Spurs/Bolton face Chelsea in FA Cup semi final


Tottenham Hotspur/Bolton will face Chelsea in the semi final of the FA Cup.

A date has yet to be announced to replay the game against Bolton which was postponed due to Fabrice Muamba’s heart attack.

In the other tie, Liverpool will face Sunderland/Everton.

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  1. Beating Bolton will be a no win situation and one we will all dread playing all the poor fans who witnessed this and there players and ours will hate the replay. All the neutrals will be routing for Bolton and our fans will feel flat even if we win. But who ever wins this replay i hope they go on and win it for Muamba. There is a wonderful thought if Bolton won the Cup and this is poor Fabrice is last game he will have an Fa Cup medal god willing. This is a game i will hate us playing but if we win then i will want us to win it for the lad in our enigmatic style.

  2. I quite agree DAVSPURS – it will be a bitter/sweet victory if we win the replay. I did hear on the radio this morning that some of the Bolton lads don't want to replay the match and would rather just let us have the tie, but my personal feeling is that it should be played in support of Fabrice. As you say all the neutrals will back Bolton, but that is only to be expected. Even the Spurs fans wouldn't begrudge Bolton if they outplayed us in that match.
    However I just want to say that I thought the Spurs fans were brilliant in their respect of the situation on Saturday,
    which is more than you can say about some teams' supporters! It has really brought the football world together and hopefully put things into perspective. Perhaps some of the higher paid players in the Premier Division would like to start a charity to fund heart research in sportsmen!

  3. it wont be bitter sweet it'll be what we should do.people have heart attacks all the fucking time. Just cos this bloke had won in full view of football world doesn't lessen the fact.the thing about football fans are that they are fulla crap and also fucking liars. Look at when they change the real facts after a disaster? Evderyone hopes this bloke will recover but just like anyone else who has a heart attack.Football supporters love all the bollox of getting like mother teresa from calcutta thats why most are fulla crap. But anyone hope the bolton player gets well, hes a good player.

  4. Forester football fans are the same everywhere=Working class nobs who think they are middle class. Lets not forget Knobville

  5. Big G… Thick as a plank with the human spirit of a rodent. He can't spell, he has the attitude of someone you'd witness on Jeremy Kyle whilst simultaneously you clearly the intellect of an angry 5 year old. Mother Teresa was born in Macedonia and you don't spell everyone with a 'D'. The only person that is 'fulla crap' is you – you absolute wanker. As a fundraiser for a charity that helps victims' families get over the loss of a loved one from the conditions' suffered by Muamba this past Saturday, I can't help but wonder how insolent, ignorant utter tossers' like yourself get through life with any friends. Such a narrow minded perspective on what has happened and such a narrow minded perspective on human kindness. Grow up and get your head out of your backside.

    DavSpurs I just hope the game is played to celebrate the ongoing recovery of Muamba.

  6. Big G, I used to think you were a stool pigeon.
    I don't anymore. You're just a sad old man, you sad bitter old man
    I love my SPURS with all my heart, just like most other people on this site.
    I bet it'd be different if one of your 'muckers' had a heart attack down the local eh?
    You sad bitter twisted idiot. I've read your posts for years. I've always thought that although you're a complete bell end, you were entitled to your opinion.
    I don't anymore.
    Get well Fabrice, You're a human being first, footballer second.
    As the scousers say; YNWA


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