Freund speaks on Swansea test


Spurs coach Steffen Freund admitted that the international break couldn’t have come at a worse time following 3 defeats on the bounce.

We return to Premier League action on Saturday with a tough trip to Swansea City with a lot at stake in our bid for Champions League football.

Freund was talking to Absolute Radio’s Rock N Roll Football Show.

CJ: So you’ve had a fantastic run, great run of form, results have slipped recently. As a coach and as former player do you think the international break is a good thing or a bad thing?

SF: For the moment ask me after the Swansea game. It’s difficult to say because we are proud to have a lot players involved for the national teams, especially for England. Five for the under 21s, five for the national team. That’s great news for the club but of course sometimes you are unhappy because we didn’t play well the last few games, we lost three games in a row now and then normally you like to bounce back and you like to play next game.

CJ: And you play a very difficult game at Swansea on Saturday. Obviously being Tottenham, you’re used to having the ball, you’re used to dominating possession. Is it the case against Swansea that you have to concede a bit of possession to them, be used to that?

SF: It is really important because Swansea is a similar team, they like to have possession, they like to keep the ball, they are really skilful on the ball and that’s why it will be really important to for us to keep the ball and create good chances because it will be a really difficult game.

CJ: And of course the counter-attack as well, something that Tottenham are so strong at?

SF: They have quick wingers like Dyer or Routledge or Pablo and they have a natural goal scorer in Michu in the middle of the park with 15 goals so far this season. We know everything about the team and we know it will be difficult and we have to stop the counter-attacks of course.

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  1. Yes, everyone knows that we need another striker maybe two for injuries are bound to happen. In view of the
    fact we have known this for a long time then we must have already made up our minds who we want. So, just get a move on and buy them now. Sadly, we have always left it late so Mr Levy can have his glory in the market but surely he must just pay the right price for players now so they can settle in quicker.


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