked at times not bad but lets get this straight we couldnt beat the most crap side in the league.Some sunday morning teams wouldf have given this lot a run for their money.

  2. No idea…..what is his goals/game ratio? How old is he? Is he injured often? Does he lead the line and can he play with his back to goal? If all the above are good then why isn't he playing for RM or Barca?
    Forlan at 32 and no matter how good isn't worth 160k /week and even on a free. Llorrente pops up like the proverbial weasel but will a Basque be able to cope in London and more importantly will; he want to as they don't travel well.
    What happened to our Internacional guy?

    Why are we ****ing around as USUAL trying to make smart deals? I can now understand "justifiable homicide" : )

  3. Well big g , so a team of youngsters,mostly uinder 18 and containing youngsters on trial couldn't beat a team of experienced lower league palyers. If he had the teeniest modicum of fopotball knowledgeperhaps he might also know the difficulties of plaaying on the Underhill slope. perhaps he might provide the statistrics of Barnet's successes over the decades of Barnet's results when playing down the slope. Gas he ever been to Underhill let alone last Saturday. I'd put money on nthe fact he did not even see the game but can pronounce from either the result or a couple of snippets of reports on the performance of these youngsters. What bsort of cretin bases his prognosis on the future of these youngsters on, what was mostly LESS than one full game and even further was an early pre-season friendly? No wonder Spurs fans are known as fickle. To the likes of big g that description is a massive compliment.


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