The deal which Daniel Levy demanded from Man Utd in exchange for Toby Alderweireld

Image: SpursWeb

The Manchester Evening News are reporting that Tottenham Hotspur wanted both Juan Mata and Anthony Martial as part of a deal which would have taken Toby Alderweireld to Manchester United.

The Belgian defender was heavily linked with a move to Old Trafford constantly throughout the summer, but has remained with Tottenham after a deal could not be reached.

Daniel Levy was in typical demanding form as he looked to squeeze United for both players and Tottenham ended the window as the first Premier League club not to make a signing during the summer transfer window since 2003.

Alderweireld’s current Spurs deal has only 11 months to run, but the club have the option to trigger a one-year extension.

That would, however, activate a clause allowing him to leave for £25m, compared to the £50m Spurs were demanding for him in this summer’s transfer window.

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  1. Good on Mr Levy. Man U are quite happy taking players from Spurs but refuse to sell to Spurs because they don’t want to strengthen Spurs. Why aren’t you “experts” highlighting this? Why make it like Mr Levy is the stumbling block for Toby not moving to Man U when it’s clearly the Man U policy of not selling any decent players to Spurs?

    Both Martial and Mata are being used as bench warmers for Man U so it is a quite reasonable request – Man U want the best centre back in the competition, give us a couple of your bench warmers in return.

    If a team from Europe approach I’m sure it’ll be handled differently.

  2. Not likely true! Spurs have no need for Mata and Poch really believed he could get the best out of Martial.
    Fact is Mourinho wanted Alderweireld and was prepared to let Martial go. He told Woodward before the window opened. Woodward could have made a deal but he stayed hidden, quivering under his desk until the last minute and then made a ludicrously low offer. Woodward undermined Mourinho again. If you want a reason why Man U. didn’t get Alderweireld; it is Woodwards fear of negotiating with people like Levy and Perez. He didn’t even enquire about Mourinho’s RM targets.

  3. “Alderweireld’s current Spurs deal has only 11 months to run, but the club have the option to trigger a one-year extension. That would, however, activate a clause allowing him to leave for £25m, compared to the £50m Spurs were demanding for him in this summer’s transfer window” Only NUFC’s Fatman is more demanding in the transfer window but that’s because he’s a miserly skinflint.

    So has Levy got his fingers on the pulse ?

    • If you look varefully at the way Levy has elevated us to the top table, ask yourself if an Everton, Villa,Newcastle and clubs of that stature would like a chairman like Levy? 36k stadium, mid table to relegation candidates, dreadful out dated stadium and crap training facilities, as our Cheshunt ground was sold off to avoid bankruptcy along with Gazza….give me Levy anyday!

    • Yes he has. If Toby left, Tottenham would have needed to spend serious money on a centre back. If Levy had got ridiculous money he would have sold him. If he didn’t, then Tottenham keep a quality centre back and don’t need to buy one. He didn’t pander to Man United as well so good on him. Every year for goodness knows how long we are told that United are going to buy Ronaldo and Bale even though neither ever stated they had any desire to go there whatsoever. United are getting less and less relevant because City have blown them away and they play joyless football under the dinosaur Mourinho. Players don’t want to play for him

    • The opposite…..we’ll get him if Mourinho stays because he won’t get game-time. A new manager will realise Martials quality and not let him go!

  4. I actually find this hilarious, how dare Utd imply we’re the villians here? Levy is being blasted by some of our so called supporters for not spending silly money on average players just for the sake of it. Toby is a great player, but we did pretty well without him last term. His value was 70m in our opinion, and if Utd coughed up, he wouldve been a Utd player, if they’d agreed to p/x Martial, then he’d be a Utd player, but because we didnt pander to them or their valuation, taking a potential 15-20m but keeping him at the Lane is a no-brainer in Levys eyes. Hopefully PSG or the like will cough up before the end of August, which is fine as we’ve already got a fine CB in place and Utd …..Havent! Well done DL, shafted those twats again….never frget Berbatov, at least Levy hasnt!

  5. By the way chaps, that 11 months on tobys deal to run isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. He’s on 75k a week and has limited years left in the legs and to fill up the bank account. He’ll sign a new deal shortly upping the release clause and upping his weekly to around 130 a week. As far as what poch has said no deal or offer was mooted from utd so why don’t you report this instead of useless non facts.


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