Supporters Trust react to new Tottenham Hotspur stadium delay

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

The Tottenham Hotspur Supporters Trust (THST) have reacted to the news that the new stadium has been delayed once again.

The THST have revealed on Twitter that they will be holding discussions with the club today to discuss the impact the decision will have on those who have already bought season tickets and spend thousands of pounds on the promise of watching football at the new stadium from next month.

The first official game scheduled to be held at the 62,062 capacity stadium was the Liverpool match on September 15, but this has been moved to Wembley along with the Cardiff City fixture on October 6.

A venue for their Premier League game against Manchester City on 28 October is currently ‘to be confirmed’.

Spurs had already agreed with the Premier League to play their first home game of the season, which is against Fulham on Saturday, at Wembley and now it looks like we could be at the national stadium for a number of matches, including the start of the Champions League.

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  1. Anybody who has been watching the progress through the live cameras would know there was no chance of making this ready for the Liverpool game. I’d like to know where the 3,000 plus workers are? Every time I look on the cameras working on the stadium arena and outside it’s hard to spot anybody. Am I to gather that they are all working on the concourse and the inside facilities, maybe Levy’s new office?
    Building around the old stadium was always going to be risky. If the new stadium had been built on a different site we could have stayed at the old White Hart Lane until it was ready. We can’t change anything now so moaning about it will achieve nothing but a negative effect on the team. I suggest everybody gets behind the team otherwise we’ll end up shooting ourselves in the foot! COYS!!!!!MM

    • Not taking issue with your comments as getting behind Poch and the team is the only thing that really matters, any delays in commissioning the new ground are to be expected and as the club quite rightly states no chances can be taken with people’s safety.
      I think you’ll find that Levy’s office is already in place and located in Lilywhite House so whilst it might suit the ‘masses’ to latch on to that as reason for any delay in reality it is not the case.

      • Fair point regarding the cheap jibe at Levy’s office. This always looked the likely outcome. I think they could have done more to manage the expectations but I think they probably feared it would slaughter the season ticket sales.

  2. how many major construction projects come in on time — this stadium is a long term project and a few more matches delayed from the lane will not matter in the long run

  3. Levy has already done that by reducing us to a laughing stock following HIS failure to strengthen the squad and then after excessively increased season tickets then the club is hurriedly forced to come clean about the new stadium delay when the news had been leaked!!!!!!!Fans taken for mugs yet again!


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