The guy is a clown – Spurs fans frustrated at Lucas Moura snub

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Tottenham Hotspur fans have been reacting on Twitter to Mauricio Pochettino’s decision to give Moussa Sissoko and Erik Lamela game time over Lucas Moura.

The January signing from PSG was an unused substitute during the 2-0 win against Watford at Wembley to the frustration of some sections of the Tottenham support.  Granted, Moussa Sissoko operates in a different position to the Brazilian, but the former Newcastle man has had plenty of opportunities to prove his worth at Spurs and missed a sitter against the Hornets.

Lucas Moura has had limited game time in recent weeks, yet has shown in his cameo performances exactly what he can bring to the team.   Pace, trickery and looks to attack defenders.

Personally, I was frustrated with Lamela yet again.  He’s trying to hold onto the ball for far too long when simple passes are on to team-mates.  Anyhow, here’s a selection of thoughts from your fellow fans.

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  1. You get the feeling that Moura is not a player that Poch has bought rather one that has been forced on him.That doesn’t explain the change of heart with Sissoko I fail to see what he brings to the team,hopefully this Summer we can find some fool willing to take him off us,please!!

  2. No doubt Sissoko is the worst player in the EPL and our worst signing ” EVER ” and to give him any playing time over any player is an insult .

  3. The only reason i can see as to why he play’s shitssoko.
    Is the hope he make the French team for the world cup, in the hope somebody will buy him for the same price we paid for him, knowing levy he’ll want a profit lol

  4. What is Pochettino playing at?? We’ve got a pacy Forward that’s miles better than Sizzlslowcoach and Lamenta combined!!. Toby ostracised – Foyth doesn’t get a look in!! Are we using our best weapons on the bench? Moura looks the real deal and yet Pochettino is putting on 2 donkeys instead! Not impressed Mr Pochettino!!

  5. Totally agree, sissoko is so bad a player especially at this level, absolutely clueless. He is definitely up there in our worst ever player to wear a spurs shirt. Pochetino seems to favour him but for the life of me I do not know why. Someone from the press needs to publicly ask him this question. We as loyal fans need an answer.

  6. I feel for Moura because we need width against most teams that defend the way Watford did last night.He could have performed a service on the left with his trickery and willingness to take on an opponent.With Trippie being allowed acres of space on the right by Hoelebas(unusual for him)we could have got behind Watford and created more opportunities.Trying to play everything through the centre proved impossible once again,especially with our general ball control being well below par.
    Lamela wasted two excellent chances to play Harry through but wanted to take on just another four defenders first and in the process was robbed of possession.Plus he seems afraid to shoot.
    The least said about Sissoko the better.Toby must be seething with him being on 95K a week and doing nothing to earn it.To my mind Toby should be playing in a back three where we are at our best and he can school Sanchez before he inevitably leaves.It seems Poch is cutting off his nose to spite himself by refusing to use Toby and it is detrimental to our team.I feel we will hopefully get third place and might have pipped Utd.if Poch hadn’t been so bloody-minded.

  7. Sissoko was bad but Lamela was even worse (as usual).
    I am really angry with Poch who played both useless Sissoko and Lamela instead of Moura.
    Moura left PSG for more game time. But, what’s the result? It’s not his fault. He performed well, and deserves more playing time. It’s the stupid and stubborn manager’s biased decision. Can you image what kind of players can Spurs buy or attract during transfer window in the summer? Those big names (especially those fringe players of giant clubs, e.g. Isco, A Gomez, Martial) will never consider Spurs since they don’t want to be the next Moura.
    In the end, who hurts?

  8. I totally agree to all the comments potch is to blame for spurs failures.. By playing HAPPY FEET footballers like sissoko and lamela.. Even serge aurier is crap.. We have a STUBBORN manager so is becoming a Idiot…


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