THE TEAMS: Spurs vs Fulham


Tottenham: Lloris; Naughton, Caulker, Dawson, Vertonghen; Sigurdsson, Dembele, Parker, Assou-Ekotto; Adebayor, Bale.

Subs: Friedel, Walker, Carroll, Holtby, Livermore, Defoe, Dempsey


Fulham: Schwarzer; Riether, Senderos, Hangeland, Riise; Dejagah, Sidwell, Karagounis, Duff; Ruiz; Berbatov

Subs: Etheridge, Hughes, Richardson, Eyong, Emanuelson, Petric, Rodallega

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  1. Thank god Walker has been dropped, I hope Naughton takes his chance, as I feel he is the better defender, and was more highly rated from there Sheff Utd days.

    Assou Ekotto at left wing is perfect as he offers more width than Sig or Holtby….although its unsure if its a 532 with wingbacks or our usual 4231 formation

    • BAE perfect at left wing??? Are you some kind of retard? He’s a defender you idiot, that’s why he hasn’t ever played at left wing in his near 7 years at WHL. Have a word with yourself.

      • Left wing IS easier to play than left-back, so I don't see the problem. BAE can shoot, cross and has a trick! Also being defensive minded, he won't neglect his duties tracking back. When you THINK about it, it makes perfect sense!

          • At premier league level??? You guys crack me up. Comparing your school and pub ‘career’ to premiership football. Drive a car do you? Where would you have finished in the Aussie Grand Prix today? It’s all the same according to you.

  2. errr, what sort of line-up is that!?

    Naughton, Dawson, Caulker, BAE
    Vertonghen, Parker
    Bale, Dembele, Siggurdson


  3. How the fnck does that line up work?? 3 centre backs and wing backs. Naughton and BAE aren’t players for that system… And why introduce it at this late stage of the season? AVB is a d!ck. A very lucky d!ck who’s got this far on that luck. Beggars belief.

    • Vertonghen a Left back. Caulker and Daws in middle. Naughton in for Walker. ….ITS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE MATE

      Naughton Caulker Dawson Naughton
      Parker Dembele
      Sigurdson Bale BAE


      • Look on the blogs, not just this one. You’re in the minority. Most people think the selection is a fnck up. Telling me to shut. You mug. I still expect us to win because we have the superior team but AVB has made it far more difficult than it needs to be. He seems adept at doing that. Now do one you little turd.

  4. Why dont u stop with all this shit not even started yet some people call them self a surpporter but we all know if your slaging the team off before the game u must be arsenal fans really top 4 here we come coys

    • I’ve had a season ticket over twenty years and being going to WHL for over thirty but I’m not in attendance today because I had a knee operation on Friday. You know just as much as that pr!ck Ramos43… Absolutely nothing. Stop embarrassing yourself you mug.

  5. We loaned out the players who couldve filled in for Lennon naturally – Townsend, rose. So we are stuck with having to do stuff like this.

  6. Positives:
    – Walker; Brad(flinstone)and Defoe have all deservedly been dropped.
    – BAE can find bale with his cute passing from a more offensive position. Without compromising the left back birth. (As Parker couldn't pass a slice of pizza).
    – Adebayor is auditioning for his future place in the team.( Won't have to watch him flailing around next season).
    – Bale is back.


    – Tottenham fans siding against each other re issues they have no control over. (Enemies belong outside)
    – It's St Patricks day. This means we'll have to watch the insufferable Colin 'the elf' Murray, making puerile remarks whilst wearing a loosely connected green themed outfit , along with that insupportably smug grin.
    – will have to stick it up the Adopted tottenham son ( martin jol ) in order to further our own success.


  7. 45 minutes of absolute rubbish. BAE very poor at left wing, shouldn’t be playing there. BBC London Commentator’s words not mine but anybody with half a brain would have known that. Hope you’re all satisfied with the PERFECT tactics and the BALANCED team selection. Mugs.

    • A BBC commentator said it so it must be right! CAN YOU HEAR YOURSELF?

      If BAE had a poor game, it wasn't because he played a little further up the pitch. Bale had a poor game. Was that because he played in the hole? What about Jan, another who put in an underwhelming display once moved to CB… The list goes on.

      The whole team was short today barring Ade, Parker, Caulker and Sigurdson who were not particularly great, but at least put in a shift.

  8. Lost to Fulham. No need for apologies from you know-it-alls who said I was talking rubbish. Your silence will speak volumes. You put your faith in false gods. AVB is an idiot. I take no joy for proving you totally and utterly wrong because my beloved spurs lost. I still thought we had enough class to win but AVB stymied that with his desire to win the Europa and his ridiculous tactics and team selection. Champions league is the only thing that will keep Bale and attract other great players to take us further. AVB is going to blow that and you are all happy sailing along with him. A ship of fools.

    • Jog on Stoney, you'll miss your bandwagon!!!

      Didn't hear from you in 3 months (during the 12 game run) and now we have experienced a tough week, here you are bold as brass!!! You my friend are the epitome of the fickle fan, the type of of which Spurs could do without…

      No doubt, when we finish in the top 4 you'll be front of the queue claiming you always we would do it.

      The more I read you post, the clearer it becomes that you are a gutless, scare monger, who has little if any faith in the club he professes to love…

      So while I am in no doubt that you are probably a pleasant enough person, as a Spurs SUPPORTER you ARE A COMPLETE EMBARRASSMENT!!!

      • Ah ha ha. You spouted nonsense, got busted and are now coming out fighting. I’m not fickle, I’m pissed off, and I have every right to be. They were sh!te today as they were knackered. I’m not having a go at the players, I’m having a go at AVB. I’ve never like him and have always stated that. I’ve was going to the lane long before that bloke you’ve never met who’s your dad, picked up that women you now call your mum on a street corner. Don’t tell me who or what I am. You haven’t earned the right. You were wrong at the start of this blog and you’re wrong now. Give up, because you’re the embarrassment.

        • *laughs* I think you've been smoking too much, son! Take your hand from down ya pants and listen here: You were crying and whining long before kick-off today, so don't try and use that as your get out clause!

          You claim you don't like AVB, but can you tell us why instead of just spouting this idiotic nonsense about " I've never liked AVB". what are you 5 (years old)?

          By the sounds of it, you'll be collecting your pension soon, so instead of throwing around your playground insults about peoples parents, etc,etc HOW ABOUT YOU DO WHAT YOU CLAIM YOU DO AND START SUPPORTING THE TEAM/CLUB…. Just a thought.

          It's easy to back your team when things are all fine and dandy, but its when the chips are down that they really need your support!

          Time to man up, lad.

        • *laughs* I think you've been smoking too much, son!

          Now, take your hand from down ya pants and listen here: You were crying and whining long before kick-off today, so don't try and use that as your get out clause!

          You say you don't like AVB, well then tell us why instead of spouting your inane comments like ' I've never liked AVB' what are you 5 (years old)?

          By the sounds of it, you'll be collecting your pension in a few weeks mate, so instead of throwing around playground insults about peoples parents, etc.,etc…HOW ABOUT YOU DO WHAT YOU CLAIM YOU DO AND TRY SUPPORTING THE TEAM/CLUB.

          It's easy to back your club when thingjavascript: postComment(1);s are going well, but its when things aren't that they/it needs your support the most!!!

          Time to man up,lad!

  9. Positives: Stoney was right and wins the " i told you so" award.

    Adebayor prolific yet again.

    Dembele continues to show his worth to the team.


    Scott Parker prolific in possession as per usual.

    The eight outfield players barring Vert and Dembele , bring nothing to the party. Thus adding to the 'one man team notion'

    `defoe – needs fifteen chances to almost bag one.

    Supporters revelling (somehow) in a spurs defeat


    • I’m not revelling in the defeat. I clearly state that. Read it again. I’m angry at the ineptitude of AVB and those fans who are too stupid to see it. His priorities are wrong. The two Milan games have cost us the following Sunday. He’s running our best players into the ground.

    • Thick and Thin… Or Dad and Mum as you call them. Rattling your sabres trying to sound righteous. It’s not about the winning it’s the taking part. Another pathetic idiom. If that was the case why do they keep score? You’re as ignorant as the rest of them.

  10. we loaned out townsend, never signed a striker or a pacy winger to support the overworked legs of bale and lennon. this is what fucked us up for mounting a challenge for the top four. anyway champions league football is overrated in my view, it is delusional to think that champions league football means we can attract a higher standard of player. when we were in the champions league there was no influx of world class players we only attracted van der vaart who madrid no longer wanted. any world class player will go to the big boys of world football or the billionaire clubs of man city, chelsea, psg etc. for the substantial amounts of cash they can offer. whether we are in the champions league or not we will need to rely on tapping the market for high quality young players and avb has shown that he has potential to make us a very good side. we need to keep grounded and look at the bigger picture right now.


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