Standard Liege explain Fryers departure


Standard Liege have released a statement to explain the reasons behind why they have sold Zeki Fryers to Tottenham Hotspur.

The transfer has caused Sir Alex Ferguson and Manchester United to urge the Premier League to block the move to Tottenham and launch a full investigation into his departure from Standard Liege.

A statement on the Belgian club’s website on Friday night read: “The young defender felt homesick and had difficulty acclimating to life away from home and family.

“So when the London club became interested we understood the situation and were not opposed to the return of the player in England.”

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  1. Qotes from Ferguson yesterday:
    1) Tottenham acted illegally
    2) Tottenham did NOT break any rules.
    In other words-I asked for too much of a fee and they were smarter than us-I'm upset and demand the same preferential treatment from the EPL that I get from referees.
    It's so unfair that I can't bully Levy like I do referees and the FA-don't they realise who I am!!!

  2. As they say what comes around, goes around, it makes a nice change for Red Nose to get screwed, usually the boot is on the other foot. For him to slander Levy is just laughable, given his own record re. tapping up, remember Berbatov and Carrick.

  3. It shows that Ferguson cannot accept that fact the Spurs were smarter than him. Considering the player was out of contract last summer Manchester Uniteds behaviour was unacceptable and it is nice for us to put one over them for a change. COYS


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