Subway in £115m Spurs deal? Surely an April fool!


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I think we’ve just found today’s Tottenham Hotspur-related April fool’s joke.

The Tottenham Journal are claiming that sandwich chain Subway have verbally agreed a 15-year naming rights deal worth £115million for the new Spurs stadium.

A Subway insider told the Journal: “We’ve yet to put pen to paper but the deal is agreed in principal. We’re talking about the small print now and I think it’s fair to say that a formal announcement is just a matter of time.

“We need to consider certain elements of British advertising laws, how many restaurants we want to deploy in the stadium and how that will affect the structure of the finances.

“Soccer is getting bigger and bigger, not only in America but all over the world. These days everyone is watching the English Premier League, and we feel that it is time to grab a piece of the pie.

“Tottenham is the perfect match for our brand, and should they qualify for the European Champions League in the next few years, the exposure will be phenomenal. We have done our research.

“The Spurs have driven a hard bargain but we would expect nothing less from such an ambitious club. We would be fools to let this opportunity slip through our fingers, and we’ve had a big appetite for this deal from the very start.

“I think the fans will be very excited by our ideas. As we speak we are considering the possibility of having different logos on the front of the shirts for different matches – advertising the full range of the ‘Sub of the Day’.

“Fans could then have their favourite sub printed on their own shirts – the same way they put their favourite player’s name and number on the back.

“Hopefully, in two and a half years, people all around the world will be watching England international Tom Huddlestone proudly sporting his new ‘Italian BMT’ Tottenham shirt, as he walks out at the brand new Subway stadium for the first time. That would be a very proud day for everyone.


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    • no liverpool won the champions league when everton came 4rth. thats why they took evertons place, this is euro league its totally different

  1. if tottenham finish 4th and liverpool win the europa cup does that mean liverpool will be fourth automatically, and spurs will go back to 5th??????????????????????

    sum1 plz answer

    it happened to everton before they changed the rules.

  2. "The Spurs……." hahaha. Brilliant. Was reading it thinking it sounded good, then read the publisher…Matthew Marinara…the bit with Hudd topped it off.
    Very good though.

  3. i have to say, i read the original article this morning and actually believed it… until they said the bit about having your favourite sub on your shirt… couldnt think of anything worse that having 11 human billboards out there, each advertising a different bloody sandwich!

  4. Almost as funny as the blog about the Spammers ground sharing our new Subway Staduim!!!! They would have the best stadium in the Championship!! The other one i rad today is that the advert FRANK was going to sponser the last game of the season so all the teams will wear a different STD on the front of their shirts to make the kids aware, i wiould have picked THRUSH for Arsnal as they are irratating c***s….COYS

  5. Haha absolutely no truth in it at all, but food 4 thought, pardon da pun, they could av all da subsitutes wear a sub of da day on their shirts, first sub used in each game dats da sub of da day 4 da following Monday, haha purely no truth but still a nice thought, god I'm peckish! :-)

  6. surely spurs would not be the right club for subway.west ham(the spammers)would be ideal for the sandwiches ,along with their meathead supporters.


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