Spurs will not sign Tevez


Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp has ruled out the idea of a move for Carlos Tevez on cost grounds, and launched a stinging attack on the Manchester City striker’s behaviour in Munich.

Asked if he would be look at Tevez, Redknapp said at a press conference ahead of Thursday’s Europa League match against Shamrock Rovers: “We couldn’t afford him, no chance.”

The Spurs boss added: “He is a great player, but I can’t condone what happened yesterday. It was unbelievable.”

Redknapp believes Tevez has shown disrespect to City and his manager.

“I felt sorry for Roberto Mancini to be put in that situation. It wasn’t fair. It wasn’t right,” said Redknapp.

“It wasn’t right for Man City and was not right for football. I can’t believe it. It shouldn’t happen and can’t happen.

“When you look at that, you wonder what Joe Mercer and Malcolm Allison would have thought of it and all the great Man City people. The great players like Summerbee, Bell, Lee.

“To see a player do that, refuse to come on and play in a Champions League game is beyond belief.”

Asked what he would do in that situation, Redknapp said: “I don’t know what you can do now, he holds all the aces.

“He gets his wages every week and eventually, if you want to give him away, someone will give him a fortune because it’s cheap or there is no doubting he is a great player.

“It’s a problem that only Man City can deal with now.”

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