Suarez will only leave Ajax for an ‘elite’ club


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Luis Suarez admits he could be tempted to leave Ajax if Manchester United come calling.

The striker is currently on international duty with Uruguay at the World Cup and scored 49 goals in 48 appearances for Ajax last season.

He has been heavily linked with a move to Tottenham Hotspur, but any hopes of a move to the Lane might have been dashed by Suarez’s comments about wanting to move to Manchester United or Barcelona.

“Manchester United and Barcelona are the elite clubs in Europe,” Suarez told the Daily Star Sunday.

“If they call, you listen. I would only leave Ajax for a team in that category.”

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  1. i dont get it!!! i can understand Barcelona being a club he would be interested in joining but Man U??
    doesnt he read the papers–they are a club going nowhere!!
    Spurs can only get better and are tomorrows winners—whether hes the man for us im not sure!!

      • Ha ha left myself open with that one but would just like to ask what is a pathetic gooner doing lookin at spurs sites are you fed up of just signing 17 year old french men or 36 year old judas’s on short term contracts.

          • I suppose when your team has not got any money and the old paedo Wengers reputation for young boys has scared off any potential free or cheap transfers you have to come to a Spurs site for some excitment in the pre season transfer talks.Cheer up when Fabregas goes you will have some money to buy Arsehole Wanker a new bunch of fresh meat i mean young boys

          • Sill finished above your lot. That's correct, is it not? Yeah, i think we did. Whether or not Fabregas goes or stays, you know, and everyone knows we're still going to finish above sp*rs.

  2. I think we are elite club , so i welcomes Suarez , Manchester United is a team without history and without future , Cristiano Ronaldo left Manchester United with a big smile because he joined Real Madrid , a real elite club.
    Premiership era cant make Manchester United an elite club , because they tried to buy a history , haha funny club.
    So Suarez , Spurs are the first club won double , treble , we first won the English Cup with amateur status , we first won European trophy , check Wikipedia , and see how many superstars played in Tottenham.
    We are the future , Manchester United are in the past. The are the club with huge debt and i see them relegated because of their financial colpas in 1 year.

    • haha, now as much as tottenham run through my veins, let’s not get silly here… man u are definitely still an ‘elite club’… I mean we haven’t made a huge impact in the modern era… yet.

      but if we made a bid for suarez and ajax accepted, I’d be surprised if he didn’t come.

  3. Have you all read what SpursKing has written? Does that not tell you the sort of intelligent fans supporting ' Arry and his "elite". Do me a favour, please!!!!!!

    • Are you trying to infer that us Spurs fans have no sense of humour..A touch of irony is lost on your foreign imports,it must be a lovely atmosphere in the woolwich dressing room these day's don't you think?..When is fibreglass picking up his last salary and moving to Barca?..It's got to be soon hasn't it?

  4. seriously i dont support united but oh dear lord spurs fans dont aim that high it will just end in dissapointment ,, you are not elite by any stretch of the imagination know one likes people who are full og themselves especially when they have no reason to be !yes spurs are a good team ,, not fantastic or great , the top teams in europe are barcelona united , chelsea , inter , ac milan ,, bayern , arsenal , liverpoool , madrid , they have most history and are househole names , spurs are a category below:P it takes more than one or two decent seasons to break into that category:P dont get ahead of yourselves:P united are still in a different league to yous and i hate united:P:L

  5. I am a Tottenham fan but anyone saying Man Utd have no history and future you are naive and oblivious to what has been going on in EPL, Man Utd relegated, what planet are you from, CHECK WIKIPEDIA yeah check Man Utd having won a joint-record 18 league titles, four League Cups and a record 11 FA Cups,[3] Manchester United is one of the most successful clubs in the history of English football and one of the wealthiest and most widely supported football teams in the world.[4]

    We are on our maiden voyage to champions league, and suddenly you have a huge head, don't forget Man Utd have been there and came away winners. Next season will be tough, firstly to make it past CL qualifying stage, and then finish again in the top 4, with the other top four strengthening most notedably Man City, with David Silva, and Yaya Toure, and possibly Edin Dzeko.

  6. You know what ? I am not Emirate Arzholes or Manchester United hater but face the facts: How on earth Manchester United still participating in Premiership? Why there is no transfer embargo , how on earth they are allowed to sign players , even illegal like Tevez? We talking about corruption , not hate or just fan's view. What about Arzenal?
    They always been supported by the refs , we all know that , FA wanted to create 2 "leading clubs" (England proud !!!!!!!!! hahahhaa) during Premiership era, thought a huge fail , Man Utd still has fans only in Asia , and Arzenal is called Ref's club .
    We will have our new super new stadium , we have the best fans , we have the best players and so on.

  7. well, if he doesnt wanna join he doesnt want to but only a month or so ago he said he would like to join spurs, he said he wanted to play with crouch…
    its true, oh its true

    as for all this elite junk just quit it, we're a good side, good history, but its down to the player himself to decide what he thinks. a bunch of people arguing about it on a website isn't gonna get a signature down on paper

    i would take suarez anyday, we need a big signing and he is a big player but its down to him

  8. ok I'm a united fan and I stumbled past all these comments ok and spurs are very successful but just because your getting into the champions league does'nt mean your the best team in the world united have won many many cups and we may have only won the champions league twice but we've always qualified and for a fact we've got a big future and an even bigger history I mean we've won the most premier league titles ever previously beating liverpool and we plan to get more we've brought up some of the world's best players and and this is a fact out of history and time right now I did research and I found out manchester united are the best team in the world even if barcelona will beat us we'll atleast be second above all the rest.


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