The photo which will break of the hearts of every Spurs fan

Image: SpursWeb

Tottenham may not be back in competitive action until August, but every Spurs fan will have felt for Heung-min Son after he was photographed following South Korea’s 2-1 defeat to Mexico.

The loss was South Korea’s second successive defeat at the World Cup and has all but eliminated them from the competition.

There is now extra pressure on Son, who is the poster boy of South Korean football to meet the expectations of their nation at August’s Asian Games or he could face national service.

South Korean law states that all males from the country must be conscripted before the age of 28, with Son turning 26 on July 8.   High profile sports stars can avoid national service if they achieve success while on international duty.

The Asian Games will be held from 14 August to 1 September 2018 in Indonesia, meaning that Son is expected to miss our Premier League matches against Newcastle, Fulham, Manchester United and Watford.



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  1. “gillie ” was that exquisite old style centre forward. His partnership with the fabulous Jimmy is a memory to cherish. Good luck Alan and thank you

  2. What a load of Rubbish. Son has already been excused National Service and does not need to do anything else. Poor lying journalism and pure crap.

    • You are wrong. There is no basis for Son to have been relieved of his duty. He must either bring home a gold medal from the Asian Games, which will be held in Indonesia, or face the prospect of National Service. The only inaccuracy in this report is that now, Service is slightly LESS than two years (around 21 months, at last count.) I spent 11 years in Korea, including the 2002 WOrld Cup, which saw THAT Korean side progress to the semi-finals and, as a result of the euphoria that accomplishment generated, be given a special Presidential gift (the late Kim Dae-jung) of exemption from National Service for those in the squad who had not yet completed their duty. Son has done no such thing that would exempt himself and for you to say he has been “excused”, without proffering any evidence (which, in itself, would not be well-received by the Korean population) is just poor, on your part.

  3. There is no more pressure on him than there was before, because South Korea has not been expected to win this World Cup. More chance to win a tournament like the forthcoming Asian Games, and even if South Korea don’t win that they and their players like Son may well perform honourably and do their country proud. At present, with his footballing performances, general behaviour and positive image, he must be the finest ambassador in the public eye for their country that South Korea has. Would any country stick such a person into military service just to satisfy a law that exists, rather than have that person continue to represent his country in high-profile sporting terms — who knows?


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